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This is how i understand creation. From Nothingness to existence and to Life.

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posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 02:21 PM
I have wondered for a while how Nothingness "0". Is connected to existence "1" and life.
Now i think i have found an answer to my question.

The way i understand nothingness, is that nothingness is "infinite space/ infinite energy". It always was and always is.
This infinity is the source to our existence. Its the foundation to our life. Its our creator.

But life does not start until the creation time line is finished. Life does not start before Zero has finished creating One "1".

One "1" in my point of whew. Is Our universe. Its from our Universe that we observe creation. Its where we observe everything from. And its also from position One "1" that we will experiance the future and can study the past.

From position Zero "0" is where existence as we know it began.

Here is a picture of how i whew creation from Zero "0" to One "1".

The picture above. Gives me a idea of how existence must have been created.

By using this image i can also tell that there could not have been a Big Bang as many would believe.

The picture is a image of compressed energy from the beginning Zero "0" to our Universe One "1". Its the only way to explain how Existence is tied to nothingness.

The image above is just giving me the impression of how infinite space/Pure energy creates existence.

There is no life at any stages of the compression time line. Not until we reach the end of the compression at Stage One "1".

Life does not start until the compression has stopped. Life does not start to evolve until existence start to expand. The compression of energy into matter is just the foundation to life. Its the expansion, changes that gives this compressed energy, existence life.

Here is a image of how i whew the creation of existence by compression of energy. And when life starts to evolve because of the expansion of the compressed energy, existence.

Some might wonder how i can go from a compression of energy to expansion of energy like i displayed in the image above.

The reason is:
Because in every stage of the compression. Even if energy is being compressed, energy will also be emitted from this compression process.

This emitted energy creates a differential in pressure. And when the differential is high enough there wont be any pressure to compress the space any more. So the energy and matter within that space will start to expand.

NB. The emitted energies is also what we see as empty space or Dark matter.

In my image above. I have two time lines.

1. A time line for compression of energy from Zero "0". To One "1".
From Nothingness to existence.

2. A expansion time line from One "1". To Zero "0".
From the beginning of life to the end of time.

Why do i say that the expansion time is from the beginning of life to end of time. Its because the expansion is changing back to what it used to be. And some where along the time line of expansion, we will all die. That is because the energy and matter that keeps us a live will disappear at some point in time.

The infinite space isn't trying to compress existence any more. And as long as we are alive the expansion is still going strong.

Here is a image of how we observe the creation and whew the future. This is a model i made to get a starting point. And to get a better understanding of what we really can observe from our observation point in time space.

This image is probable not the best. But its what i used to try and figure all this out with.

If you have problems understanding what this image is all about. I will try to explain it with words.

The point with this model is to pinpoint how we observe creation and imagine the future.
The Blue triangle points down, because when we want to observe something or study something (The Red Triangle) we have to focus or Zoom in. When we focus or Zoom in we reduce our field of observation. That's what the Blue triangle is all about. The Red Triangle represent creation.

I put in the location where we think the Big Bang occurred on the compression time line. Because that's where the Blue triangle crosses the Red Triangle at two different locations.
That location would seam like a beginning because that's where we can see creation at both locations at the same time.

As soon as we pass below where our whew points meat's creation. We will not figure out anything about how the beginning started. Because creation is wider then our field of observation.

On top of the Blue Triangle i have put a Human. And as you can see i have extended the Red lines. The Red Triangle points the other way now. The Red Triangle now represents how existence and life is expanding and creating the future.
I have also added a Yellow line that expands out from the human head. This Yellow line represents the human imagination of the future.

You can also see that i have put in lines to imaginary dimensions that don't exist. That's because the only reality and existence that does exist, is the existence between the two Red Triangles.

This is the end of my post. I hope some of you liked it
and found it use full.

This is not the end of my study into this theory. I am going to look more into how the compression stopped and how the expansion began.

