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Dutch Butterfly Crop Circle Mystery 2010: New Footage.

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posted on May, 25 2010 @ 07:55 PM
reply to post by Booker’s


Originally posted by Booker's

Thanks for all of your great work on this crop formation.
You have been patient, but logically relentless in the defense
of it's authenticity and significance. Other than your efforts,
a massive silencing campaign has been pursued against it by the TPTB.
I think it made a lot of "important" people extremely nervous!

Thank you for your feedback Booker's.

There are times when neither silence nor words
have much significance to what is taking place now,
as far as events relate to causes that are rooted in the past.

The significance and scope of what is taking place in our world
regarding the crop circle phenomenon reaches way beyond any particular
individuals nor does it revolve around any particular crop circle.

The ear-deafening silence surrounding the Human Butterfly CC,
in particular the odd fact that part of the so-called CC-community,
or let's say the "CC-establishment", continues to ignore the facts
related to this CC, in the end, may be considered a real eye-opener.

The 2009 crop circle year has been most amazing and revealing
at many different levels, a fact which has been duly noted
by anyone who takes a keen interest in the CC phenomenon.

Understanding and researching the CC phenomenon is a matter
which ultimately requires a co-operative collective effort.

We shouldn't and we can't rely on the opinions of only a select few.

The stunning 2009 CC revelations, from my point of view,
relate to the collective effort that is being made by people
throughout the world who reach out to one another
and seek to share their thoughts and observations.

A Cosmic revelation is taking place,
as evidenced by an extra-terrestrial presence
reaching out to us in a highly sophisticated,
non-intrusive and awe-inspiring manner.

History testifies that the process of disclosure
as initiated by extra-terrestrials is gradual,
it began shortly after the second world war
around the 40's of the previous century.

Parallel to the increasing amount of sightings
reported around the world at that time and continuing
until today, a massive dis-information campaign
was launched in an attempt to keep the general public
unaware of the extra-terrestrial presence.

This dis-information campaign today is mainly targeted
at alternative internet boards and forums where people
gather who take an interest in the UFO/ET/CC phenomenon.

Main purpose of the disinfo-agenda
is to distract and divert attention.

The basic methods of the disinfo-agenda:

- Blunt denial. ( MSM, "give me proof or shut-up". )
- Ignoring the facts ( ignore any info that actually makes sense. )
- Ridicule. ( anything goes. )
- Beating around the bush ( endlessly rehashing case_XYZ. )
- Tunnel vision ( emphasis on irrelevant facts, ignoring the wider picture. )
- Fiction ( pointless mindless fictional speculation. )
- Fear-mongering/fiction ( "abduction", "cattle mutilation", "aliens")

Regardless of all the noise, dis-info and fear-mongering,
people are gradually awakening to the simple truth.

We are not alone.


posted on May, 25 2010 @ 08:21 PM

Relating to my previous post,
I'll add here another video I've created recently
and a link to the thread where it has been discussed:

Crop Circles, 2010 & Beyond: Ignore Denial?


posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 09:41 AM
SOL 12 hey its agentenglish im new so says i cant post or reply i would love to tell you about this formation and in fact the reason perhaps for all of them but im not sure if this reply goes through or where it posts im a noob to ats and in fact no matter what i write anywher eis in fact scrutineered by somone somewhere as most time it is dropped or just crashes

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 10:06 AM
OK i see it posts so here "goes"
ok ive been suffering from out of this word paranormal supernatural stuff most of my life but was unaware only when i came to AWAKEN and look back have i realised it has been most if not all of my life so ill miss out everything that might strech or confuse the subject though its relevant to many many other posts and subject matters accross the ATS website and in time i hope to post some rather startling revelations but as for the butterfly well theres things i know and things i theorise and things ive been told "spiritually".i would like what i write to be a opening thread so its the first thing people read as it will make alot of sense depending on your awareness or AWAKE STATE of the truth of your existance and reality
furthermore there is alot about myself that some whome know and realise the big picture it would make a lot of sense too i dont want to say iam but rather say theres overwhelming evidence that points to and i have been told by the metaphysical /spirit world that i am the last piece of the puzzle "ie a biblical charachter that appears in the last days" and truthfully though i dont want to admit it or make such a claim its extremely hard for me if not perhaps blastphemous to deny it and belive me i have been doing all i can to better the outcome but by the process of truth .
but my interaction as of yet is not with people but with spirit/alien the real rulers of this world but i have decided through this website and posted in the correct manner so i dont have to repeat myself to share what i know thus far and what is to come i need established members help with the posting of all the varying subject matter i am english but have lived in usa for last 17 years but upon spirituall demands was forced to return to england so i am very anglo american and highly patriotic for both countrys peoples but most definately not there governments but im not the one that judges or sentences all i do is speak/comunicate with a world you can see and a world you cant.
ill explain the butterfly in the next post and hopefully somone will post it where it will be of the most worth to all seeking truth and anwers and you can post this what ive written in the antichrist forum as i do belive all the end day characters are now present be them physical HUMAN or spiritual ALIEN thats considering angels and demons to be ALIENS in a modern tongue. yeahh like wow but i # you not.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by Agentenglish


