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The Grey Mind

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posted on Jan, 11 2010 @ 09:05 PM
Once we start asking our selves how far do we have to davel in the pedantics of human (trinary syntaxial sociology)^ (complex)* do we realise they wouldnt be the best judge if they needed an upgrade them selves. I mean really what human would say they think they needed to have their mind upgraded. The truth is in order to ensure the survival of their species for more than 15 thousand more years to 50 thousand. Im sorry but i cannot let the human species destroy themselves prematurely. No im not not talking about a change in numbers more like a change in the healthy environment for everyone. Allowing the planet to sustain a population even 3 times its current size with even comfortable living conditions for almost everyone.

^your sociology matrix mostly at least your pre-human not your proto-human one but in essence is actually in yourself would activate 30% more active brain cells automatically lying in dormant fatty tissue in certain areas of the brain. The correct audio linguistic pulse would have to be interpreted by the precognitive structures in their brain - this would allow for molecular decoupling of certain (temporality cells)$ to allow for reformation of certain cells in the brain the activation of the next line of normal brain cells

*In terms of what that means i would call it one word by itself a sponse. So this sponse itself would infer to the basic meaning of what anything can actually or ever been in its entirety. In terms of a human generated sponse yes it is in the prefrontal cortex the area that generates the personality complex IE complete reticulate rectifier of the completion cortex in the ventral cavity of the human brain.

$these would never be in your perceptual field of view you just can not see them. they are composed of mostly a biomagneti(biological/megnetocentric) compound in a state of temporal flux would basically be a in a state of complete neutrality even with itself. would be like it was and wasnt there but also that it always and never existed. Believe it or not its basicly a natural quint-axial lock it would be trinary in nature with a 5 base identifier as its requiring reason for a proceeding genetic re-imprint on every member of the current living human race. They would change immediately themselves but their offspring produced would all be just like them as regardless if they were or werent currently pregnant. Basically what would happen is the brain would instruct all current living cells to slightly ajust all the current chromosoms in any state of mitosis to start creating cells in a certain way.

These changes wouldnt do any detriment or really much of a whole lot better but they would increase your theoretical life span by 35.000 years. Society would flourish much longer than once thought but life would also be better overall as well. As much as brain wash as this may seem i dont understand one thing. Would you refuse to get a 30% increase in current brain cells? You would become slightly more aware of your environment mostly you be would be better suited to adapt to its ongoing changes.

As much as i dont like to conceptualise things that have to do with the recrtictions of time. The universal cycle is mathematically best broken into a double one variance. From your numbering system would represent a series of 10s - they would however represent one universal solar cycle 10 billion years which is actually the same variance wave as the initial recriprication of a single uniformed sponse duality - in essence would have been kinda like measuring it from the point of the initial big bang at least in this current universe by the universal steller drift variance in all globular clusters(stars/planets/debre/even current state of life anywhere in the universe) would appear as the wobble of everything compared to one thing which would be the furthest source of light that actually hits your planet. Would probably be at the same distance as it would take light to travel around one third of a 100 trillion light years away. The initial stellar reaction which would exist at least in visible view for the entirety till the end of the universe. Would be very hard to detect with your current tech. You see not only would this be something very small it would be in an area of the universe you have never searched before. A layer of varying thermocatilitic variance clusters in space they would be completely devoid of any active energy source but because it was so hot at the time of creation i would say the breaking down into basic plasma(coalescing material) would have been the initial reaction before reciprocation but the most intense in terms of all the recurring catalytic conversions of matter to energy IE the basic forming grounds for life on all supporting planets would represent the chemical nitrogen the most basic chemical compound needed for pretty much most stages of life. nitrogen is generally required in most stages of any form of atmospheric adaptation to most things. water is important yes but not necessarily needed for all types of life ill put it like this. Life must first adapt to its immediate form of physiological environment(physicalatmosphere) and then its source of sustenance which is almost always the secondary most present environmental restrict-or(which would oddly on earth be water) factor. Ultimately if life has a fairly constant environment. Actually the bigger problem for an extreme environment wouldnt be the fact that it was hotter or colder would be the fact of how consistent were the variances of temperature. Another thing however is that the consistent range still needed a variance to allow for a cyclidic change in environment. Even if a planet was 77 degrees every day of the year if there was no variance would mean that this planet had no cyclidic factors in essence be barren with just enough atmosphere but just direct enough distance from its sun to always be the same temperature. There would be enough in this planets atmosphere to allow for no temperature variance at all regardless of side. This would still be a dead planet and really does happen allot. What im getting at is life doesnt always need a solar system with a set of planets just like ours. Life has massive amounts of adaptability at almost any stage it just needs a consistent but variable environment to ultimatly flurish.

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 03:41 PM
What the hell are you talking about?

Why are you writing nonsense on ATS?

Why would an extraterrestrial be telling us this on the internet?

These are questions one should ask themselves before posting lies.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 02:37 PM
reply to post by Sonata

define love.

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