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One of the most famous abduction cases in China

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posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 04:43 PM
Hi, I read this thread which gives a negative light on the abduction topic. Needless to say if a case of contact can be classified as an abduction (against people's will), there must some physical or emotion damage done to the victim, no matter how little.

However, to say all abduction cases are ill-intended is stretching it a bit. One of the most (in)famous abduction cases in China, the Cao Gong case, is not entirely a positive or a negative one, but a more neutral one if you will.

I did a search and found no clear English version of it, so I thought I should give a try to translation the story. Note this is just the base story and I amended a lot of details to make it shorter. There are many follow-ups and side stories that make this case but I'll get the main thing done first.

Original article:

Ok here we go:

On December 11, 1999 at midnight, a middle aged man named Cao Gong woke up and saw two alien beings standing at the foot of his bed, One appeared to be a male and another a female.

According to Cao's account after he understood that the aliens wanted to bring him to somewhere, he agreed to and tried to get dressed. The aliens literally took off and flew with him, 'piercing' through the wall to the outside.

The flying journey lasted under 10 minutes, during which Cao Gong felt a bit cold (flying mid-air midnight during Winter under-dressed, who wouldn't?) and it was overheard by the aliens telepathically, who comfort him telepathically, and proceeded to actually make his body warm.

The 'spaceship' was shaped like a flat cylinder with a tip, like a table tennis racket. After they arrived at the 'spaceship' at a remote location, he was told to not be afraid as they are also life in the universe just like him, and was told what the experiment would be. The aliens wanted to 'test channeling cosmic energies through a Terran to another Terran to heal illness'. Cao Gong at this point was not afraid, instead felt a bit surreal and didn't know what to make of it. However he still agreed to participate.

Cao Gong could hear the sounds of some kind of machinery, and the screams of various animals as if they were vivisected or being injected, in another room. A teenage girl was brought out from that room. She looked like she was suffering from serious illness and was a little frightened.

After the female alien gave a go ahead, the male strongly padded on Cao Gong's back and instantly Cao felt energies within his body. Then Cao was asked to do the same to the girl and he did. After about 5 minutes, the girl looked much healthier and it seemed the healing worked well. The two aliens smiled and giggled. They told the girl after a few examinations she would be sent home.

The female explained to Cao Gong that because their energies are too strong, directly channeling to an ill Terran will do more harm than good, thus a healthy Terran is preferable to do this. She also told Cao Gong he can visit the main experiment room at his convenience. However thinking about the animal screams, he declined and said he has a earlier meeting in another city tomorrow. The female alien detected his fear and understandably sent him back.

They flew him back to his apartment where his family were still sleeping. They first entered his son's room and saw his son flipped over. It seemed they woke him up. A bit excited, Cao wanted to introduce his son to the aliens, but the male alien said "Let him sleep, no need to disturb him." and his son then loudly spoke "What happened to the nerve system that manages my sleep? ".


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posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 04:54 PM
Im sorry but this story is funny, i dont know why but, it was very interesting

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 05:07 PM
They entered Cao's room and he started to feel a bit puzzled. When he looked around, the aliens were already gone. It took Cao a while to sort out his mind and examine his room. He finally concluded that the abduction was real. He started to freak out and woke his wife up, who of course didn't believe him and was pissed.

Then Cao remembered those strange things his son said, and brought his wife to his son's room. His son yelled at them "How did these people enter the room, and how did they leave like that?!". And his wife was shocked.

Some interesting follow-ups (in short):
-Dec/12, the same day Cao was abducted, reporters of China Central TV recorded strangle UFO phenomenon. The footage was later used in a news story about it.
-Dec/20, at night. Cao saw a sphere-shaped UFO out his window.
-There were also a surge of UFO sightings across the country in December that year (1999).
-Mar/17/2000, Cao photographed an ascending shining UFO.
-Apr/6/2000, Cao's daughter saw pillar-shaped white light in the living room.
-May/15/2000, Cao and several others saw a volleyball-sized UFO.
-Jun/17/2000, Cao saw a volleyball-sized UFO out his window, about 3 meters from his window.

Cao also went through several regression sessions, a lie detection session and physiological tests. This article documented the case well, and includes some Q&A sessions with Mr. Cao.

The biggest follow-up is the discovering of the teenage girl Cao claimed to see on the ship. Apparently they went through a lot of trouble in "a narrow glimmer of hope" but they did find the girl at a remote village, which is quite amazing.

Additional reading/viewing:

Here's a brief description of the case (English):

The case's main investigator, Mr. Zhang's Q&A session with netizens (Chinese):

Pt 1
Pt 2
Pt 3

Police drawing of the girl

The girl?

Going through a lie detector

Finally, Cao and the girl met

(From left to right) Cao, Investigator Zhang and the girl

The girl has some scars from that incident.

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posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 11:32 PM
Maybe I missed it, but in these reports did it ever say that the girl remembered this abduction and alleged healing happening to her?

Like most abduction cases, there isn't much physical evidence to go by here. Alleged scarring isn't going to prove much. You either have to accept it at face value or you don't.

