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8,000-year-old home, hippo bones found near Tel Aviv

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posted on Jan, 11 2010 @ 09:41 AM
This is one of the earliest homes that have been discovered. The time period is when the Neolithic man was making a transistion to settling permanently in homes.
I think this area needs to be excavated further so that we understand as to how man made the transition from a nomad to a one settling down in homes.

Israeli archaeologists have found remains of an 8,000-year-old building as well as hippopotamus bones and pottery shards in the Tel Aviv area, the Israel Antiquities Authority said on Monday.

The remains, found on the banks of the Yarkon river, are the earliest discovered in the Tel Aviv region. "This discovery is both important and surprising to researchers of the period," said Ayelet Dayan, who led the excavations

"For the first time we have encountered evidence of a permanent habitation that existed in the Tel Aviv region about 8,000 years ago." That places it in the Neolithic period when man went from a nomadic existence to living in permanent settlements.


posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 09:06 PM
A very interesting find, to say the least.

I was also surprised when I found the Story while reviewing News Releases.

I was impressed with the age of the "Other" Finds from this dig.

Here is another source, that expresses the dig in a little more detail, along with some Photos for review.

Tel Aviv Dig Site

Archaeologists Uncover Oldest Building Ever Found in Tel Aviv
by Genevieve Long

The location of the site is on the northern bank of the Yarkon River, not far from the confluence with Nahal Ayalon, which is believed to have influenced ancient settlers to choose it as a place to live. The area also had fertile soil along the fringes of the streams and was considerate an excellent spot for settlement in ancient periods.

According to the Antiquities Authority, the remains of the ancient building at the site consisted of at least three rooms.

Further evidence of the site’s age was found along with the pottery shards discovered there that date to the Neolithic period. Flint tools such as sickle blades were also discovered, as well as evidence of an ancient tool-making industry. Even older artifacts were also discovered.

Hopefully they will find more at this dig before the Building Project buries it.




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