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A little poem about 'them' (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on May, 25 2004 @ 04:11 PM
Here is a poem I wrote entitled "THEM" hope you like it

There is no war on terror
There is no war on drugs
Just puffed up men in expensive suits
Who are little more than thugs

There was no cold war
There was no red scare
The revolution was a sham
There truly is only one enemy of man

Them, the powers that be, the elite
I care not by which name
To pit us on one another
And deception is their game

Battle of the sexes
Black, White, Asian, Jew
Patriotism, fear and guile
They use to rule over you

And when we choose our leaders
The hand picked few we see
But we are good, we are free
They can see, they say to me

But look up to the heavens
To the stratospheric heights
To those who lord above us
With their power and their rights

And if you look quite closely
At the parrots and the sharks
You will find from time to time
A similarity in their remarks

Do you know what their doing?
Do you know what they’ve done?
Or are you too preoccupied
With your sports, media and fun

The downturn it is coming
As a scattered few are aware
But as has been planned long time ago
Most do not really care

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