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Women who wear burkas on the street in France face fines of £700

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posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 09:38 AM

Originally posted by MegaMind
All right I'll chime in on this ridiculous debate.

One word - freedom. Since when should a government decide what clothing can be worn in public?
Maybe since people started robbing banks and used masks to hide their identities?

Or if not rob banks, perform hate crimes, like the KKK?

Places like New York have had anti-mask laws on the books for a long time (since 1965 in the case of the New York anti-mask law, and the NC law dates back to 1953) which ban face coverings in public, it doesn't take away the freedom for the women to wear whatever they want in the mosque, or at home.

State Codes Related To Wearing Masks (USA) You don't see a lot of publicity about this in the USA but burqas are already illegal in many places under current anti-mask laws.

Pat Condell apologizes to all the peaceful Muslims for saying so, but the truth is that the non-peaceful Muslims are one of the biggest security threats in the Western world, so the wearing of a burqa may be an even bigger problem than just wearing a mask but either is a problem.

Pat Condell-Ban the Burqa

And even in some Muslim countries that ban the burqa in schools like Turkey, the burqa is not seen as a religious freedom (since as Condell states there's nothing in the Quran requiring the burqa to be worn).

Currently Tunisia since 1981,[2] and Turkey since 1997,[3] are the only Muslim countries which have banned the hijab in public schools and universities or government buildings. In other Muslim states such as Morocco,[4] there has been some restriction or discrimination against women who wear the hijab. The hijab in these cases is seen as a sign of political Islam or fundamentalism against secular government.

Could it be that the reason that it's seen as fundamentalism against secular government even in some Muslim countries is because that's what it is? If so, secular, non-muslim countries like France have even more reason than Turkey to ban face coverings.

Most Britons want what France has too:

67% of Britons want burqa ban

Earlier in the week, members of parliament in France voted to outlaw the full Islamic veil in public. A poll by YouGov showed that two-thirds of the British public would like to see their government follow suit, the Daily Express reported.

Over 2,000 Britons were asked whether the burqa should be banned in Britain. Some 67% said yes, while that figure rose to 80% among people aged 55 or over.

I don't know if the UK has the courage to do what France did but we'll see, it's obviously what the majority of the people in the UK want.

posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 09:45 AM
Too right...They should be fined 7 grand...i,ve seen kids screaming at the sight of these women. if you wanna cover your face, go back to where your religious roots lie..

posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 10:28 AM
Good news. I wouldn't kiss my girl on a street in Saudi-Arabia either. It's called 'respecting domestic rules'. Don't like it? Go somewhere where you can wear it. I'm sure in Pakistan and Saudi-Arabia they would welcome you. I am legally forbidden to wear a balaclava on the street, why should these people be excepted?

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