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Near-Death Experiences

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posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 01:54 AM
reply to post by KonquestAbySS

My ex didn't see the 'white lights' when he was dying. He only described seeing white when he was recovering. Moments before he came to apparently.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 04:44 AM
reply to post by space cadet

Sorry to hear about that space, I've been through a lot of family deaths this past year, and all I can say to myself is that where ever they went they are in a better place then where I'm at.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 06:20 AM
reply to post by sealteamsix

I can't say as i know why it is some who nearly die have these experiences but then some don't.

Like you, i've died several times, once and the first was from extreme violence, a pack of skinheads beating me so severely the once would have done for many people but it occurred 3 times in under an hour at 3 locations around the Grove, Alexandra palace/Muswell hill, because after the first i didn't stay down, after the second i didn't stay down, the third i was left for dead in stinging nettles with a system so traumatised when i was put in the ambulance everything stopped from trauma and the ambulanceman managed to restart my heart as the ambulance had one of the old oversized defrib's on board.

I cannot recall any NDE, maybe i did and the trauma knocked it out of recall as a defence, but i recall practically every second of what went on that night, faces, their actions, everything, i've scoured my mind and nothing from a size 10 steel toe cap booting me in the face full force when i lost consciousness to waking in the hospital, what occurred in the ambulance i know from the doctor who stitched me up, when i got home and the severe violent beatings set in, i couldn't move for days and was black and blue all over, one big bruise, but that night i was stitched up and i demanded some crutches and i walked home from Archway to Muswell hill on crutches during the early hours at hell of a pace as well, i recovered that quick.

Neither the other times was there any white blinding light etc, the next was a drug overdose late 80's which would kill an Elephant and when taken to the hospital there wasn't anything left to pump out, everything absorbed, i was found unconscious, blood all over me as i'd cut myself up as well, again system shut down and heart stopped, was unconscious for a day and recovered as though nothing happened except pulses of like nerve impulses from my spine out to toes and fingertips about every 30 seconds for a few months, like shocks rippling through me outwards, very uncomfortable.

Last time was in St Mary's hospital Paddington in 1996, some new agers in the rave scene tried to do a Rasputin on me and i was severely poisoned, didn't work though.
Freaked everybody out as i just jumped right back into my body after shutting down completely and being absolutely static, hospital staff hadn't seen anything like it i was told, but by 1996 everybody knew how strange i was by then anyway, i've been into occult and mysticism since early teens, just those staff on the emergency ward weren't aware, doubt they'll forget what they saw, like something out of a scifi movie, jujst as the first time, i got up and walked out as though nothing much had happened.

I will say though, it does change everybody, if you have died and even if you didn't have an NDE, you will be different.

As some others have mentioned, NDE's are close to what is astral projection and from what i understand, you will be able to project easier now you've nearly died a few times, it's now as natural to me as walking to the shops when i want to go look see.

Have you considered voluteering for remote work etc as you'll certainly have decent clearance being ex Seal?

I would not doubt you now have access to abilities those who've not died have to develop over a long time with much efforts to culture spirit and mind, should you access them, the same should come easy to you and it's a shame to waste that, anybody who dies and comes back, it does change you and it should be used to help others in my humble opinion.

I have always found it strange that i have had experiences through pursuit of craft plenty of times, it's a common state i achieve for certain reasons especially around our main sabbaths, same or similar to which people allude to in these NDE's, but not actually when i've died, sure i will learn exactly why such understanding eludes me at some point but it's a personal unexplained, for now though as i cannot fathom but do so in everything else i want to know, i accept it's not time for me to know.


posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 11:33 AM
I've actually been brought back by artificial means twice as a child. Nothing like a shot of adrenaline in the heart and a good shock. I had a severe seafood allergy as a child and my father was convinced it could be cured by forcing me to eat fish. 8 perch filets later I stopped breathing on the way to the hospital. I was dead for about 2 minutes. I had an experience. Same thing the 2nd time dead for a little bit less time. Similar experience. Looking down upon the room. Now in the service of our country I was shot 2x in the chest and didn't die but lost conciousness while bleeding out, no experience. Somy deduction at this point in time is some type of quantam entanglement with the electrical release from the brain.

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