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The cold truth about alien abductions and the new age.

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posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 08:21 AM

Originally posted by m0r1arty

Originally posted by Moonman1111
...Bring a watch with you too when you go to the highlands, you might find yourself puking and missing time.

A watch won't do him any good to get in that state.

He needs a bottle opener.

Unless he's on a screwtop bottle of Bucky.


Naughty, naughty you guys and yes I am chuckling but I hate to break it to you and shatter the myth of the drunken Scotsman but the only time I get drink alcohol is on Hogmanay and only because it is tradition (single malt whiskey yum).

Other than that I do not drink at all during the year and I do not smoke or do drugs either but I might say “Aye” every now and then or wear a kilt

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 08:21 AM
Hi! All! I think there are large home base ships out there close by, these little ships have to have supplies and possibly refuel. Maybe they live underground on Mars. Maybe this why their eyes are so big? Or is it that they fly through so much darkness in space? I don't understand why they passively aggressively abuse our people and cattle. It is just plain mean and rude on any cosmic level of manners. I am sure the cattle mutilation investigators know far more about what's happening than they publicaly reveal. I am willing to bet the aliens can tap into the satellites an decifer our internet and direct TV programs. Our privacy is probably null and void, they most likely have high powered telescopes they look at us through!
Imagine how easily they can fly from the North pole to China, to USA to England, etc... They could be doing many more attrocities than are currently happening for sure. Because of this they could expell the cattle bodies out into space, or drop them in places on the earth where we don't have to find them, such as down a volcano.
Earth is prime realestate lets take care of it! Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 08:29 AM
reply to post by frugal

Reminds me of a cattle mutiliation researcher who quit a while back after coming across 'more and more disturbing findings'. Can't remember his name if my life depended on it though.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 08:38 AM
reply to post by SmokeJaguar67

Here I'm Scottish myself. I'm from the big smoke though (That'd be Glasgow! :p )

Living in Thailand just now. Shame you don't conform to the stereotype of a Scotsman. I do!!

Got a Utilikilt, bottle opener on my lighter and a packet of Rizla in my side pocket at all times ;P

Enjoy the snow!


posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 08:58 AM
reply to post by Moonman1111

Originally posted by Moonman1111

I find it very strange you don't believe in God, but you would jump at the chance to shake hands with these critters.

A belief or disbelief in god does not invalidate or lessen my wish to shake hands with an extraterrestrial. As I see it an extraterrestrial is completely separate from my own wish to believe in or not to believe in a god. If an extraterrestrial believed in a god should he or she is invalidated and lessened by wishing to shake hands with me?

Originally posted by Moonman1111
You must have had some bad experiences with psuedo Christians or something when you were younger that painted an image of religion for you.

I was brought up in a strict catholic family and was even a choir boy.
However in the late 1970’s at the age of nine I witnessed a accident and fifteen soldiers died right in front of me leaving me and my brothers completely unscathed. All these god fearing people lying mangled and horrible mutilated all around me and I realised then and there that there was no god and if there was a god then his love was akin to the searing kiss of a rattlesnake.

I say this, basing this only on my own subjectivity and not to insult your god or to denigrate your belief when I refer to him as a snake. It is just how as a child I perceived god when I woke up to the bloody reality lying around me in the dust and so I discarded god aged nine and never looked back not even once. My mother has never really forgiven me (shrug).

Originally posted by Moonman1111
Yes I agree with you on humanity needs to quit attacking each other etc etc, but with these aliens are nothing but pests.

Humanity will continue to keep attacking each other as long as those behind the veil continue to play us off against each other so they can find financial advantage like a carrion feeder finds scraps under layers of ancient carnage. It cannot continue forever though because as education gets stronger and deeper within the human psyche the game will unfold and those dark mind will find themselves exposed and swiftly expunged.

Originally posted by Moonman1111
As an abductee said, can't remember who but he said 'I don't know if demons exist, but those aliens are demons in and of themselves'. Or something along the lines of that. And yes, if a UFO enters our planet or dimension, and if it gets shot done, then that is a righteous course of action.

