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Supercollider...... or Super cover up ?

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posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 02:33 AM
A little surveillance might give us some much needed infomation on what is really going on there. Just dont get caught or i would not like to think what they might do if its for real.

posted on Dec, 22 2004 @ 11:17 PM
Hello. I found this trying to do research of the faculty. I actually have a key to a few doors at the super collider. I went out there the other night with a few friends to show them around. We came from fm66 onto arrowhead at about 1130 pm and we saw 2 white Catalacks leaving to turn on fm 66 away from the highway. What I do know it this tunnel was operating and working in 1990. 1993 they tore it down. When Clinton came into office. I believe the told the public the project cost 2bill just so ppl won’t know how much the government actually makes, but that’s another topic. I’ve seen pictures of the main IISSC or SSC rooms and when I went inside the place was completely evacuated. The second thing I noticed is why has no one bought it from the government. The gov sold old missile bases to ppl all the time in the desert to make into a house. I would love to turn the super collider into a home. Anyway. The whole thing was built underground. And is about the size of a railroad. I went in there I didn’t see it filled in with gravel at all. Tunnels were dark and long. we came back again with rollerblades in the day time to see how fair we could get. I geuss about 5 miles into b 4 we turnd around. The first part of the tunnels and in the bulding is all picked over. I got a door sign that directed you to an electron microscope and “metalurgical lab” ect, had to get a souvenir. But as we got to the last part of the tunnel, not everything had been striped. The collider was gone, but the tunnel actually started to go further down into the ground, I could tell because I didn’t have to rollerblade anymore, the gravity pulled me further into it and my ears would pop. I was thinking “could this be a bomb shelter?” I have no idea anyway, after going back home and searching online I found a map of the completed 57 mile long tunnel. The size is about the size of 360-635-i20 around Dallas. I drove around a week later to diff places the tunnels connect to the road ways, particularly around lakes. One spot the tunnel goes right under the lake right were a big power supply station is, this area stinks. But here there was a railroad and a huge door that looked like half a golf ball that would open up. There was heavy security around this area, a tower, marine looking fences that went all around. Also to get there I had to go through a dirt road with tall bamboo on both sides. This was a week ago.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 11:18 AM
were are the current pictures....

a guy at work was just talking to be about it. i have lived in ennis all my life. he has a theory that this is were a few select members of our government will be hiding in certain events. note that its not far from Bush's ranch.

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 09:59 PM

Wiki link to updated info, and

thread about DUMB at nearby Carswell with references to SSC

IMO, there is more with the SSC than meets the eye and the ATS community needs to get on this.

posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 01:12 AM
Scary notion.

Inviting others to walk freely about an abandoned base possibly endangering themselves. Even if there are individuals that work there somehow, there wouldn't be much to gain by learning about it. They wouldn't release information about work being done, that's for d*mn sure.

So many ATS'ers seem to feel that they're owed something. When something is "secret" it's meant to stay that way. It's that way for a very good reason. Even if you did find yourself perusing the halls of a base like that, it's possible that you wouldn't be doing yourself any kind of favor. There are some things in the military that you just wish you could unsee. There's not many here that will likely take my word for this, but I really, really, wish you would. Working on top secret programs isn't all glamourous like it's portrayed on television. There is no room you walk into where multiple items are prominently displayed on pedestals for the curious passerby. No high-tech screens floating in the air or auto-turrets that pop out of the ceiling when you trip over a laser on your way to a room filled with space-age tech. It's offices, old computers, no internet access to the outside world or web, and every time that you walk in or out, you're checked thoroughly for data drives, cell phones or other. Anything that could be used to record. The people you eat lunch with are just as likely to point the finger at you (your fault or not) if something wrong occurs, so no 'real' close relationships are to be made, and everyone's lips are shut tighter than a ***** ***** on prom night (decor), as they aren't aware who has what clearance. Not to mention even the break rooms are under constant surveillance.

But if you do go ahead, and walk on in, be aware of this. Either one of two things happen. You find that it is abandoned and walk home sad that you found nothing, or walk on in and get yourself arrested, spending the next portion of your life in jail or at the least under interrogation all just to satisfy your curiosity. From that point on for an undetermined amount of time you will be monitored after which your home phone, internet, and cell will all be placed on the watch list. Not fun if you're married or ever plan to be. All this, and you still will have learned nothing of note other than that you shouldn't have been there in the first place.

By the way, before anyone yells "misinformant" or whatever, I try very hard to shed light on military projects here. Keep that in mind before you point a finger, please.

All the best, everyone. Please be safe.

Edit: One last thing, super colliders do NOT create black holes. Even if one was by some chance created, it's size would be so small, so infinitesimal, that it would close up in the blink of an eye. Many didn't even want Hadron created because of this silly scare. If you do a search online you will find there were actual court hearings addressing this issue stating the very same as I have here. So no worries, folks.
edit on 26-9-2012 by SoulVisions because: Added black hole info.

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