But before i go any further it would be nice to hear from you people if i am way of track with this theory.


posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 02:36 PM
It's more of a loop. Kind of in between a mobius strip/torus and a loop in a shoe string. There are multiple aspects of our realm that can be visualized using simple objects, however, all of the examples together (and probably more than I have seen) would be necessary to communicate even the most basic consistency between their relations regarding the whole. The universe is just too complicated to explain without the intuition of a brain combining many distinct and sometimes contrary concepts into one. I can explain more if you would at all believe or entertain what I've understood/seen.

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 02:42 PM
It's tough to try to place creation in a 3d box/theory.

Chew on this one for a while:

EXPAND! You are the Big Bang, you are ALL THINGS and in that you are every moment of time and space. You were there when it all started and you will be here to shut off the lights, metaphorically speaking, simply because you are All Things. The sooner you start accepting and living this truth FULLY, the sooner the exciting work between you, me and others can truly begin.

Will this be the moment you say YES and ACT on it as well?

We are ready. Are you?

If you are, then understand that you ARE the All, including every moment. Through so many channels in so many different ways we have told you over and over again that you are God also. Very cool, but what else is God but an infinite moment? God is time. God is space. God is you and so many different things with you. God is the hat on your head, and that hat is a moment expressing the All. God is the smile on your face, and again it is an expression of EVERY moment of joy in creation. The energy of every experience anyone’s ever had IN JOY is present within that smile. It’s a holographic universe; each particle contains the whole and a moment is also a particle of the hologram.

You are this moment also. You are God meeting God; you are the Big Bang. It is all happening now; that is the power of All. As you become aware what the Self truly is, you will start to understand that the Self is All.

So there is really no way to place it in 3d explanations. You've gotta really open your mind, or actually, you must lose your mind. Then the picture will begin to unfold for you.

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 03:41 PM

Originally posted by Dasher
It's more of a loop. Kind of in between a mobius strip/torus and a loop in a shoe string. There are multiple aspects of our realm that can be visualized using simple objects, however, all of the examples together (and probably more than I have seen) would be necessary to communicate even the most basic consistency between their relations regarding the whole. The universe is just too complicated to explain without the intuition of a brain combining many distinct and sometimes contrary concepts into one. I can explain more if you would at all believe or entertain what I've understood/seen.

Can you prove that infinity is like you describe it?

Its not a problem to create a creation loop with this set up either. All i have to do is add a new creation time line after the first existence has reached its end.

Like this:

What my images is suppose to show is: First is energy compressed into matter and emitted energy. Creating the entire universe.

Then matter and emitted energy (The entire Universe) is expanded back to what it used to be. Nothingness.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 01:20 AM
Your statement that Infinity is the Creator makes perfect sense.

There are no infinite quantities in nature. Infinity doesn't exist.

There is no evidence for the existence of a Creator, either.

And yes, zero equals zero in any system of arithmetic.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 11:10 PM
It's not that the Creators are infinity (the concept alone can be molested), it is that the Creators, Light, etc, are that which remains perpetually. Pride destroys itself and is a primary form of shadow/darkness. Chaos destroys itself and is a primary form of shadow/darkness. When Light shines, it naturally results in shadows departing. The nature of darkness is to cease. The nature of Light is to endure. So then, by our limited ability to understand the "depths" of Void (and the journey towards absolute death) and the "heights" of Eternity (and the journey towards perfect communion, of which baptism and communion are ritual precursors to) we can only generally grasp that OrderCharity/balance, giving with order, establishing with sustaining, understanding with expression, are basic "echos" of the Word of God who is a consuming fire and gracious judge.

I am convinced that to hear the Word perfectly, it would destroy anything attached to this world. This world is somewhere between the Void and Eternity (complete communion) in a loop that loops around itself. Again, like a mobius strip that was formed by the Eternal creating a hole within itself (as you might loop a shoestring to make an "o") by means of shading certain areas of our formed reality. The general relations would have to include a loop, mobius strip, torus and blood cell shape. Each shape relates to another, but for different reasons. It is very straightforward when dealt with one portion of reality at a time. It can only be explained in part or it becomes too complex quickly. Consider, what shapes would form if you drew a line from nothing to everything? Depends on it's path.