I disagree with you but I realise I cannot sway you from this mindset so I will have to reluctantly agree to disagree with you and I say reluctantly because I admire the strength of your faith and wished to only help you gain a more positive footing in the context of the visitations but your mind is your own and I have to respect that. However that said, I do not agree with the manner in which it manifests onto my screen.
Like my daughter sometimes says “whatever floats your boat.”

Originally posted by Moonman1111
Let them try and wage a war, they have been waging a war on mankind for thousands of years.

Personally I think the regressive extraterrestrials have been waging a campaign of infiltration and subtle indoctrination via our educational resources. If they wished to wage open warfare upon us we would stand as much chance as a dear would against a leopard.

Originally posted by Moonman1111They can't just openly destroy the human race even if they wanted too.

I disagree because if an extraterrestrial race can come all the way from the stars or cross over from another dimension then it seems highly probable that their weapons systems would be something that could shatter tectonic plates, instantly alter the temperature over a continent and inflict instant catastrophic damage to a countries infrastructure within minutes if they so wished. Look at our weapons of mass destruction and see rocks and arrows in comparison to what an extraterrestrial could could bring to war.

Originally posted by Moonman1111
But as an atheist, divine intervention and God's love doesn't sit well with you I imagine.

No it does not because I have seen god’s love and if that is love I would hate to see his hate because for me god’s love ignore screams of agony and seems to be drenched in blood. That is just a knee jerk response of course because in my humble opinion I believe mankind would be best served if mankind could one day put away notions of religion – all religions.

I hope one day humankind can look to themselves for answers rather than a book that was written so long ago to keep the ignorant in check that to me it no long has any relevance to the here and now. I do not mean to insult your sensibilities, your religion is your own and if you love your god it is no concern of mine.

Originally posted by Moonman1111
Paranoia and 'unfounded fear'.... Yeah its all unfounded huh?

I am just saying it as I see it, I mean you no real offence and at the end of the day it is just my opinion you can discard it as you wish.

Originally posted by Moonman1111
I think what ever entities were communicating to you or whatever may have a grip on you, and I am not being a smart mouth or joking.

I really do not understand what happened that night other than what I saw but I am wondering about what I did not see rather than what I saw and I am also wondering why I experienced such euphoria and oneness with the sky – it was incredible and I cannot do the feeling justice with words.

Originally posted by Moonman1111
They got you to feel pity for them, they know all our strengths and weaknesses.

Not pity my friend, I felt intense love and I even told them that and thanked them too.

Originally posted by Moonman1111
Bring a watch with you too when you go to the highlands, you might find yourself puking and missing time.

I am not in fear, negative energy attracts negative energy.

[edit on 13-1-2010 by SmokeJaguar67]

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 09:51 AM
Exploring possibilities, exploring possibilities. human souls are fractured up bad, mostly our own doing, aliens are possibly soaking up the things we leave out through observations, and they wish to collide with ours at the right moment to create a new element in a sense a new human or being that has fused with it's shadow. be it what it is, i do know know, but i have a feeling that that's what aliens are, the rejects of the collective conscience that aren't necessarily "bad", just as we arent necessarily good and wise. Some people have asked for these beings to come... love thy sky neighbor.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 09:59 AM
Sorry, I know I've been inactive for some time, but I figure this thread is good enough to jump into. First and fore mostly, Morals are a point of view. For example, me and my coworker vastly disagree on how to teach our children about sex. He feels that sex should only be between a married man and woman. I feel that you should 'Test drive the car before you buy it' so to speak. We do not see eye to eye, but we are not about to kill each other over it.

Another point that I think needs to be made loud and clear: In EVERY case of a more advanced human civilization meeting a less advanced one, the more advanced subjugated the lesser. Every time. If, and I feel that it is a big if, aliens are bothering to visit here to probe butts and implant tracking devices, then I think that is a fair trade to not be enslaved and exterminated. You have to assume that if a being can master the vast distances involved with space travel, they have probably come up with efficient ways to expunging a species from the universe.

