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"Official: Haiti death toll 100,000-plus"

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posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 03:15 PM
"Official: Haiti death toll 100,000-plus"

"could be several times that number"

This is one of the greatest natural disasters in all of history, mainly due to the fact that, the earthquake hit a large city in a third-world country.

If we look at the percentage/ratio of possible deaths:

Port-au-Prince metro-area = 2 to 3 million

Deaths = at least 100,000. . .

We are talking about at least 4% of the population dead, and likely more. It could be as high as 10% or more of the Port-au-Prince metro-area. Imagine if something like that happened in America? Hurricane Katrina may have killed a couple thousand, but nothing like this recent earthquake has happened in recent history except for the 2005 tsunami. The difference with the tsunami is that the damage was spread throughout a larger area. This recent earthquake's damage was located in one area.

I don't want comments saying that God is punishing Haiti for worshiping Vodou, or the Devil is punishing Haiti for not worshiping Vodou enough.

If someone does make such comments, you are free to do so, and I am free to ignore them.

Also, for those who want to blame HAARP, saying it was a test in a third-world country, to see how powerful their weapons can be, you are free to make these comments, and I am free to ignore them.

I'd finally like to mention that the humanitarian aide and such things are likely never going to reach most of the people who need it. I heard that after the 2008 hurricanes in Haiti, the only thing anyone got was a small tent to sleep in. The donations and items go from one person, to another, to another, to another, and then finally it reaches those who need help. . . . and all they get is a band-aide and pack of matches, maybe a can of expired corn that will make them sick. Unless you really-truly know the people or organization well, you can't be sure where any donations go.

Maybe this is a new beginning. Maybe in the years to come Haiti will be build-up better, and it will be a tourist destination, have trading partners, and have such basic needs as a minimum wage, and so on. Good things can happen out of bad.


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