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Geithner Told AIG To Hide Looting From Public

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posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 09:47 AM
Emails have revealed that former New York Fed chairman Tim Geithner, now Treasury Secretary under Obama, told AIG not to report how much they paid their creditors (Goldman Sachs).

He basically told AIG not to tell the public who got the tens of billions of dollars in tax payer bailout money.

But it gets better, it turns out Geithner's former banker buddies at Goldman got paid 100 cents on the dollar for their worthless credit default swaps.

So, in laymans terms:

1. Geithner allowed AIG to pay 100 cents on the dollar to Goldman Sachs, bilking the tax payer out of an estimated 13 billion on that one transaction alone.

2. Geithner told AIG not to report how much it paid and to who it paid the public bailout money it received.

3. If it turns out the reporting forms require by law for AIG to report the nature of its transactions with the public funds, Geithner is guilty of conspiracy to defraud.

Praise Mao.

Judge Napolitano explains:

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