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Stairway to Heaven: The Rays of the Sun

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posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 02:21 AM
We all heard about Near Death Experiences. Some describe fantasy locations and a strong majority describe a powerful and intense light of warmth. What is the one object in the Universe that you immediately think of that provides powerful light and warmth?

When people return here to the physical realm of Earth to describe this powerful energy of light that embraces them with warmth, are they coming back from entering the rays of the Sun?

We all know that the Sun is a powerful heat generator that would disintegrate any physical object into single cell particles, before it reached the surface of the Sun.

We all know that without the Sun, life on all planets would cease to exist. So is the Sun the force that operates as a doorway for spirits to travel throughout the Universe and magnetically attracts the return of the spirit after physical death?

If the sun disintegrates all physical forms as they close in, then all cells that form and bind together to create a physical presence, would be separated into single cells as they close in on the Sun. And if science is correct that an invisible cell begins the embryonic phase of physical creation within a womb, then the single cell that enters the womb may be the same cell that came here under the energy rays of the sun.

May sound illogical to the human understanding of a perceived physical reality, but it would make sense to understand how a single cell that is unattached to other cells, could enter the sun without being destroyed.

So, the spirit may be invisible, however it has the power to come into a planet, and take the nutrients of the planet ingested by the mother, to weave an intricate and seemingly impossible to imagine human body, from nothing more than a single invisible cell.

Since science proves we come from a single cell, which existed before the creation of the body, so does in fact control the body it created, and is it able to release from the body upon physical death, and then safely re-enter the sun as a single cell?

The Sun is more than just a giant heater and light bulb in the sky, it is the force that binds all the invisible cells within the environment of the Universe. It is the invisible cells created and distributed by the Sun that animates all physical existence.

It is very hard for the human mind to imagine entering the Sun, however, it is equally as hard to imagine creating a human body from a nothing but a single invisible cell.

The Sun is the only object in the Universe that all of physical existence relies on to remain existent, and at the same time, it is the only object in the Universe that physical existence can not harm. Interesting!

So next time you see the sun in the sky, or next time you get the nerve to look directly into the corona of the sun and your eyes are pierced by brightness, remember you may be looking into the Stairway to Heaven. Within the rays of the Sun could be the prisms of illusion that form before your very eyes.

If the Sun is a magnetic force that binds and animates all, and really is a force that distributes and attracts the return of a spirit, then the following statement makes sense.

The physical being will only perceive the destructive power of coming close to the Sun, but physical beings are dangerous and a threat to all creation anyways, and therein lies the proof that a spirit who Created the Sun was thinking when the Universe was created.

This post is only some food for thought.

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 02:41 AM
Most major religions, including major tenets of Christianity, has it's roots in Sun worship.

An eclipse of old was cause for a major freak out by ancient civilizations.

But yet, what about who/whom CREATED the sun, the universe, and existense of everything?

THAT'S where the Deity lay.

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posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 06:56 PM
It's not the cell itself that contains the essence of life. It's the energetic waveform that is created at this particular distance from the sun that creates the echoes of life.

It's merely the vibrational frequency that is received at 92 million miles form the sun that creates the conscience at it's current state.

The actual flesh manifestation is nothing but a reverberation of that vibrational resonance.

So without the sun, your cells would quickly slow it's vibrational state and you would eventually be frozen.

Moving towards the sun would quicken the vibrational state of your molecular make up beyond the integrity of your flesh and cause your flesh to vaporize.

So when you die, the cells of your flesh, which is nothing more than the echoes of resonance from the suns rays, would stop moving or vibrating.

But the essence of the echoes sent from the sun, is who each of us really are. Therefore, we are all the sun or God and our flesh is nothing more than the manifestation of this vibrational frequency.

Similar to how ice is formed when water becomes frozen. The solid state is nothing more than the manifestation of the vibrational energy in the cells. Control the vibration and you control the "life state" of matter. The media keeping everyone in fear and depression is an example of controlling the "life sate" of people all around the world by reducing the vibration of their bodies.

So the essence of who you are, is always a vibrational frequency. One that is always being sent at the same rate by the sun. It doesn't matter if you are in the dark or in the light. The energy of the sun, which exists in wavelengths beyond our vision, is always passing through us.
If you begin to live in the past (in your mind) you are doing nothing but lowering your conscious mind to past deteriorating echoes., which usually results in depression and further falling into lower vibrational states until you feel nothing but despair and hopelessness, at which point people are saved by God and renewed.

Denying the Sun's light or God is denying yourself.

[edit on 12-1-2010 by juzchilln]

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 07:27 PM
I'm not really disagreeing with you, aren't really making any sense. And I'm surprised anyone is falling for all the junk you make up. Science doesn't say anything that you claim it says:

And if science is correct that an invisible cell begins the embryonic phase of physical creation within a womb, then the single cell that enters the womb may be the same cell that came here under the energy rays of the sun.

Uh??? Well, let me tell you that you've got it ALL wrong. There is no invisible cell that enters the human body and begins the embryonic phase. Sperm fertilizes an egg (which FYI is VISIBLE to the naked eye!), said fertilized egg divides, and again divides, and so on.

It would be one thing if you were talking about some hypothetical first building block of life that started life on earth billions of years ago, but you aren't...are you?

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