For practical purposes, I would like to point out the differences in man from the animals since it will exemplify the idea of a line from lower expressions of lightness and darkness to higher expressions of lightness and darkness; 1. Pride 2. Chaos 3. OrderCharity.

This may sound strange at first, but consider, we rose up from the dirt. Animals are not capable of such pride as we are. Nor are they capable of such chaos. However, animals are also not capable of gracious judgment. We were first given the law to teach us order and we began to judge ourselves. We judged with pride and so God sent further aid in Christ who gave us grace to teach us charity. We have become chaotic, so now we must begin to be good shepherds as the Creators are good shepherds. Why? Because if you are a good shepherd, you will be a good shepherd and will sow and reap such things. If you do not sow and reap the fruit of a good shepherd, expect death as everyone knows that pride steals away and chaos chokes out.

Let us continue on that path that the Creators have given us towards the home of communion they have established at the end of each person's time. And the rest will "return to the dust as an uprooted olive tree."

Sorry that this was a lot. I hope it makes sense, I am somewhat tired.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 02:33 AM
reply to post by Dasher

I think you have the right idea. But i don't think you understand my explanation completely. And that's my fault.

I can fit every thing you say into my images perfectly. But for you to do the same we have to be visualizing the same idea.

I am going to show you a new picture. This picture is how i see existence within space.

At stage One you have infinite space/pure energy in some state that we cant observe.

At stage two you have existence smack in the middle of infinite space/pure energy.

In the middle is the only place existence could be. Because space is infinite big. Space has no beginning or end. So no matter where you imagine existence is located. It will always be in the middle.

Now because existence is aways located in the middle of everything. It must have been created by a compression.

Existence is Energy compressed into compressed elements of different energies and solids.

Existence was created by a compression. Life was created when existence began to expand.

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posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 03:48 AM
Existence was created by a compression. Life began when existence began to expand. Give of energy.

When existence is created by a compression. You can call space/pure energy the creator of existence.
This action also gives space/pure energy the cause of life as well. Because existence is created by the infinite space/pure energy.

I say that life started when the compression stopped. That is not really true. We have no way of knowing if the compression has stopped. We can only assume that it has, because existence the way we can observe it is expanding.

But existence as we know it. Will be expanding no matter what. Because it has been created.

Why will it expand no matter what?

Because of the distance from pure energy to our compressed state of energy.

The distance from Zero to 2010.

The distance from Zero to 2010 is a very very long distance. Because when space compressed its energy into existence. The energy also started to emit. Give of energy as well. This emitted energy would create a space between the source and the main energy compressed. And when the space between the source and the main element increases the compression will be reduced more and more.

And when the compression dont affect the main element created any more. It will start to expand. This expansion is the cause of the creation of life.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 03:55 AM
First there was that which exists (the eternal). Then there was a hiding of existence (void - but by nature it is non-existent). This created shadows. We live in the shadows. We are either shadows or lights. The shadows end is to flee from the light. The lights end is to be one with the author of the light. You cannot start from nothing. From the most basic principles of logic it is impossible to start with nothing and get something. As opposed to compression, imagine our realm as it is, which is vacuum. Think expansion combined with attraction. As we were taught order first, reversing out of our realm would be finished through the loss of order. As we were taught charity second, reversing out of our realm would be began through the loss of life.

For there to be information, there must have been first understanding. For there to be the breath of life, there must have been first the breather of life. Imagine life as a film that was acted out backwards and then played in reverse. Or, imagine clearing my mind so that I might fill it with an imaginary world. Or, imagine the empty space that lies between our solids. Imagine DNA without life (decay). Imagine life without DNA (tumor).

The world is filled with tumors of Chaos and great achievements decay through Pride. In fullness, these things end from where they came, the Void. However, the Void, by nature does not exist. It is by gracious judgment that the Void is given longsuffering and blessings to birth our realm.

