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Bob Dean's Project Camelot Conference question

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posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 09:49 PM

Originally posted by HanyouSpirit
Ok, wow.... How do i begin..

On the topic, bob dean is an interesting character. If he is to be believed, then his rank was pretty high up there which, according to other information about levels of secrecy, means that he'd have been exposed to alot of sensitive information. If it is not true, and he is just spinning stories, then i wouldn't be surprised because there are many of those kinds out there. Either way, there is enough strangeness out there that both possibilities exist in my open mind. Now here is also a big mistake many here make. Just because some of the information is way out there does not automatically discredit the rest, there is a process to determening if all the information is false , true, or mixed with both, and it is called "diving deeper".

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I agree it is a shame others feel the need to attack without at least backing up their claims.

Anyways, back on topic. I have the utmost respect for ANYONE who serve's in the military, and is why i am more willing to look into what Mr.Dean has to say.

A lot of things he say's i find really interesting, and he is a really interesting fellow. But like i stated in one of my previous post's, he just hasn't shown enough proof in my personal opinion for me to take what he say's as fact. But i am willing to keep listening to what he has to say, Because hopefully one day he can "Make it happen" and convert me hehe.

Until then, i think Mr.Dean should keep on keepin on, and keep saying what he has to say to anyone who is willing to listen.

posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 10:01 PM

Originally posted by The Shrike
I don't give a flying saucer about what any of you think about me. Bob Dean is an unbelievable person. I don't care what rank he reached, he spouts b.s. that none of you can verify. If you want to accept what he says because of this or because of that, be my guest. To me, he is a major

Who in this thread is "Accepting what he say's"? You know you might get further with your post's if you weren't so combative.

As far as i can tell nobody AT ALL in this thread has said "I am a blind follower of Bob Dean, and accept his word as gospel" Or what, You view the rest of us as "Blind follower's" because we didn't spew paragraph upon paragraph of pointless attacks directed at Mr.Dean?

Anyways, I think you should take up another hobby, since its pretty clear you can't be civil in a discussion. I recommend lego's.

posted on Jan, 17 2010 @ 12:58 AM

Right, so I'm not to take my friend seriously, as he clearly recalls being taken onboard a craft and communicating with an ET. He has no reason at all to lie about his claim. He actually lost his marriage over the incident. And for what it's worth, he's also seen Bob Dean and identifies with a lot of what he has to say.

If you don't believe in aliens, and don't believe they are contacting and visiting us, then why are you here on this forum? Not that it matters and no offence intended.. it's just like me joining up at a quilt-making forum! If you are serious about investigating the UFO matter, we cannot afford to ignore those who purport to have had actual contact. Deny ignorance.

Did you friend go into detail about his experience? I would love to know about it, if he's ok with you talking about it.

Everyone who claims to have been taken aboard a craft never actually speaks about the craft in detail. If I were taken aboard an E.T. ship, I would describe the entire experience as vividly as possible.

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