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Lots of questions, are their answers for all of them?

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posted on Jan, 11 2010 @ 08:09 AM
This is my first post besides the one were I said hello, I don’t expect all of the answers right away. as a matter of fact im gonna extensively research all of them till I come up with answers I like and I will post my finding. These are just the ones that I have had burning in my head for awhile, and is the reason I joined ats. Feel free to put in your ideas, but if you can back them up with research, makes it more believable for the masses and myself. If you ask how I can to get these questions don’t hesitate to ask ill be glad to explain just would take why to long that why I just put the questions I have, not how I got to these questions.

Why Nasa bombed the moon (looking for water) even though there were supposibly aliens mining on the moon? Even then nasa already found water in the early space trips and the indian satellite.

Why did we stopped going to the moon? Is it because people lost interest in trips to the moon? If it really the alien theory? If so then why are we allowed back in 2020?

How did all the information get lost at nasa? How do you lose things like how to build a spaceship, footage of the first space landing, pictures and space samples?

Why are we not planning on going back to the moon until 2020? We could be back up there in 3-4 years if we wanted to. It only took 8 years the first time after mentioning the idea to get there and we had none of the technology we have today, why is it taking close to 15 years now?

What has nasa found out there that they have to constantly cover up even though time and time again they have been caught, are they afraid of something, or in it for the money? For instance cropped photos of the moon, and mars. If you cant see this your blind.

Why we looking for habitable planets that are so far away when we havnt eliminated some of the planets within our own solar system, aka titan, or even a moon base? (understand it search for life but seems sorta useless if nasa already knows about aliens)

Why Nasa still covers up what the moon really looks like, even though you can find out for yourself with a good enough telescope, or a good search on google? (I mean true color of the moon)

What made up government branch deals with aliens?(I know norad most likely)

Do any movies, tv shows actually have any truth behind them or they just good sci fi shows?

What is our military doing in space by this I mean what do they have up there, they
always a lot farther ahead then they claim to be, like project starwars. That probably was finished when they first mentioned it to the public.

thank you for posting if you do, your helping lot of people out not just me

(My b bout the grammar only thing i was bad at in school)

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