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What about us?

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posted on Jan, 10 2010 @ 10:21 PM
What i like to think about sometimes is the things we dont have for meaningless reasons. Advanced power and all forms of microcircuitry being held back simply to allow for minute incremental increases in technology over period of 200 years. While certain increases in technology level have had there breakthroughs when you think about the people who invented things like electricity to nuclear power. Strangely enough humans decided to make it look like there technology level was lower than it actually should be. The highest forms of most governments would have what you would call the wealthy ones who would basically do everything behind the scene to mold society. They would do this to control economic growth to make sure no one ever rose in power over them. Basically keep most of the human population unaware of the actions of probably a group of less than a hundred thousand so you would have one group in high power at all times and a subservient group that would basically always remain in line with your ideas. Well we could get even more insidious these people also influence physiological behavior of subservients they would even create the latest fads for youth by changing the current mtv programing to shows they all have had a part in writing. So even if you liked a certain social economic group or identify with one even if you were ambiguous of both you would have no way but to assume this is the way to be in society currently. These high uppers are also some of the smartest humans alive but only by a minuscule amount over the subservient humans they control. Sadly these upper supper humans would still have all the same physiological identity of all the other humans anyway that they would still just be as helpless as the ones they tried to control. The president of iran isnt a mean guy he is a lucky guy to make it at the head of the country that would be able to include him in the group of all the super humans as well however the same group would be affiliated with the US. Basically what im getting at is that its a few thousands of humans controlling the rest regardless of country or what not even this one. You must think that if all humans were ultimately identical in nature then their countries ultimately would still be all ran the exact same way regardless of ideological allegiance. The extremist Muslims dont attack us because they want to kill infidels they know that if they can kill everyone else besides themselves they would be able to take the monetary worth of all the countries they conquered as well. So while we may go into iraq to secure the oil supply which would actualy be the same as an extreme muslim for wanted our heads so they could take our gold. Bin laden is decently smart but hes still has the flaw of being human. He would like to see all the Muslim population declare genocide on everyone else. The sad truth is even bin laden could never spit enough religious hate to make enough humans want to ultimately declare death to all that didnt share ideologies. Hitler was a facist and a good diplomat he actually made his people agree with genocide for a time. I doubt however that hitler would have gotten far even if not impeded militarily. I mean really would any country allow another developed country to have systematic death camps? Humans give themselves to much credit for being to evil or good they are actually neither sadly because they arent intelligent enough to think one or the other completely. So even the great bin laden and i would suspect even his iq of only about 30 points higher than the average human. There is no SOCIOLOGICAL OR BIOLOGICAL OR PHYSIOLOGICAL reason humanity would completely destroy themselves intentionally ultimately most would survive still.

Strangely enough for all the conspiracy theories of any otherworldly behavior the beings themselves may be identified as not human but oddly the beings described are always done with human inflections. I may not be very dumb but i know for a fact that humans are the only species that act the way they do nothing else would even be close. I do believe that there are other intelligent beings very close to us but they have not actually contacted any of the people that have claimed to be visited. Humans collectively hold themselves back at an inane attempt to hold on to their current sociological belief system which is linguistically out of date. Not a form of new speak a form of current tongue in terms of inflecting dialect. The human linguistic range in terms of the data syntax contained per syllable has to be upgraded. Humans could figure out how to upgrade their speech patterns to allow for more efficiency during communication.

Ultimatly what humans dont have one thing they will never have would be the what one would call their KEY. The KEY TO HUMANITY basically would be the controlling isotope identification lockout in the primary collection cells in the parietal lobe in their brain. The isotopic trinary code could be included in an ocular contraction of information. Would not be able to be stored on any hard form of medium. The KEY TO HUMANITY would have to be almost physiologically felt to be understood in actuality. This KEY is in no way something that would resemble any sort of simplifier it would only be able to be understood if you had extensive background in theoretical particle physics more then even something a 12 year professor in that field wouldnt even know. The key would allow for the recombobulation of certain parts of their physiological makeup. Im sayin that by doing this the single and double dna rna helix even their trio-logic restrictions. To increase human ability at formulation their minds one would have to adjust the theoretical partiality's on a one seven four identifier in terms of its nucleic identifier IE the exact portion of a particular strand of dna in the body one only kept in one cell basically the locking mechanism that allows for opening so that particular strand could be tweaked to allow for increased base compensating = an identifier of 2 increased to the amount of 2.5. Would in essence instantly change preception it would take them probably a while to get used to this perception as a society.

The only true conspiracy is the one that every individual human believes every waking moment of their lives including the conspiraters themselves they are all the same. You cant control someone that doenst want to be.

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