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The KEY of NWO conspiracy is their :

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posted on Feb, 27 2003 @ 04:57 AM
Take some time to read the true story and legends about this place and BERANGER SAUNIERE :

I recently send a post about a TV-movie (The pretender)

In fact, I believe that these "comportemental experiments" existed, covered by an organisation (CIA?) or an industry (CARLYLE INVESTMENT?) or both.

Coincidence : In the pretender, THE CENTRE is in the DELAWARE STATE. CARLYLE INVESTMENT IS (of course) resgistered in DELAWARE.

Another coincidence : The door of the cemetery of RENNES LE CHATEAU church has a sculpture of SKULL AND BONES :
BUSH Elder and junior are suspected to have links with S&B and they are 20% involved in CARLYLE GROUP.

ABOUT RENNES LE CHATEAU (This place is terrible) :

if you saw the episode "Island of the haunted", you may know that JAROD and Andrea Parker where searching for a secret treasury :

We know that templar knights let a treasury took while crusades :

It might be :

Secret Hebrew books.
The Moses ARK


The Christ tomb and rest.

ANYWAY, I believe this place is the key of conspiracy.

And watch this :

globalspy seem to be a non-governement intelligence agency BUT why do they insterested about ancient LANGUEDOC legendes ?

Somebody paid them an inquiry ?
Who ? A governement, a multinationale, a rich particular ?..

[Edited on 27-2-2003 by Nans DESMICHELS]

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