Hi Agentenglish,

I appreciate you want to share your private story, I just would like to point out that
the subject of this particular thread, as the title indicates, is the 6 minutes "movie"
that was broadcast on Dutch tv and the controversy related to the unsubstantiated
claim that this CC would be man-made.

As you have a private story to tell, you may want to start a dedicated thread
where you can share your story and discuss the subject in any manner you wish?


posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 03:19 PM
"You're right. No human being would stack books like this..."

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:23 PM
Crop circles are communications to us and they are made the same way snowflakes are made,the same way you can create designs on a metal plate covered in sand by exposing it to different sound vibrations.

People can hoax some things,so what,its OBVIOUS which ones are not hoaxes.

The pyramid was designed to send this type of message,google David Sereda.Using the earth and its energy as a conduit.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:23 PM
Crop circles are communications to us and they are made the same way snowflakes are made,the same way you can create designs on a metal plate covered in sand by exposing it to different sound vibrations.

People can hoax some things,so what,its OBVIOUS which ones are not hoaxes.

The pyramid was designed to send this type of message,google David Sereda.Using the earth and its energy as a conduit.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:53 PM
This looks more like disinformation;

Anyone can get a whole bunch of people in a room;
Show a drawing of the crop circle and talk about it;
Go out to some random field and get some footage of them walking around stomping on grass;
Then get on helicopter to fly over a real crop circle and say they made it

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 10:51 AM

Originally posted by draknoir2
"You're right. No human being would stack books like this..."

This is a perfect example why these intricate CC's can't be duplicated by men. Thank's for posting this video.

Look at how long it took them and how sloppy it turned out!

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 11:07 AM
Oh dear Lord.

Belief transcends reason, I guess.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 11:35 AM
If all crop circles are made by humans I would expect to see some with noticable errors and some part finished ones as occurs with anything made by humans.

Does anyone have any examples with errors etc ?

On the other hand, maybe the makers are German or Japanese

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 12:59 PM

Originally posted by Mr_skepticc
reply to post by Regenstorm

No matter what, even if they showed how it was done all night, and how they all worked their butts off to get it done, you wouldn't believe, you would still find a reason to believe because it crushes all you guys hopes that aliens make the crop circles. It's going to be showed in detail sooner or later a team of people making them at night. Don't you understand the people making these things get a rush, and love the attention their circles get when they see them on the news, and see them on websites like ATS. Thats why they make them and stay silent, they love the attention and they love seeing people debate them, and most importantly they love seeing the exberts say that humans couldn't have done it, thats the frosting on the cake for them.

[edit on 11-1-2010 by Mr_skepticc]

Nice one!

Thats the trouble on here THEY wont except evidence I would love to see REAL evidence on here of ufo, Aliens etc but if its obvious something is not what you hoped move on look elsewhere.

People on here SEE WHAT they WANT TO SEE and not whats really there.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 06:30 PM
Keep in mind that those who did the firefox CC was a small team in comparison to the one that was completed by 70+ individuals. And I don't know why you think it looks sloppy, looks pretty snazzy to me.\

But honestly, you have no concept of what humans are capable of, if you think they can't create that CC. Also, I hope the aliens have returned the library book they borrows. That is.. the one that had an IDENTICAL image on the front cover.

posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 09:18 AM
sol i just wrote abrilliant piece on the butterfly but it dropped at ill try later when im inspired again to intellectually explian it