Why extraterrestrials would bother coming all the way to this planet to test some theory about something they call cosmic energy healing transferal, I have no idea. That part of the story makes it a bit harder to accept. Being over ten years later it seems pretty obvious they have no intention of using this technique to help "terrans" out or they would have done so already. I guess they were just testing it out for kicks.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 02:42 PM
Well, allow me to share my “UFO experiences” in China

It was 1988, I had my first and best ever UFO sighting when I visited Guangzhou.

It happened around 9 pm. I was enjoying the night view by the broad hotel windows when suddenly I noticed two small blinking lights appearing in the depth of distance. At first
I thought they were two small UFOs flying parallel to each other, I turned my head to call my mother and uncle to come quickly to see them, but only my uncle answered my odd claim. Then as I turned my head again to see them I realized the "two small UFOs" were actually a yellow and a red blinking lights coming from the edges of a much larger object. As it moved towards us we could see clearly that it was a silver disc shaped flying object. It was flying at pretty low altitude that we could even see a row of circular windows with red circumference and dark interior in the middle of the object. As it flew right over our hotel, we got a full view of it from under. The shape of its bottom only resembles that of a plate, and we were on the 5th floor of a 13 storey hotel, when it flew over we got the impression it was just few hundred meters above, conventional aircrafts would be making a lot noises at such low altitude, but that was not the case for the craft we saw.

The second sighting was less "spectacular", nonetheless this time in my hometown Beijing. I saw a hat shaped glowing object flying across the sky. And that’s about it.

I don’t know for sure whether the following experiences can be counted as "UFO experience" or not but I am willing to share it anyway.

During my secondary school days I encountered series of "unexplainable" events. Here is what happened.
My mother was addicted to mahjong by then, so during that period of time I often sleep alone at home.

One summer night, I just woke up for no apparent reasons, no thirst, no bathroom, no noises, and I had no idea what time it was.
When I opened my eyes I saw the yellow light coming through the window above my bedroom door. At the time I thought it must be my mom who just came home from playing mahjong, I was sleepy so I lowered my head on the pillow and quickly I fell asleep again.

At about 8 am in the morning I woke up to see my mother wasn’t home yet. I
thought "well, for some reason she must have come back last night then left again".
About an hour later she was home then I asked her "Mom, did you come back last night?"
To my astonishment she said she didn’t. Then I told her that "I saw the light in the hall was on last night, I thought it was you coming back home". Again she said no.

We feared that it could be a burglary so we immediately checked every window and doors, but only to find all of them are fine, no signs of intrusion whatsoever. Then my mother explained to me that it was the car lights coming through the bathroom window that illuminated the hall. At the time I thought she maybe right.

However as I closely observed the flashing car lights afterwards, they were nothing like what I saw. The car lights are short-lived and they aren’t bright enough.

As I was puzzled by the event, the exactly similar phenomena occurred several more times in the span of several months. Every time it’s the same scenario that I awoke for no specific reasons and only to discover the light in the hall of my home was on, and every time this happens my mother was away and only returns until the next morning.

As this phenomenon occurred more than once, later I began to realize that it’s actually not the light in the hall. Because the light in the hall had brown glass covering, normally I could see shadows and reflection on the ceiling, but when this "glowing light" appears I don’t see any shadows and reflections on the ceiling, in fact it’s much brighter than our light bulb, it gives the feeling that "the hall is full of glowing golden light ".

When I tried to get up and open the door to see what this glowing golden light is really about, I realized another weird thing was happening. Despite my strong will to get up I find my body not responding, I mean I couldn’t move, somehow only my head could rise a bit. I tried pretty hard to move my body but I felt I was somehow paralyzed. Then against my will I fell asleep shortly after seeing the light, only to wake up next morning. It made me wondering: "what the hell was going on?"

Another intriguing detail is after I realized that something was wrong about the light, I somehow suddenly remembered a dream I had just before the first encounter which I seem to have forgotten. In the dream I see an oval shaped object (like a standing egg) appears in the hall of my home, and a human shaped being comes out of it, I couldn’t see his appearance because he was glowing with golden light, the oval shaped object too is glowing bright golden light which looks rather like the color of the mysterious light I saw in reality.

To this day I’m still puzzled, I can’t find feasible explanations. I don’t know whether that weird dream had any connection to the weird experiences or not. I mean I had UFOs in my dreams before, but never a connection to real events, besides, the dream of seeing an oval shaped object and a man appearing in my home was actually just a thought that suddenly popped up in my mind, of which I have actually forgot and only remembered it after experiencing the real events..

But now I began to consider the possibility of alien abduction after I learned from watching UFO hunters that some abductees actually saw UFOs before the abduction, some cases recount that people could not move their bodies despite being conscious.
Maybe it’s just my mind went nuts for no reasons, or it could be alien encounter, I don’t know which one sounds more crazy.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 04:40 PM
Thats an interesting case, alright. China certainly has its fair share of well documented abduction cases!

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