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Global Warming, Is it Really Happening?

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posted on Jan, 11 2010 @ 08:18 PM

Originally posted by ShiftTrio
Not quite sure what an AGW fanatic is, so I guess I am not one not even sure what the acro stands for, first and foremost I NEVER said anything causes anything.

Well, don't you think that if you don't know what the acronym for Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) means then you haven't done much research on the subject? That is what it tells me.

Originally posted by ShiftTrio
What I said was it doesn't take a brain surgeon to know if you add crap to our system it is not going to help it. That's it.

Except that atmospheric CO2 is not "crap".... ALL life on this planet is carbon based, and we need CO2 in order to have life on this planet....

In fact even with the anthropogenic increase in atmospheric CO2 Earth is still deprived of atmospheric CO2...

It is a FACT that because of the increase ina tmospheric CO2 the green biomass of Earth has INCREASED...

Illegal deforestation happens in south American countries, Asian countries, Russia, etc...yet those countries are being given a green light to pollute as much as they want and they have stated they will never accept any emission caps of any sort...

The U.S. adopted a law in 2008 against wood that comes from illegal deforestation. The U.S. is the first country to have passed such a law.

Anyway, you still and for some reason can't understand the fact that the AGW proponents claim CO2 is bad, when in fact the evidence shows it is benefitial for the Earth and mankind.

Originally posted by ShiftTrio
You might think its natural, that's a fine argument and you may be correct.

The evidence shows it is natural, and sorry to tell you that the fact that the main AGW scientists were caught talking about rigging the data, hiding evidence, etc in the leaked emails shows that there is no proof to substantiate the claims of AGW.

Originally posted by ShiftTrio
But we are not helping, and we need not to use some jerks fraud as an excuse.

We are not helping what?.... again you need to learn the difference between the environmnet and the global climate....even though the global climate influences the environment the environmnet does not influence the global climate...and those jerks you are tlaking about are the main scientists behind the AGW scam, from Michael Mann, Jones, etc....they all have been shown to be scammers. They shouldn't be called scientists anymore, but the globalists have been using the AGW scam to implement their One World Government, so they will continue to claim AGW is real despite the facts that contradicts their claims.

Originally posted by ShiftTrio
Its is a seperate point then what I was saying about Global cooling. The sites I pointed to were about, global cooling being caused by warming, not who causes the warming.

Those sites are trying to misdirect you by claiming CO2 causes warming, and cooling, when sorry to tell you the AGW scientists have claimed CO2 is the most important factor that affects the climate... If that was true then we WOULDN'T be seeing cooling trends... What we are seeing is a NATURAL trend that the AGW scammers are trying to confuse with their scam...

Originally posted by ShiftTrio

Talking science not opinion.

Let's see what kind of science you have to back up your claims....

Originally posted by ShiftTrio

Ice Caps are melting
Changes in the gulf stream are happening
Gulf streams brings heat to northern areas

That doesn't prove anything... There are areas that are gaining ice and areas that are melting... this has been happening hundreds of times and it is not going to stop just because you want it to....

There have been much faster Climate Changes in the past, and the poles have been receeding, and growing for millions, if not billions of years...

Originally posted by ShiftTrio
1) We are not helping anything, and a lot of people use the climate fraud issues as an excuse NOT to be good stewards to the planet. (Not saying you, just people do and you know they do)

You are trying to claim that the fact that the AGW scammers were caught doesn't matter at all, and that AGW is real...sorry but that doesn't make sense at all, and again you need to learn the difference between the environmnet and the global climate.... They are separate things....

Originally posted by ShiftTrio
2) Global Warming CAN make global cooling happen.

Hopefully that clears up my position.

It actually muddies your position even more and shows once again you need to do a bit more research instead of jumping in the bandwagon blindly because your friends are doing it...

When it comes to AGW, the claim is that CO2 is the main cause of warming, and Climate Change, if that was true then no natural factor would supersede CO2, but we are seeing the contrary. that plus the fact that there are hundreds of research papers that refute the AGW claim, nature is showing the contrary to the AGW claims, and the main AGW scientistswere caught in their scam, it shows there is no evidence whatsoever in favor of AGW sorry to say.

No one is saying to go ahead and start dumping your trash all over the place..... you need to learn to understand what people say, what we are saying is that the claim that CO2 is the cause for Climate Change is a LIE.

posted on Jan, 11 2010 @ 11:22 PM
Yes. Global warning is so real that it's minus 20 and I cant feel my toes. Damn you al gore!!!

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 08:15 AM
if it werent for al gore do you think we would even care about global warming?

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 08:33 AM
Here is a great paper on the Causes of 'Climate Change'.
(note , not global warming, that is a multi-million dollar racket. Check into the Carbon taxes, who Al Gore is in business with as well has who is to benefit from Cap and Trade)

climate change is something real, but has more to do with our orbit and the solar max. and min..

Here is a great paper:
global warming: a chilly perspective

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 09:00 AM
reply to post by justine093

thats a very interesting paper you have there

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