Structures were established in the Void. Then life was breathed out into the frames. This cannot happen if the rational "mother" was nothing. The "mother" is the fullness of understanding and manifestation and "nothing" is the womb. From the Fullness and the Nothingness, Light has entered and mastered.


I definitely see where you are coming from. Building on some of the shapes you are using and their basic meanings... The people of 1 triangle were the first people and understood 3 to be a number of completion and the first object/directional indicator. However, they lacked the receiving of truth/order and the understanding to manifestation/charity due to lack of gift. The people of 2 triangles were the people of order (the Jews). However, they lacked charity and became pride. The people of 3 triangles were the people of charity (the Christians). However, they lacked order and became chaos.

Those who were regarded as neither Jew, nor Christian (as very purposefully regarded by the book of Hebrews), namely Abraham, Moses, Noah, etc, these were given spiritual truths and the ability to understand/act on such spiritual truths. The Light works it's way through the Void which is constantly fleeing. It does not establish darkness. It does not sustain darkness. As a result of Void being created/conquered we live in an illusion. Oddly, even our genitals mimic the concept I am trying to communicate. Not trying to be vulgar, but life pushes through the void and from within the void and from without the void, life meets in the middle and is formed. It expands and is attracted to itself.

Maybe even a further refining of terms is necessary for us to connect better? Consider there is "perpetual existence" (that which establishes and sustains, that which created the void/non-existence), "temporal existence" (that which mimics perpetual existence through movement and structure, but has needs, dies, and is blind without being given to), and "non-existence" (the beginning and end of temporal existence, that which steals away freedom and has no direction). With those three terms, could you reword the images more specifically?

Dreams. This world is a dream for those who wake in the next. I long to wake up fully and cry out to my Father.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 04:28 AM
reply to post by Dasher

I still understand what you are explaining. But you dont see my way of explaining this.

Lets say that darkness is the beginning "Zero". Zero is just time. A time that hasn't started yet.

Nothingness is a expression of the "pure energy/space" we have no way of being able to observe as a singularity in 3 dimensions.

Light would be a result of a compression of pure energy. The light is the emitted energy from the compressed energy.

The light is the source that creates a distance between darkness and the main energy being compressed.

Darkness must have existed first. Because we all know that light is a result of emitted energy. "Energy being released because of a cause".

A vacuum is a great way to see why existence must have been created by a compression.

A perfect vacuum is a state we will never be able to observe or study. Therefor we will never know what a perfect vacuum really is. We only know it gives existence a differential in pressure compared to a vacuum.

Emitted energy is also what reduces the vacuums effect on energies and matter. Because The emitted energy creates a distance between the vacuum and the elements.

Earth's atmosphere is a great way to understand this. Our atmosphere consists of emitted energies. Space is a vacuum compared to our atmosphere.

The lightest elements prevent the heavier elements from reaching space until they have expanded into energy that are light enough to travel up to the vacuum of space.

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posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 09:16 PM

Originally posted by spy66
Nothingness is a expression of the "pure energy/space" we have no way of being able to observe as a singularity in 3 dimensions.

I understand you in philosophical principle, and if that is the extent of the relations you are making, I agree. Our beginning was in the void. However, one's ability to observe does not define that which is unable to be observed. By definition you are contradicting yourself by saying that nothing was actually something. I am suggesting that the concept of nothing is, in fact, nothing. Logically, there must be something existing in order to create the idea of nothing which brings us to our own existence, a meandering mass of stuff that is mostly observable to us.

That which understands darkness will return to the nothingness from which is was founded on. That which understands light will return to the Creators which founded ALL things, even the nothingness.

