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Madeleine McCann's death 'covered up by parents who faked kidnap', (Trial by proxy)

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posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 05:37 AM

Madeleine McCann died in an accident in her family's Algarve holiday apartment and her death was covered up by her parents who then concocted a tale of kidnap, a Portuguese court was told

The Mccans have long tried to suppress this information but it turns out that there will be a trial by proxy of the Mccans as the police state all their evidence to prove that its not fabricated.

How a couple like the Mccans can think that they can silence a police force is beyond me, people don't get to where they are in their careers by fabricating everything especially in something as high profile as this yet the Mccans took it upon themselves to try and prevent all talk of any alternatives to the 'kidnapping' story.

All the british newspapers originally bought into this story and are very pro Mccans (perhaps in order to save face) yet all commenting is disabled on each of their news articles or heavily censored.

What I'm wondering is whether trial by proxy could be a way of ascertaining the truth in many other conspiracy's? Sue for liabel and force all the information to come out in a court of law?

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 06:05 AM
The McCanns arguido status was lifted after ten months in July 2008 when the Attorney General ruled there was no evidence against them.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 07:40 AM
The entire fiasco stinks to high heaven, in my opinion

It's impossible not to suspect the deep involvement of people of enormous influence within European police and politics

And who could ever forget the film and photos of the McCanns, wearing carefully colour co-ordinated outfits, make-up, newly styled hair, jewellery, etc. etc. ... jogging, smiling and posing on rocks, on the beach, outside the church, etc. ... mere days after claiming their four year old daughter had been snatched by one or more paedophiles

Witness statements that never made sense and which were retracted, then repeated, amended, etc. etc.

Gerry McCann described in the whore media as a 'brain surgeon' for months .. yet is/was he ?

Claims by hundreds who pored online at photos which the McCanns claimed had been taken shortly before their child 'went missing' .. yet those photos are rumoured to have been photoshopped, based on what appear to be conflicting shadows and even one in which Madeline's head appears to have been superimposed over another child's body

Who is the 'invisible' member of the group who allegedly was flown out on the private jet belonging to someone who later initiated a lucrative 'fund' supposedly to be used to 'find Maddie' ?

Where were all the children that night ? What was going on that night ? How many checks were actually conducted and why do members of the group tell different stories ?

If ever a story was pure fuel for conspiracy theories about top-ranking police and politican paedophiles being aided and abetted by the whore media, this is it

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