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Amazon Explorers may have uncovered signs of a real EL DORADO!!

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posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 06:21 PM
I think this just came out in the news!! Strange structures found in Amazon Jungle may suggest that there is a real EL DORADO!

follow link

more info of other places found from deforestation

if anyone can find more pics of these structures please post them!
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posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 06:27 PM
Wow mabye we will find other so called lost cultures from back then that they say don't exist. We might find out that alantis was real and there were people back then that more advanced than us.

posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 01:03 PM
Just saw this online, great catch, and good post. Starred, and flagged.

I am amazed only one more person responded to this.

The mounds seem to be pointing towards something like it says on the article. I wonder what it could be pointing to, Also whichever civilization built the 155 mile mounds seemed to have been a sophisticated pre-Columbian culture.

Let me quote a part of the article:

Now, however, the doomed dreamers have been proved right: there was a great civilisation. New satellite imagery and fly-overs have revealed more than 200 huge geometric earthworks carved in the upper Amazon basin near Brazil's border with Bolivia.

Spanning 155 miles, the circles, squares and other geometric shapes form a network of avenues, ditches and enclosures built long before Christopher Columbus set foot in the new world. Some date to as early as 200 AD, others to 1283.

Scientists who have mapped the earthworks believe there may be another 2,000 structures beneath the jungle canopy, vestiges of vanished societies.

The structures, many of which have been revealed by the clearance of forest for agriculture, point to a "sophisticated pre-Columbian monument-building society", says the journal Antiquity, which has published the research.

The article adds: "This hitherto unknown people constructed earthworks of precise geometric plan connected by straight orthogonal roads. The geoglyph culture stretches over a region more than 250km across, and exploits both the floodplains and the uplands … we have so far seen no more than a tenth of it."

The structures were created by a network of trenches about 36ft (nearly 11 metres) wide and several feet deep, lined by banks up to 3ft high. Some were ringed by low mounds containing ceramics, charcoal and stone tools. It is thought they were used for fortifications, homes and ceremonies, and could have maintained a population of 60,000 – more people than in many medieval European cities.

Holy s#it batman, they even state whoever built this was an unkown civilization, and the site they have seen is only 1/10th of what it really is.

I wonder what promted these people to leave this area? Maybe Climate Change, or some war with another culture?

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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 01:18 PM
I think this story would have been better of with out the pictures.
What are we even looking at?
Could be somebody's lawn in hollywood.

I wonder what promted these people to leave this area? Maybe Climate Change, or some war with another culture?

Or maybe a flood. duh
Like I was saying on a different thread it is ridiculous how often
archaeologists say something to this affect. Sure dosn't make them very respectable when the reason has been written down since antiquity.

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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 01:46 PM
reply to post by ElectricUniverse

The lack of replies here is probably because of an earlier thread on the same subject:

But a very interesting topic.

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