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 07:52 AM
OK SOL 12 here goes again this time ill leave out all the information and details that would help you understand my depiction of what the netherlands butterfly formation really means im not grabbing for glory here i am directly connected to it but it is there for all to see and get from the message what is applicable to them so ill leave out the significance to me and spell out its "PUBLIC" message in my INTERPRETATION

first we start with the body this is a play on da vinchis Vitruvian Man why and waht it symbolises is" acheivement of the imposible" "CREATION" using art based on sacred geometry ie squaring the circle if you research da vinchis Vitruvian Man then youll understand the basis for all crop circles they are indeed living conciousness /awareness based on sacred geomitry and perhaps historical symbolism it goes both ways we are shown what we know or can interprate but i add it is my belife that the "GODS" ie ANGELSand Demons or in modern tongue "ALIENS" are in fact back in numbers and in fact "TAGGING" the earth openly as a way to comunicate with each other and us indirectly that is to say that i do belive they are formed by the manipulation of energy/electromanetism/pressure the manipulation of energys/resonances not yet publicly known to us
the body isnt da vinchis Vitruvian Man but is in fact CHRIST THE REDEAMER and i know this because his thumbs point up you can match it with images and statues of christ the redeamer the world over now the play on the Vitruvian Man is did you ever fall back in the snow and make SNOW ANGELS? think well it represents the human form in motion like the butterfly represents metamorphasis for some if not all i could go on a little here but you can get the symbology regarding the body who and what it depicts
next we have the head on most pictures you cant see it but on a few you might pick it out though i know this from other sources ie my own experiances what it depicts is the MIND it is four quaters masculine/feminine good/evil when you achieve the right balance in them your MIND CENTER or disposition if you like you can access the third eye or pineal gland this is the second sight it is elecromagnetic and your universal vision through the "FORCE" of the universe connected to its fabric the antennea pic this up and channel it through the magnetic sense part of the brain at the back of the head and into your pineal gland or there abouts
next is the most important and in fact SOUL most important circle for it is the HEART chackra it is where your essnce dwells and your soul lives once within this you have naturaly or through lifes experiance tuned your soul circle and i have to say your instinctive most basic instinct is unconditional out going love/ compasion/truth and connection to the CREATOR "GOD"

