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Uncolved Case: Scandinavian Ghost Rockets

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posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 04:33 PM
Unsolved case: The Scandinavian Ghost Rockets

ATS seems to be having a slow period right now. Whether it is caused by skeptics or just the average winter break, it gives us the perfect time to open a few older cases and give them a proper shakedown. The case I chose is the Scandinavian Ghost Rockets case from 1946. My choice was decided by a few easy to understand factors;

* Multiple separate parties were involved each with their own research.
* The case has been researched by others before but unlike Roswell it never received extensive coverage by the media and can be viewed as reasonable untainted by media influence.
* The case has several angles it can be approached easily with logical reasoning yet has conflicting points and thus leaves room for further investigation.

The Incident:

The original incident of the Scandinavian Ghost Rockets spans a time period from May 1946 till December 1946. During this period various projectile looking objects where noticed falling down in the area of Sweden and the surrounding area. This is the initial action that actually lead to further research. There are a number ways in which the incident was recorded and noticed.

* Eyewitness accounts – Several people either saw falling objects or heard the objects falling
* Radar reading – The Swedish military radar-posts detected the objects actually falling down
* Debris – Debris from the object was supposedly found in the area of reported sightings
* Impact craters – While not always, on some account impact craters were discovered

From the recorded sources a few stand out from the crowd, radar readouts, debris and impact craters. Unlike most U.F.O. Cases to date it does not hinge on falsifiable eyewitness accounts and blurry photo's. This evidence that was produced while the actual event happened is fairly uncommon and hard to find in many other cases.

Initial hypotheses:

Perseid meteor shower - Several theories ere created that could potentially explain some of the sightings. The first explanation for the initial sightings was the Perseid meteor shower. This meteor shower is a regular occurrence and leads to so called 'falling star' sightings. This theory was abandoned for a few reasons;

The Perseid meteor show last from July till August. While this could explain some of the sightings, it can not explain the sightings before July and after August.
The physical and audible evidence reported could not have been caused by the Perseid meteor shower.

Russian V1 and V2 Missile tests – Another interesting possibility that could explain the Scandinavian Ghost Rockets is the secret testing of captured V1 and V2 missiles by Russian forces. This theory is being strengthened by a number of facts;

* The Scandinavian Ghost Rockets came from the direction of Peenemunde or Greiffswalder Oie
* The Russians had access to V2 missiles at the end of 1945 and only moved them during 1946 to Kapustin Yar. After the move the V2 and V1 would be to far located from Sweden but before it they could easily reached it.

There are however a few conflicting facts noticeable that raises questions at the least.

Performed investigation:

The incident was noticed by several of the Allied powers. These include the following.

* the Swedish military department
* Great Britain
* the US army
* Russia
* Greece

The relation in these is various as well as their actions.
The Swedish army has perhaps the strongest evidence and the most compelling to believe that there is more to know about this case then first appears. The Swedish army conducted a very detailed research. Most well known is the incident of 19 July 1946 at lake Kolmjarv. A researcher named Karl-Gosta Bartoll investigated the incident of the impact and came to the conclusion that the projectiles could only have been missile shaped light alloy projectiles that burned up before impact in most cases, thou a later report makes notice of a crater that was found in the lake.

The Russian research goes no further then 'we didn't launch V1 or V2. But the real interesting twist comes with the arrival of the top secret USAFE decision of the United States. There is a lot of communication between the Swedish military and the USAFE. The Swedish conclusion of the research indicates that the Ghost missiles incident was most likely extraterrestrial in origin but refuses to take that stance as acceptable because of credibility issues.

The Greece investigation in the matter reports a similar conclusion stating that the technology is far more advanced and further research will do no good because the technology is so advanced it can't be defended from. After the Greece military talks with USAFE it changes it's opinion in the case stating the same claim as the USAFE that they are missiles that were sometime guided like cruise-missiles.

Users interpretation:

You can look at this case in two ways. One way is that the incident is of Russian V1 and V2 test from peenemunde. This is a logical way and very plausible. However, the interference of USAFE makes this case somewhat strange. It is weird that the USAFE tries to cover it up while blaming Russia with technology that was already known would be easier. It can be argued that USAFE was afraid that the found evidence would cause the allies to blame the Russian falsely and thus could be seen as causing the incident by itself.

The used source for this documentation is Wikipedia. Other available (but not used source is ATS:

For more information and pictures including a initial USAFE report given free in 1997 visit the wikipediapage.

posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 07:43 PM
I think Germany was developing advanced weapons on the
North Sea.
Like the Foo and other craft that illuminate the air.
Like saucers and UFOs.
Von Braun definitely was an ether engineer right after Tesla.
Germany was at the crest of developing free energy to run
the NWO on carbon less fuel.
We still have the technology behind closed doors.

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