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The Depopulation by Vaccine Jigsaw

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posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 07:28 PM
It's time now to put together all the pieces of the Depopulation by Vaccine jigsaw.

Here's the depopulation method step-by-step

It's important to note that there are three ways to become infected with the so-called pneumonic plague; one is if you are sprayed with it from the sky, another is to have you immune system switched back on after receiving the Swine Flu vaccine and the third is to catch it off a current sufferer

1. Swine Flu Virus Designed in Lab
Swine Flu May be Human Error
It kills people over 40 Body Mass Index
It is used as the excuse to start mass vaccinations

2. Mass Vaccinations Begin with 'Untested' Vaccine
"designed to weaken the immune system, and replicated RNA from the virus responsible for the 1918 pandemic Spanish flu"
The so-called vaccine disables the immune system
It loads every cell in the body with the 1918 Spanish influenza
For as long as the immune system is switched off the recipient appears fine

3. Beta Test in Ukraine of Pneumonic Plague Spraying
Ukraine Flu - Black Lungs Epidemic
This is a final test on the Pneumonic Plague Spraying technique
Hidden in mainstream media as it's not the right time

4. False Flag Biological Attack on USA
Al Qaeda - Bio Attack Plague
The CIA fake a biological attack by the fictitious Al Qaeda
They say it's bird flu or Pneumonic plague
In reality Pneumonic Plague is sprayed from the sky in the area

5. Pneumonic Plague Vaccine has already been Prepared
New Vaccine Protects Monkeys From Pneumonic Plague
Fortune tellers have clearly been utilized

6. Post Office Deliver Pneumonic Plague Vaccines within Days to Homes
Post Office will Deliver Vaccines in Bio Attack
This vaccine switches the immune system back on
Those who had the first vaccine die of Cytokine storm (black lungs)
We are told they caught Pneumonic Plague
People who didn't take the Swine Flu vaccine can catch Pneumonic Plague
It's unlikely to kill them as their immune systems have been untouched

7. Now that people believe there is Pneumonic Plague, reckless spraying begins on target populations
It's harder to tell that spraying as taken place as it's assumed there is a Pneumonic Plague epidemic, target populations are recklessly sprayed with Pneumonic Plague. This will be a stronger version than the one tested in the Ukraine with a higher fatality rate.

Huge depopulation takes place. If you haven't received the initial vaccine you might well catch the 1918 Spanish Flu but your immune system will attack it before it takes hold. The problem for those who received the Swine Flu vaccine is that they had their immune systems disabled so the 1918 virus spread throughout every cell of their bodies, once it was switched back on their immune systems go into overdrive and destroy their lungs.


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