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 08:08 AM
SOL12 the next circle down inside the toro is in essance your EGOS once you learn to become master over your EGOS and not your EGO be master over you then you are ready for the alighnment of MIND SOUL BODYalso the stomache circle is in essance the little book in revelation that is sweat in the mouth and bitter in the belly it is where the spirit resides the one that accuses you tests you "your inner demon perhaps" or your inner angel perhaps your witnesses for and against divinely speaking
now next is the symbology of the circles in the wings well this simple 36 inner 40 outer these numbers represent CREATION/BEGINING and TRIAL /BEING TESTED also 9 and 10 are very relevant biblical numbers the symbology of this circle has the GOD OF CREATION written all over it and depicts the workings of divinity in groups of 2222 or 4444 0r 888s now the reason it is in goes is in fact because divine language or rather demonic language is spoke back words it represents EGO singular YOU or well most every one on the planet EGOS it is ego that deniys us all our divine ascention our greed and need for physical things and power and the reason it is in the neverlands is because as it was written in the wrods of the CHRIST most will never be able to vercome there physical addictions and belifes and thus not enter the KINGDOM of HEAVEN ie PARADISE "therefore be like children" PETERPAN the little boy that never grew up "causing his innocence and third eye to close and beliving what the world teaches you trains you molds you too" because unless ye be as children you will NEVER go to NETHERNEVER LAND. now theres alot more i can tell you about it but it is irrelevant you need an alighnment with your SOUL reason for being BORN of LOVE and instinctively to LOVE you rather we are all taght to HATE hate is EGO.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 08:57 AM
so to close SOL my freind
its this simple the ANGELS are present the DEMONS are present the BIBLICAL characters of the last days are ALL present and i have been told i am the last piece of the puzzle and none ie the spirit world could belive id been discrealy living in NEW YORK CITY under there noses for the last fifteen years as it is quite possibly what is figuratively referd to as SODOM and EGJPT ie the seat of world power at this time" for where is the carcus there the vaultures will gather" and gather they have now i was in 06 AWAKENED and have till this day fought all the forces against me though held them near ive been back and forth a number of times uk usa and witnessed and partook in things that are "NOT POSSIBLE" within the laws of known science though i am from YORK where the netherlands butterfly man was facing and was in the countryside next to london walking and talking to the unsean world with massive interaction from nature followed and surrounded by swallows swifts singular crows and white butterlys about being a giant butterfly from never nether land and being peter pan not the ONE they insist i am the formation appeared on the same parallel facing where i was born the day i was back in NYC and said aloud as i felt a huge spiritual presence I AM THE ONE ALL ARE PRESENT just to add the wing cicles represent to me the age of me when i was AWAKEND by the 11.11 phenomenon 36 though its much deepr than that and the age i was when it was formed 40 and ive been in and witnessed two parralell worlds understand it is not my work but what works through me though we are not in the last days we define them as EVENING HOURS and i know this because i have said or rather a spirit through me ALL ARE PRESENT I AM THE ONE the butterfly formation appeared that day.
and i # you not the number of my name is "six hundred threescore and six" as ive recently had to admit to myself how because it clearly states" let he that hath understanding and knowledge count the number of the beast for it is a MANs number and his number is "six hundred threescore and six" well in ancient days in words directed to hebrew scholars in BIBLICAL terms how do you count the number of a word/name? you would use the sacred geometical numerology called ancient GEMATRIA then you write your name in the table as the "BEAST" the comercialised controled world that made you and your very name a "CORPERATION" would write it the number of my name IS INDEED "six hundred threescore and six" and go figure for all ive witnessed and what has happend to me and around me ive told you about 5 % as if you cant belive this youd never belive what i could tell you that has happend and i sense/know will happen.
the oil well they drilled in the gulf made an undersea volcanoe unstanble as it has ruined the equalibrium pressure of the weight of the ocean over the pressure of the volcanoe and the sea floor is cracking and it is supposed to erupt and spew out the oil above and around it not to mention the magma and steam that will be ejected "and a third of the waters will be made bitter" turent o blood anyone know the color of oil as it floats on water? by wormwood who is a fallen angel "STAR""ALIEN" that the above government bow too .
BUT it might not happen as ANYTHING is possible under GOD and i do belive he might should we be worthy be it physical or metaphysical give us an alternative ending be true to your selves for the ONE that does INDEED know hearts and minds is amongst you so if your good be good and LOVE GOD and one another and if your bad there is always one more horrid and he ye should FEAR.
sol u have my permision to post this where you like for the time is at hand and if we get an AMERICA located catastrophic earthquake or volcanic eruption i do belive it will unfold as it was written and if not as ever there is always HOPE.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 09:25 AM
NOW i make no claims to being anyone or to having any power of any sort but what i have told you is the truth that is my truth as it has been and applies to me and ive told you 5% at best and the butterfly was suppoesd to be a few miles across so none could deny it but i guess thats the biggest relevant field they could find and it is the most hidden and denied of all formations i have a freind whos a cop in the netherlands and watches the news daily and they have never heard of it or sean it the beast of revelation is in fact "the modern world" and those that preside over it "our sheppards" they control everything because they are aware of the time and there time is short and all the conspiracys are in fact part of a huge multi faceted picture to blind you from the truth i dont preech i dont teach but my only advice is this if you watch or read CHRIST s SERMON ON TH MOUNT and aggree with it and fully understand it then ye shall know the TRUTH and if not well be who you are for perhaps you belong to his opposite number from hell "was it not written there shall be two lots of sheep and goats" but i personaly genuinely hope that CHRIST gets his wish his reason for coming "SO AS ALL MIGHT BE SAVED"

SOL make it viral for me if its in your heart and post the bits on the relevant posts it might bring somone some inner peace and understanding and help them discover there own TRUTH.
and agian this has nothing to do with religion or belife for it is as it was then and always be purely a matter of FAITH HOPE LOVE. three things this world and science will never be able to explain create or duplicate and if you dont belive me look up there meanings in your dictionarys for they come from the essance of the CREATOR "GOD"...

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 07:09 PM
reply to post by Agentenglish



Thank you for adding your very interesting interpretation
of the design of the Human Butterfly Crop Circle.

When pondering Oneness, the idea, or rather fact,
that Humanity evolves as One and in essence is One,
we may realize that the times in which we find ourselves now,
the challenges which exist in the world today, in consequence
of the history and evolution of Humanity, have brought us to a point
where each individual is invited either to embrace Oneness
or to hold on to separation.

Choice determines the destiny of Humanity.



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