Humans in general are so very sure that a god or gods hold us above all others as some sort of example, and that other things are not human, or demons. You know, that reminds me of one of the justifications of white Europeans enslaving black Africans. They were less then human to the whites, and they had all of the same physical features save color, so you think that a alien will have any sort of reason to not kill us all?

I for one however think that if aliens were about they should just reveal themselves and be done with it. I know that I would have no interest in skulking around after coming to a planet full of mildly cultured beings.

That being said, I most likely would have no interest in just giving tech away. But I am greedy like that.

So to sum up. I do not think that God or gods have anything to do with other being visiting this mud ball. If they do, let them probe away, as that is preferable to being vaporized, and aliens are human in the same way that Humboldt squid are. Don’t ascribe emotions to them that they do not have.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 10:28 AM
You know, I read this theory somewhere or another...that sometimes a species comes to sentience as their planet or star is dying. When such an emergence comes about, their only option is to migrate. Their food sources become limited to synthesized nutrients, and those can not sustain a population over many generations without some type of eventual degeneration of the species. The choice that the beings are left with is to either find, or create new sources of sustenance. I've seen ideas stating that our species is one that is bio engineered for the sole purpose of being a resource for curing disease, creating hybrids, and ultimately food. The reports said that the Nordics were also in our position at once, but escaped the bonds of their captures. I think that last part is nonsense. I think that if the "natural resource" theory is true, that the Nordics are also involved as well. Also, not trying to get political or anything but do you not find it a problem that an alien race that is presumably sapient ape in nature would all turn out to be Blond and white skinned. Something doesn't sit right with the so called alien "saviors".

I do not know why any of these beings are truly here, but something is aloof that is...well beyond weird.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 11:17 AM
The threat by David Jacobs is a VERY good book on this very subject. In his opinion, human beings (abductees) are taken because of their reproductive abilities. They are running a hybrid program and need human men and women to have intercourse with these hybrids.

Abductees are also abducted because the aliens want humans to teach the hybrids on how to behave in human environment, how to interact, be social etc.

Why are they teaching all this to the hybrids? That is the million dollar question.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 11:44 AM
I don't buy it.
If these visitors were indeed hostile then why wait all this time and allow us to move ahead technologically when they could have wiped us out before we even invented the wheel?
I know It seems plausible that they could be farming us and selectively eating us but then we've heard all those stories before and we know that some of the tellers of these tall tales are not really all that credible.
But what I really find interesting about the whole alien agenda stories are that in the 60s, 70s, 80s the aliens were obsessed with disrupting our nuclear programs and then we hear stories in the 90s and into our current decade about them trying to urge us to stop man made global warming, animal testing, wearing of cosmetics, racial and sexual discrimination and just about every other social malady you could think of. Makes me wonder..
Maybe it isn't our visitors' agendas we should be worried about.
Maybe we should worry about our own.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 11:54 AM

Originally posted by Moonman1111
...For we as a species know it is wrong to kidnap, intimidate, and inflict stress on other people, regardless if it may have a 'purpose'. And undoubtedly the 'purpose' suits what these monsters want, it has nothing to do with mankinds interests, or interests in the environment on our planet.

[edit on 13-1-2010 by Moonman1111]

I suspect a Christian slant to this thread...Yes, we know that kidnapping, etc. is wrong with the superficial information we now have, however, there may come a time that we understand what is really happening and accept it as necessary. Kids, for example, don't understand why a parent would make them eat vegetables and sometimes may think it's wrong, but they eventually grow up and learn. Humans need to grow up as well. On the other hand, Christians have been intimidating and laying tremendous stress on people for thousands of years, with threats of eternal torture and damnation. I would hope that you would at least be consistent and criticize Christians (and yes, Muslims too) who try various mental and emotional strongarm tactics at conversion.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 01:44 PM
reply to post by TheOneElectric

