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Why Do Indians Own Every Hotel In Town?

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posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 01:59 AM
reply to post by ModernAcademia

Thank you for responding and answering these questions. I am truly upset when anyone says things about the Patels owning everything, I see first hand that the family I work with are hard working, and are much like you describe yourself ( they have children that have been born in the US and are currenty visiting India for their first time, however they teach their culture and speech to them, so they seem to most who meet them to be more indian influenced than american. The kids speak 2 languages, but the teens cannot write their home language, only speak it, but they can write and speak english, these teens arrived here only a short year and a half ago.

I and my husband consider them all, the whole family and their friends whom we have met, to be special , they consider us to be extended family members. The eldest came to me with heartfelt pleas that I quit smoking, and is teaching me breathing methods to strengthen my lungs, and I have almost stopped smoking now, taking Chantix, and my goodness Papa is sooooo proud!

But to try and talk about our relationships with them to anyone outside of our jobs, and we are met with racial biast, and it is not fair. I would love for everyone to understand that we love this family! The other night I was helping one of the teens take an online test for community college, and a customer came in and while checking him in, he asked her if she was training to get her own hotel one day. She responded kindly, telling him that would be like a dream for her family. I don't think, I really hope, that she did not understand his meaning.

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 02:36 AM
Indians must like hotels but Koreans like to own motels here in calif many of the older small (cheaper)motels that i used to stay at when i worked construction were owned by Koreans.

And pakistanis tend to own small gas stations/stores.

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 03:29 AM
I know most immigrant groups usually have organizations to assist each other in opening up businesses financially which can range from mafia style funding sources to legitimate organizations of aid...

Can't say for sure what any other group has going for them exactly but i know growing up in NY I have seen this in operation all the time...

Being Jewish there always was a particular problem with others claiming to be Jewish in order to get access to funds...

The other reason and bigger reason.

We are spoiled, I watched immigrants my whole life shack up 5, 6, even 7 to a 2 bdrm apt, some slept while others worked and they survived it...

In this manner no one individually pays much in the way of bills... and money an be pooled to start businesses...

Truth is it doesn't even take more than a year or two...

But we have come to expect to never make a sacrifice and without that philosophy nothing much can happen...

In fact our society disallows all that... speak English and try hiding a few extra people in an apt... can't get away with it, they want the dwelling to look like something off the TV not real life...

In actuality it's easy...

We just wont do it... comfort and appearances before success is the American motto these days

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 01:14 PM
They dont need to go to the powers that be for financing, they are fisically responsible people. and Gold and Then Cash is King. if you have a cash cow you will get funding and yes it is an example of Racism because that capital is private and in most cases onlt two people know the numbers.
now that is not to say this is a 100% but it is why...!~ Private Money

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posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 03:38 PM
reply to post by space cadet

As someone who worked in the hospice industry I can answer this question: Racism.

They discriminate against non-Indians. Blacks they outright discriminate against, and whites they use subtle forms of bigotry against. The reason why they seem to be flourishing is because they help each other setup motels and hotels. I bet whites could dominate any industry over night if all whites helped each other start up businesses in said industry.

On top of that, they try and employ other Indians so they can get away with paying under the table(not having to pay employer taxes can save them a small fortune) and violate half a dozen zoning law's.

Also, they tend to place job applications in Indian language newspapers. The whole Patel Motel phenomenon is going to come to a crashing end once the IRS catches on.

posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 03:56 PM
reply to post by space cadet

Back in high school I had a friend of Indian descent. His last name was Patel and pretty much everyone in his family was in the hotel business.

He told me, as odd as this seems, that certain Patel families are either "doctor Patels" or "hotel Patels."

And that his family happened to be hotel Patels, hence they own hotels.

I'm totally serious, and that was the extent of what he told me.

