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Help me pick a college/major

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posted on May, 25 2004 @ 07:49 PM
1410 SAT (750 Verbal, 660 math)
90% out of 100 average
1 AP class this year, 2 next year, all honors.

I love to debate, I love current events, I would love to get into politics eventually. I am a good writer when the topic interests me. My ambition is to work for a federal investigation/intelligence agency such as the FBI or CIA.

I've been entertaining several ideas of majors such as Political Science, International Relations, Peace War and Defense (offered by North Carolina at Chapel Hill), attending Law school...I really don't know.

So throw some ideas at me - what good colleges would I be able to get into with my credentials and what are some majors that fit my interest? Size of college doesn't matter nor does public/private.

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