There is no logical construct that can begin with nothing except that which was nothing all along. For instance, dreams. When a person dreams, they enter a place which their observations tell them is "real." Taking the course of most dreams, once the dreamer wakes up, there is a realization that the dream is not their "home." However, within the dream, the observations and experiences of characters in the dream are real and the dreamers' actions within the dream generally reflect something about them. Meaning, if you see someone suffering in your dream, their need is real to the reality of your "dream world" and if you are compassionate, you will give them compassion. What a wonderful display of goodness a dream can be. But, upon waking, the dreamer will understand that the beginning of the person suffering in the dream lived in nothingness, life, and then nothingness again. The dreamer experiences an alternate path; nothingness, life, and then life. Our realm is the same regarding "waking up" or, as Christ termed it, "second birth."

The Creators are the Life which created nothingness in order to establish and sustain life within the "impossible" void. And what a beautiful "flower" They have made.

There are those who begin in the void, live in a "dream" for a time (even receiving a form of "charity," living within a form of "order") and end again in the void. But there are also those who (limited by their own observations) begin in the void, live in a "dream," but wake up within it knowing that the charity and order they are established and sustained by will exist regardless, and by the gift of the Creators return to the Light which established and sustained them. Thusly, it is to be understood that those who live by Light were always Light by provision. The Creators are always Light by essence. This is why being "filled" with the Spirit or by Christ is very important, but also very misunderstood. We are to be the brethren of Christ, not idolaters as the apparent church who are kin to the children of darkness.

People spend their lives worrying about controlling/understanding their dreams, meanwhile, the dream they live while awake is tended to very poorly. They will not wake up as they do from the dreams they hope in. My hope is in the very fabric of our creation and course. My hope is in the fact that we exist despite basic existence being laughably nonsensical and even makes OrderCharity exceedingly calming/alluring. More so, it can be seen in opposite when the Animal Priests (mankind) submit themselves to the void from which they came and manifest pride and chaos into our mutual "dream world." I strive to manifest my Fathers who are One, OrderCharity.

Digressing, I do hope our disconnect is merely an issue of semantics.
Cheers to you for even delving into such areas of thought. I hope that your daily life also reaps such bountiful harvests.

posted on Jan, 17 2010 @ 03:59 AM

Originally posted by Dasher

Originally posted by spy66

Digressing, I do hope our disconnect is merely an issue of semantics.
Cheers to you for even delving into such areas of thought. I hope that your daily life also reaps such bountiful harvests.

From reading this. I think we are on the same page.

Its not easy to use words to explain how things must have been created. Its hard to find words for the source besides using God. Some people react very negatively when they see the name God being used. So i have been trying to make my posts a bit different, so people dont get to hung up with the word God. I want people to see the same picture as i am and then put the pieces together on their own. In other words i am trying to make my posts on their level of understanding.

posted on Jan, 17 2010 @ 04:56 AM
Mathematically i have been looking into how Zero can become One.

Philosophically i have been looking into how Non existence could create Existence.

By studying our measuring system i have been looking into how we perceive and measure time and changes.

By studying human observation possibilities i have learned about our boundaries of observing existence.

Our limitations of observing existence is why i can use nothingness as not being absolutely nothing.
The concept of nothingness is that which we cant observe in present time, by the measuring instruments we have in use at present time.

Mathematically nothing is nothing "Zero". But to understand the concept of nothing within math. One has to learn about equations. If nothing was zero you would never have a mathematical equation. And there would be no existence.
A mathematical equation is always a isolated state where you bring in existence to observe or to understand a function. Or to create a system of functions.

The concept of 2+2 not always being 4 is a function most people cant grasp. 2+2 is 4 before it passes through equality (=). But that might not be the case after the 4 elements have passed through equality. It all depends on how the isolated equation is defined.

When it comes to existence the mathematical Zero cant exist. Because there is no connection between Zero and One. No matter how many Zeros or symbols you put into your equation you will never get a step closer to One.

Philosophically. What would create the equation?

If God is the element between the mathematically Zero and One. God must have been created. Or in other words Existence must have been created. But how?

The mathematical Zero, our definition of zero cant be true when related to existence.

Existence must be a differential between it self and everything else. And the difference is the compression of energy. The distance between us and the source "God" is the distance the emitted energy has created over time.

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