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Comparing notes. Does magic happen to you?

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posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 09:07 PM
Just as you are what you eat! Likewise, you are the sum of your thoughts, and what you think. Thought is energy. All energy has causal effect. Those that believe in themselves, usually have positive outcomes. Those that don't, have a history of failures. Positive waves...Negative waves. Glowing aura, no aura.
Synchronicity or none. Majik/maji/magic is real. Some are consciously tapped into it, whereas others are also, only they are not fully aware they are. They are called "Lucky People". Everything good just seems to come their way. Kismet, Blessed, Fortunate may labels for it. This also applies to love. Love is purest energy shared between us. Some love is actually divinity incarnate. Sometimes, what passes for love, is actually false love. This is why, it doesn't last, and the connection is weak and short lived. One charge drains the other.

My life has been filled with magical moments. Some are so unbelievable and fantastic, that I have written them down to pass on to posterity. I have posted some of them here on ATS in the past...

I have also witnessed and had to live through some really horrible events.

I have always tried to remain positive and upbeat about it all. Not easy, I admit. When magic happens, it is often a very subtle little thing that you may not normally notice, if you're not paying attention. They are often the tiny gifts given to you each day, and if you are in tune with your forces, you pick up on them. For me, Meditation and chant has made me more ware of my life. Theosophy has sharpened the focus. Spiritual essence in flight is the highest form of magic. Those who can, know what I am writing about.

posted on Feb, 6 2010 @ 01:41 AM
reply to post by Confused and Dazed!

Theosophy has sharpened the focus. Spiritual essence in flight is the highest form of magic. Those who can, know what I am writing about.

If the entire world could realize what you/we are talking about, could you imagine what a wonderful peaceful and happy world we would be living in?

If everybody, who can manifest magic in this way, where to believe and know that they could change the world, then it would happen.

posted on Feb, 6 2010 @ 04:36 PM

Originally posted by kennyb72
reply to post by sylvie

Hi their sylvie,

It really is amazing when we come to terms with our own power. I just think that this is how we are all meant to live. It seems as though modern life with all it's stresses are anti-magic, everything is geared to make you forget what you are capable of.

You're so right.

You hit the nail on the head when you talk about the oneness you felt. I believe that this is the key. When you can truly feel as though you are a part of everything, it doesn't seem strange that you can affect everything. Why shouldn't you be able to conjure up a breeze, it is your environment, you are everything so why shouldn't be able to affect it.


As I mentioned in my thread, it is not a hope or a wish but rather a knowing.
You can open or close a door for instance and you don't say to yourself, I hope I can open this door, you just know from experience that if you turn the handle the door will open. It is the same with everything that you are capable of doing. It is a matter of doing it, acknowledging it, and then expecting it to happen as you intended.

I think that it is very hard to maintain your magic when your head is full of the mundane tasks of everyday modern life. It feels irresponsible to leave the essentials of looking after the children, feeding and clothing them to the power of your magic.

You now have to take care of others and so your trust in something coming out of the blue, has been taken over by your responsibility to physically make something happen. In affect you have put your magic into second place when it comes to providing.

It would appear to me that responsibility is what deprives us of just being.

I think you will always have good things happen for you, and you need to always hold onto the belief that things will turn out right even during the toughest times. You will always access your magic when it is essential because you know about it and trust it.

You are at stage in your life now, where you will not be able to fully access your power until your responsibilities diminish, when you get older and your kids can take care of themselves and you feel that it is only yourself that you have to take care of, then you can concentrate on just being you, and it will return.

I am not saying that you can't make things happen when you have responsibilities, it's just that it's harder to be carefree and to achieve that state of mind.

It it that "happy-go-lucky" attitude that comes without the worry of taking care of others, that makes it all work.

But see, that's what I refuse to accept. Just because I have a family (whom I love to pieces) and obligations, I can't have the magic? No freakin' way.

I'm so adamant about it particularly because I want to teach my son how to lead a magical life. He's just turned 7, but if I don't teach him now, by the time he's a teenager and in his cynical, know-it-all stage, he won't believe anymore. The time is NOW.

Yesterday I wrote something about this thread into my journal and how bummed I am that the "magic" left... then all of a sudden remembered at least a dozen incidents in the last few weeks that constituted the kind of "miracle/synchronicity" I've been used to. I guess I just have to pay more attention.

And yes, teaching my son to "go with the flow," to co-create and believe in miracles is quite possibly the best I could ever do for him. So I will. Thanks for the nudge!

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posted on Feb, 6 2010 @ 07:09 PM
reply to post by sylvie

Yesterday I wrote something about this thread into my journal and how bummed I am that the "magic" left... then all of a sudden remembered at least a dozen incidents in the last few weeks that constituted the kind of "miracle/synchronicity" I've been used to. I guess I just have to pay more attention.

That is probably the truth of it Sylvie, It's not so much the magic disappearing as much as being too busy to notice and appreciate it. It all comes down to being centered, that is when we realize and enjoy our blessings.

When I speak of not being able to access it when we have responsibilities, is just my experience. I am still trying to make sense of it all, and your comments are helping me to understand it a little better also. Believe me, I am no guru at this and I started this thread to investigate how it happens for others.

Even during the busiest times of my life, I have always been bailed out of trouble, so it is evident that the magic never really goes away. I am still trying to decide if we make this happen ourselves, or whether we are assisted by our spiritual guides.

It would seem that the simplest things, even those incidences that just momentarily provide us with comfort, must come from within us, as I can't imagine that some other sentient being is behind causing a breeze to cool me on a warm day.

A bending of reality to suit our needs at the time, appear to be the only thing that makes any sort of sense. Another factor I am trying to figure out is whether Karma has anything to do with it.

I receive and give out a lot of love, to and from friends and neighbors, and it is the most satisfying way to live. To make time to give to others and help when needed seems to complete the cycle. I can honestly say I have never been happier or more content in my life.

I guess that contributes a lot to feeling centered. The greatest challenge is to feel centered in the midst of turmoil, then you can fully accept and appreciate your blessings all the time. Finding the time to contemplate or meditate must help a lot.

I am sure you are doing the right thing with regards to your son, by not denying him the knowledge of his ability to shape his own reality.

You may find it difficult as he enters his teens though, because his friends will not understand, and his schooling will contradict those things we accept as fact.

Once he experiences the magic and acknowledges it for what it is, it will never leave him. He may reject it for a while but it will return. He is lucky to have a Mum who can explain it to him and be their when he comes up against the inevitable negativity.

This thread has been a blessing for me, I have not had one negative or aggressive response and I have chatted to some very lovely people. Thank you for responding and contributing to it.

Have a beautiful, magical life

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posted on Feb, 21 2010 @ 03:42 AM

Originally posted by kilas
OK then peeps. A lot of good conversation here and ideas. Again, I am open to the possibility of reality creation or whatever we want to call it. So how about this. Lets get some people to are interested to see if all of us working together can manifest something in a certain location, or for a certain person. We use whatever power we think we have and focus on it.

Could be a good experiment if nothing else.

Anyone up for it?

there are a lot of spiritual groups who do worldwide group intention/manifestation meditations all the time; does it every weekend;

here is another site and forum doing and disscussing this intention experiment

i just suggested that we should do another intention meditation

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