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posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 04:11 PM
and in this region we have both, DrPatels (who own the drug manufacturers/bath salts and such), the Drs who treat medical issues and the hotelPatels, who in the quiet of night, some 25 yrs ago made a remark that has stuck with me forever ... while performing my work at a HoJos (Howard Johnson hotel), on the other side of some really thin walls, these words were spoken (by the Patels) -->> when the day comes, we will own all of their comforts and simply lock'em out (Americans).

take it for what it's worth but this "plan" has been active for the last 30yrs ... that "day" must be coming soon

posted on Nov, 23 2013 @ 10:44 PM
Actually the reasons for this are quite simple, and not what you may think, Speaking from experience let me give you a little history and something several lending institutions have said to me:

1. I am a "From home" business owner.

2. When approaching banks and financial institutions about a loan to upgrade my business from home to brick and mortar, the most common thing I hear is: "Were sorry but you don't have enough history to qualify".

3. Upon inquiring (and I did) how one could get a loan, one of the things I am constantly told is that if I was an immigrant, I could get one. (Not going to go into long details, suffice it to say the conversation led to me saying, so your telling me if I wasn't a US citizen or was immigrating here you'd give me this loan? and their answer: Yes.)

The US ponders to Immigrants, giving them free business loans American citizens would take years to get. Most small business's are ran by immigrants, because Immigrants have more rights then US citizens when it comes to starting a business.

Why this is? I have no idea, I just know that if you are an immigrant, you can take out a 100,000 Dollar business loan your first day on the continent basically. There are even companies who will only loan money to immigrants.

I would guess this is because most Americans are lazy, and bank and business owners know if they loan money to an immigrant they have a much higher chance of getting their profit off the loan.

In my opinion is this wrong? Yes. It is. There are plenty of Americans who if given the same opportunity given to Immigrants to own a small business, would work their asses off to make it move forward and be profitable. Yet the US chooses to give these Immigrants instead of it's US citizens tons and tons of money.

I'm not racist or anything, these immigrants work hard, however they are also some of the most money grubbing tightwad, non caring individuals I have ever met. and before you rage at me let me give you some examples:

1. When staying at one of the super 8's in this area owned by the Petels, I specifically ask for a large handicap room for me and my disabled wife for the week while we waited for our apartment to be finished being remodeled. The lady at the desk was an American, was very polite and set us up with the room we needed.

The next morning we hear a knock on our door and it's a "Ms Petel" the owner of the Super 8, telling us that there was a mistake and she can't rent that room to us for a week but if we wanted to pay the nightly rate we could have it, after I ask how much that was, she went backwards and said were sorry but actually we have a couple who rents this room and they just reserved it this morning.

To which I said, look I've already paid you for this room for a week. To which she said were sorry but were going to have to move you to a 2nd floor room. I said My wife is disabled she has to have a handicap accessible room. The "Petel" didn't even flinch, just looked at me with cold eyes apologized in an unsincere manner and said we'd have to move rooms.

2. 2 days later the cleaning lady was yelling at our kids, I went to the office and told the "Mrs Petel" about the incident, she didn't even apologize. Just said she'd look into it and proceeded to ignore me. So we left, and she wouldn't even issue us a refund or offer to comp our stay or anything.

*1 On another occasion at another hotel, there were bedbugs in the room, and the "Mr Petel" staunchly denied that being the case even thought he doctor told my wife specifically that they were bedbug bites. "Mr Petel" then ask us to leave the hotel so he could "More thoroughly investigate" the problem. He wouldn't even give us a refund....

I mean really the things these Foreigners get away with in this country is just........ God, it makes me so mad. If those hotels had been owned by Americans, they would have been scrambling to ensure our satisfaction and make sure we were taken care of.

One of the reasons for that is that Americans are subject to more laws and consequences then Immigrants are in this mater. It's how the Petel family pushed and bought out all the American hotels, or most of them, because they don't need to spend as much money on the quality of the hotel or the service, because legally they can not be held accountable for many things Non-Immigrants can.

I can't explain to you how angry I was after finding out after much research and talking to my lawyer that because they are an immigrant family there was nothing I could do to them to seek restitution for their actions against me my wife and our kids.
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posted on Nov, 23 2013 @ 11:08 PM
This country's open borders policy, along with free trade, is destroying the American middle class. If you can't outsource, you insource it.

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