I agree but I've heard stories of orientals and red haired dwarves with green oriental eyes. There is indeed the taint of white supremacy in the tales of blonde haired blue eyed white skinned saviors who want to help us with our "spiritual growth."
Anybody ever hear of these beings approaching someone who was not a white european or a white American? Also I've never seen a Project Camelot member who didn't look like a poster boy or girl for Hitler Youth.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 02:00 PM
Beings operating on much higher frequencies than we do might not percieve good & bad to the extremes like we do. The unbalance in polarity that we experience is a result of our dense reality. Calling a being a monster because of an abduction of the nature that you explained, is going to the extreme, and is simply your dense perception of that occurance. In the aliens perception, their may be no sense of wrong-doing in the abduction. 2 different beings with 2 different perceptions on reality. Besides, we shouldn't get caught up in the right & wrong of things but instead realize that everything thats happening on our earth reality is predestined and acceptance of all the things in all moments should be our primary focus. We should work to clear our negative thoughts and "condition" ourselves to have possitive thoughts and outlooks

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 02:14 PM

Originally posted by Moonman1111
Lately I have been seeing a lot of people posting claims that aliens are here to enlighten us, that there is good and bad aliens or God was an alien and we need aliens to help us fight off the NWO or the NWO wants aliens to look bad when they're not, or that they are coming while we raise vibration frequency to the 5th dimension for 2012, that religion was created to control humans by malevolent aliens and the 'good guys' want to fix it, that all abductions are caused by psyop agents in black helicopters who don't want us to join a 'galatic federation' and that many 'terran humans' are reincarnated alien souls here to assist mankind on earth and that there is no real God who is the creator and moral authority in the universe but only a 'evolved universal mind' or consciousness made up by the universe which is a living diety and that we all make up the Godhead! or that our 'higher self outside the matrix is God' or that greys are us from the future blahblah etc etc etc. I think many of you get the point and know or have seen the various claims. But what these new agers and other naive people don't point out
is what abductees and contacees themselves have to say about these entities and how it has affected their life and health for the worst, both physically and mentally.

I will list a few cases of what various abductees and contactees have claimed, which has the same tones as the vast majority of what is described by most reported abductees.

On August 13, 1975, Air Force Sergeant Charles L. Moody was in the desert of Alamogordo, New Mexico, observing a meteor shower. It was 1:15 AM when he saw a glowing, metallic, saucer-shaped object lowering to the ground approximately 300 feet away. Moody estimated the object's length at about 50 feet, and its diameter at eighteen to twenty feet. The UFO began to wobble as it descended. Moody was extremely frightened as the object began to move towards him. Moody tried to run from the object, but when he tried to start this car, the engine would not respond. He could now hear a high-pitched sound as the object came to a stop in mid-air about 70 feet away from him. He could make out a window in the UFO, and see shadows of a human-like form. The high-pitched sound came to a stop, and as it did, he could feel his body going numb. His last conscious memory would be of the UFO rising back up into the sky, and finally flying away. Moody's description of the windows and humanoid forms are very similar to Barney's description in the classic Betty and Barney Hill abduction. (Which I am sure most of us here have read about.)

As the UFO left, Moody was now able to start his car. Still trembling with fear, he sped away from the desert, finally arriving home. As he entered his house, he was shocked to see that it was now 3:00 AM. Somehow, he was missing about one and one-half hours. The next day, he began to have physical problems, starting with severe pain in his lower back. A rash would break out all over his body in the next few days. Taking his problems to a physician, he was told to try a type of self-hypnosis to recover the lost one and one-half hours. It seems that the self-hypnosis was working. Within a couple of weeks, Moody began to recall bits and pieces of his desert encounter, and felt that he had a fairly good account of what had happened to him.

