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9/11 Conspiracy FACT

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posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 06:24 AM

Both AA11 and UA Flight 175 out of Boston appear to have been swapped for military AWACS drones at Stewart AB in Newburgh, NY where they both crossed over the airport at the exact same time. So if the original flights landed at Stewart AFB, what happened to those passengers?

Finally, It was obviously a missile and not a Boeing 757 that hit the Pentagon, so what happened to the original Flight 77 and all the people with Top Secret clearances who were aboard? Were they assassinated or did they have their death’s faked so they could go work on an even more top secret mission? We can find a TriState Airport extremely close to the point where Flight 77 was "hijacked"...Could Flight 77 have landed there?

The same Coroner signed off on all the bodies from all 4 Flights... Furthermore, he claimed to have identified the terrorists using DNA evidence which would require them to have samples of the Terrorist’s DNA prior to 9/11…

The BCCI, John O'neil, Bush 43, 41, Huffman Aviation's dissapeared papers, as well as the files in Pentagon and the back up files in Building 7, Marvin Bush & Kroll, Blackwater, Carlyle Group, Bin Ladens, (black sheep Osama the fall guy), Incredible passenger lists, The fighter jets sent to Canada, ....

Keep drinking the Aspartime, Flouride, and other drugs dumped in the Water Supply, Eat your radiated meats, Vegetables and watch the Fruits, (not the psychopaths in power, the real ones that are to be in huge shortage this year, and don't worry about the deceptions, lies and Americas Dismantling, just save up to pay your carbon tax and focus on the real important issues...
Dancing with the Stars, Jerry Springer, South Park, and the MSM News...underwear bombers, CIA killing Doctors, Full body scanning for airports, (who by the way were grateful for the patriot who disclosed he had forgotten to take the shotgun shells out of his flight bag), and of course, focus on internet porn and conspiracy theories that should never be tolerated.

What we need is a Jesse Ventura, Dr. Ron Paul ticket for 2012.

Now I have a Super Tramp song stuck in my head.

"'re nothing but a dreamer...."

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 07:21 AM
Without a doubt in my mind there are many facts presented to us by TPTB that are false regarding those events that took place. However, the source you are using is merely a postulation. I just don't see the facts you are referring to.

Another snippet from your article-

I believe an Air Force AWACS Fighter Jet shot the missile at the Pentagon

"I believe" is not fact, we need rock-solid proof, that's a pretty bold idea....besides, from my limited airplane knowledge, AWACS planes are not fighters, and they don't carry bombs or missiles.

A very detailed page your source lists as a source-

After looking at that, I'm more convinced than ever that what we saw (planes) is what happened. How can you explain all the amateur footage? How can all that by so many regular people be faked?

Again, sure, I believe in the false flag possibilities of this fateful day, I just don't see facts in this article...

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 07:52 AM
one day I would love to come to a threat titled "FACT! about something!!"

and have it actually have a fact in it. It's to the point now that I don't think I will ever find a fact in these threads. Please never ever post again with the word "
"fact" in your title without presenting a fact.


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