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Alien identification

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posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 10:12 PM
A form of identification that causes the person formulating to eventually perceive a person as an actual alien hominid and not some random human deformity. As odd as one would have to be identified as alien to his fellow people would he essentially be not naturally of those people. Most perceived aliens could be seen as just natural human deformities. But even an out of place grey that tried to be identified as human regardless however still would be naturally treated as alien sociologically. A grey in a completely all human environment would become a natural social outcast and a misfit. Nothing the grey could think of could potentially save humans from any other fate they will suffer in the changing millenia. The Mind of a grey would be of no natural use to humanity by itself. They might be able to try to teach you how to build new tech but humans would be to intellectually behind them in development that even new quantum ultimated formulations would simply be out of their comprehension. The human mind operates in one mode only survival based on sociological stimulation. A greys mind operates in one mode only survival based on intellectual stimulation. A grey thinks several times harder and more intently in everything, they would be able to know your response to anything they said to you before either one said anything. For Greys being around humans for long periods of time would become uncomfortable after a while. A Grey would not yearn anything for humans good or bad they simply would see humans as inanimate objects. Perhaps just a couple notches over a cow by their perception. People always get this wrong that it would cause a superiority complex and make them naturally hostile to humans. Unfortunately the greys think nothing like humans their thoughts would almost appear side by side incompatible. I think the greys would inherently know any human they ever met better than that person knew about themselves after just 5 minutes of talking to them. Humans are non essential to greys not to be harmed or helped. Greys causing casualties amongst humans while it does happen is fairly rare. Note a greys casualty isnt necessarily death but a physical change of some sort. Greys are not interested at all in humans themselves not even one percent they are interested in its current evolutionary mu-taters. I think that newly evolutionized life might generate a temporary particle in their bodies that perhaps could be used by the greys in some way.

I think in this region of space that their are several primary kinds of sentient beings primarily in this solar system - Europa mars and earth. From humans themselves to all the scentiods after them. If you go on a pure nature evolutioinary timescale it would go. Pre homo sapien - human - proto human - homo scientificus - grey - mechano pygmy hominid/star being or child - spectrobian the highest form of sentient life at least in this solar system - would have a multi hemispheric brain with 5 distinct ones they would be the closest thing to a deity you would ever even have the chance of seeing at all.

Greys use ships, your small beings use small single chambered vehicles, tall beings would extravagant environments but more a less a intergalactic vehicle with one primary room, spectrobians wouldnt use vehicles but simply generate portals and live in folds of time they would become embedded in the membrane that is the un precievable wall of inertia that contains our universe and keeps it separate from other particulate infusions. Embedding themselves in this artificial barrier they would be safe from the riggers of space even the degradation through old age.
A spectrobian lives a very long time but they arent immortal by any stretch. A single spectrobian would live ten times longer as a human for example. Immortality is a flawed concept as no life could ultimately survive in this universe if it was immortal. Even a spectrobian could never exist completely outside this universe but it doesnt mean they couldnt create a portal to the outer existence shell of this universe. Oddly enough even though different would still have a belief in a type of higher power. They think a god or gods do actually exist but they would think of a deity as just an advanced form of life to them. However there is no variability in any one persons belief as a grey their entire population would believe the exact same things there would be no descension. Greys think independently but also collectively as a whole - they really dont form copulative unions as humans. Communication for greys could be completely telepathic even in the forms of the ability to generate systemic pleasurable rewards by thinking it in others. Pair bonding to create offspring however might need the aid of artificial technology. Oddly most of the later forms of scientieality have drastically lower efforts in copulational syntax. Greys would never spend their existence overly searching for mates for offspring at least nothing as much as individual humans do. There would be no biologic super urge as it is in humans to reproduce offspring the entire act of courtship and copulatory acts would be almost meaninglessly redundant to greys. Greys know who their companions are from day one and since almost all greys are physiologically identical one mate would be enough simply because even if you switched partners there would be no change in feelings. Humanity overly spends too much time in life worshiping courtship/reproduction to an extent retarding their mental progression. Im not saying humans overly worry about their current mate because they know their feelings for their current lover will ultimately become less meaningful but permanent until a new source of reproductive sustenance could be found. For greys replicating is only done intentionally if the species currently needed new members. Greys dont desire to reproduce offspring uncontrollably like humans simply because they know that an overwhelming population always ultimately collapses leaving most lost. The earth could never sustain 50 billion humans simultaneously. Compared to all other mammalians humans have created more of themselves than most species have done in their entire existence in just the last 2000 thousand years. Current technology level has allowed for an unstoppable force of human reproduction(you really cant challenge the 5 million year old bipedalsex drive

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 10:43 PM
We really can't presume to know anything about grays including how they would or wouldn't view humans... provided they even exist.

However it is an interesting sociological exercise to imagine how they would function within a cultural framework such as ours.

They would certainly be viewed as villains and they would be viewed as gods... and everything in between... which I think would ultimately make it impossible for them to function within our society.

Humans would need to do a great deal of growing up before any such scenario would be workable. Perhaps removing the institutions that embed the ideas of angels and demons would be a sensible move as they are largely responsible for suspicion of anything different as they are equally responsible for irrational worship.

We are a long way off!



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