He now believed that after his body became numb, he had seen two beings coming towards him. The creatures were about six feet tall, and wearing skin-tight black clothing. He had tried to fight them off, but was overcome with the numbness and went unconscious. He remembered waking inside of a craft on a table. He could not move his arms or legs. An alien creature stood by him. This alien was much shorter than his two abductors. He also wore a silvery suit, instead of black. He had no hair on his head, like the other two creatures. His brow protruded outward, and he had round eyes, small ears and nose, and his lips were extremely thin. This "leader" as Moody saw him, began to communicate telepathically. Moody was asked if he would stop fighting his abduction, and cooperate. With Moody's compliance, the alien used a rod-like device on his back which stopped the paralysis. Soon, Moody was transported to a different part of the UFO, where he was shown the alien drive unit. This drive had a long rod, and three holes in it which were covered by glass. There was a crystal-like object with a rod on both ends. During his short tour of the alien ship, Moody was told that there was a larger mother-ship which was waiting above the Earth. The alien leader also told him that no future contact with earthlings would be made for twenty years. Also, Moody's memory would be lost to him for several weeks after he was released. The alien then rendered him unconscious once again.

So what can be learned about this seemingly 'friendly' abduction (friendly when compared to other abduction cases). They make this man immobile, take him into their ship, pressure him to 'cooperate' and then erase his memories, and drop him back down, and he seemed to suffer from back pain from the 'experience'. Even us humans as a 'primitive galatic species' as new agers like to say, have laws and can tell right from wrong. For we as a species know it is wrong to kidnap, intimidate, and inflict stress on other people, regardless if it may have a 'purpose'. And undoubtedly the 'purpose' suits what these monsters want, it has nothing to do with mankinds interests, or interests in the environment on our planet.

[edit on 13-1-2010 by Moonman1111]

when you get a little more intelligent and this is not meant to be harsh its only my opinion, you will see that good and evil are simply subjective states and not the objective values you seem to think they are.

as such a truly alien race would not see their actions as evil most likely.

just so you know.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 02:38 PM

Originally posted by Split404
Now I have asked several spiritual practioners about the Greys, and what they all say is that about 85% of them are here to help and accelerate evolution, but that a small but very active minority are, well, not.

Thats an interesting read and you are correct a majority of the greys are here to help as I have witnessed from experience they taught me the basics of acupuncher. You have the acupuncher points such as a nerve linked to the inside of the wrist can help with headaches, coughs, facial paralysis etc as we communicated telepathically it was a really interesting lesson in medical treatment. In the time I went to sleep I was under for almost 14 hours and then awoke to find I had incredible knowledge that I later researched on the internet to make sure It wasnt just a dream. Its now a hobbie and a skill.

I can say from my heart i don't know the statistical percentage of good beings but you should all know you are not to fear. I have said enough.

[edit on 13-1-2010 by DClairvoyant]

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 02:46 PM

Originally posted by frugal
I am willing to bet the aliens can tap into the satellites an decifer our internet and direct TV programs. Imagine how easily they can fly from the North pole to China, to USA to England, etc... Because of this they could expell the cattle bodies out into space, or drop them in places on the earth where we don't have to find them, such as down a volcano.

Wow you have a very creative mind and you have an interesting read. The bit where you commented drop cattle into a volcano made me chuckle. Or if you like fire the cattle and drop them through a solar flare in the sun

[edit on 13-1-2010 by DClairvoyant]

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 03:03 PM

Originally posted by Moonman1111
reply to post by Split404

They all look the same, behave the same, follow the same 'plan' that they seem to have. Regardless of which species it is. Do not hold hope that some of them are good, because I have yet to read about a benevolent alien who didn't abduct somebody but instead met them and said 'we serve God'. Nothing inside a UFO ever will, sorry to break it to you. 85 percent of them are good huh? They're here for their own reasons, not here to help or speed up evolution, come on man, don't be that gullible.

You seem so sure of this, you have many creative ideas and I have interpretated that you love to read. But, you seem to write quite aggressively of such topic, would you by any chance have enough experience with the greys to keep under estimating them the way you do?

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 06:22 PM
MoonMan, you can't claim you know this, or know that, ... with any certainty by what you read.

are you mad, do these aliens have to serve god in order to be " good ".

Stella's Verdict : Troll.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 06:49 PM
reply to post by DClairvoyant

I highly doubt a grey contacted you via channeling to teach you how to pratice acupuncture

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by DocEmrick

correct punctuation dont mean anything learn to read with out it cause periods are a waste of space when you talk do you point out periods and commas do you think with them? i dont use alot of punctuation and still i get my point across!

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