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posted on Jan, 11 2010 @ 11:20 PM
Sorry if this is the wrong thread, if you could mods please move to the correct one.

When people bash Creationism, the mostly just bash religions that support it.

When it comes to creation, it's viewed by the logical people like so.

The "Big Band" happend, but that dosen't explain anything. the physical coming from nothing is a paradox, and when that happens, mans usually wrong.

So, the theory accepted by most in this area is that; that "bang" was created from "thought", but don't take that word and turn it into your view, let me explain.

When i say thought, i do not mean a brain thinking. i mean consciousness producing, growing, or expanding. thought is "linear" in physical sense, but we cannot grasp any other way.

then you come to the conclusion that physical and non physical are complete opposites, and when in one its impossible to comprehend the other, unless one choses to, but one must "connect with god", is what the religions would call it, in order to bring the spiritual to the physical.

Raising vibration is what science would call it. positive attitude, good view, no bias, your set to grow!

Anyways, just so some don't make the mistake, if trying to crush creationism, please don't use religion. thats just laughable.

Personally, people may have went to far with "Jesus", and yet not went anywhere at all. they followed, when he said lead. do as he did, don't take him as your god. once you see this, and you look at all prophets, you begin to laugh at humainity. not really, you would have if you had that same mind set though.

Sorry if that didn't make much sense or was horribly spelt wrong, my spell check is else where...

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posted on Jan, 11 2010 @ 11:28 PM

Originally posted by gandhiWhen it comes to creation, it's viewed by the logical people like so.

The "Big Bang" happend, but that dosen't explain anything. the physical coming from nothing is a paradox, and when that happens, mans usually wrong
To clarify a point: I don't think scientists have ever really said "something came from nothing." Fact is: they have a theoretical model of how the universe began starting from a few milliseconds after the beginning. Before that, they don't know, and they admit that they don't know.

Interestingly to me, creationism and real science describe the beginning of the universe similarly: it sprang into being. That's where the similarities end, however. Where creationism (religion rebranded) shrugs its shoulders and says "god did it," and is content, science scratches its head and says "I dunno. But I'm going to find out."

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posted on Jan, 11 2010 @ 11:56 PM
reply to post by AshOnMyTomatoes

Sadly, "God" is uncomprehendable. so enjoy life, and take everything as a good thing.

God to me is just a force that allows the physical to be. Thats it, thats all one can turly know about god if they are willing to take under such a concept of reality. Put it simple, its the god that thoes guys from "The Secret" would believe in.

My oppinion is the movie was portrayed in a childish, "I want" manner. sadly, its the only way to get someone to pay attention.

I wouldn't even call it god. just natural existance, but we have to realize there is more than meets the eye, which science has now been going into more seriously.

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posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 02:13 AM
Paradoxes occur frequently, they are an enlightnening occurance to reason, and science preys on them as learning tools. How can a particle exist in two places at the same time? Apparently so.

Some of us may stop and sigh, claiming that -- as you say -- God is uncomprehendable, that his ways are mysterious, yet others would learn and realize that paradoxes indicate a flaw in reasoning and will work away at understanding, adapting and re-arranging their new model of Knowledge.

Science has an excellent track record at unveiling what were considered celestial mysteries. Germs, disease, the senses, the brain, heliocentricity. It is an ongoing trend, that is not always right, but will usually repair itself and improve itself.

Which is why today the idea of creationism is usually laughed at by the scientific community (along with the lacklusted and semi-detailed Genesis rendition which has been the brunt of several successful sand-up comedies). The "something from nothing paradox" is a difficult one, that none of us know the answer to. But we are getting there, and I am confident we eventually will. It may also not be a paradox at all. I'll echo Carl Sagan by pointing out that similarly to religion, where God has ALWAYS existed, might not by similar logic the universe have always existed?

We'll just have to wait and see.

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