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Comparing notes. Does magic happen to you?

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posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 09:51 AM
reply to post by kennyb72

wonderful thread kenny. what more to add? wonderful that this should be such a well accepted and debated topic! the more who discover our innate ability to sculpt reality the merrier. literally!

a couple of points which sprung to mind while attempting to read all the posts as thoroughly as possible within my given time (they may have been mentioned before in which case i guess i'm anchoring the suggestion

yes it is important to focus on desired outcome, but as stated, over-intellectualisation is not key... i feel that FEELING the desired outcome, ie with the heart, knowing it so to speak, is the most powerful. the heart is after all by far the most powerful electromagnetic frequency generator within our bodies! and while on the subject, it is important to remember that, contrary to what we are all taught as children, the heart is in the CENTRE of our chests! (good to bear in mind when centering

negative thoughts do happen, as little as we may like them to. i find it helpful to literally reverse those negative thoughts, as in play them backwards to undo the negative image which was projected. it very much relieves the negative feelings which these 'accidental' thoughts may cause.

and yes, take the ability for 'granted', as in don't be surprised by the results when they occur, it helps consolidate the ability. but always, always be grateful, and take the time to think and feel thanks for what the universe has done for you! we all like to be appreciated, the universe is no exception

anyway enough blah. thanks for the stimulating thread and all the best to all fellow well-wishers!

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 05:05 PM
reply to post by darkcircle2009

Hello darkcircle,

Thanks for your input to this thread. What you say regarding focusing the feeling from the heart makes so much sense. Quite correct about not intellectualizing the phenomena, this is my point regarding our education that tells us that there is a logical explanation to everything. Our magic is stolen away from us once we are taught that magic is just superstition.

Speaking of superstition, the more I think about it the more I realize how it got it's name. I for one in the past, (if I have verbalized a negative outcome to something or even thought it,) I always say "touch wood" and then find wood to touch. I wonder if this is an old method used to discharge the negative thought before it is released into the universe.

This thread has been very valuable to me as a way of confirming my beliefs in my experiences. If more people understood this power, could you imagine what could be achieved in making the world a better place.

May the force be with you darkcircle ....... jeez, I must be slow, I never even thought about THAT connection.

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 10:49 PM
I always just take things as they come and accept what does come. If I want something I get it and if I fail I move on. Plenty of times I have lost basic survival nessesities and had to work painstakingly and sometimes degradingly to obtain them. I cant attribute this success to anyone or anything but myself. I am the only one looking out for me and I have faith in one thing and thats myself.

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 11:01 PM
reply to post by Agent221

This thread is all about having faith in yourself Agent221. If you look through the testimonies of other posters here you will find that they have all had a realization that we can do thing out of the ordinary.

I am sure if you look back through your life you can identify times when something just worked out right even though the odds where stacked against you.

There is good luck and bad luck that affects us all. This thread is about bending your reality so that good luck happens to you all the time. We can all do it, we just have to know we can.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 05:08 AM
reply to post by kennyb72

thanks for your reply

yeh i'm sure the wood is very grounding indeed. i do the same myself.

and as for the teaching of magic(k) being superstition, imagine the stigma it gained from the execution of thousands if not millions of people who used this power, witches and indigenous people alike...

one could almost be inclined to believe that 'someone' was trying to 'ethnically cleanse' the people of their power...

but enough negativity! it's time to look forward! time to build!

blessings to you dear stranger/friend

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 07:56 PM
After us discussing the afterlife on a previous thread, and you directing me here, I figured I should give you my thoughts since it's certainly intriguing enough.

I think what you've said about having "faith" in yourself, and the way things work out, just makes sense to me. When I was younger, I looked at things in a very negative view, and naturally had very negative outcomes with people and the world. But, now I'm reasonably positive, much more so than others in England (haha), and it's worked out for the best.

You see it change those around you the most. Arguing stops, everyone is just more pleasant and appreciates you that much more. But, perhaps what you're talking about is something more than that. Kind of like how some people just radiate a trusting energy, and you don't know why, it could be similar.

Still, I've gone through a fair few very weird things since I was 17-18, and it's only getting weirder. Some of those things you've read about already, and other things are new. Seeing "real-life" images whilst attempting to get to sleep, is one of those things. Also getting knocking on tables in my bedroom whilst trying to get to sleep, and every now and again hearing someone talk into my ear for a split second.

Now, I know some people will automatically point out the possibility of mental illness, but, that's not the case. I'm fit as a fiddle. And there's others in my house that experience objects moving, seeing orbs and hearing things, but, none quite as much as me. It happens very often for me, and I try to block it out lol.

I find with these "magical" supernatural sort of things, it both intrigues me more than anything on this planet, and also scares the crap out of me, because I can't see who it is.

lol So yeah, I thought I'd offer up my two cents, as you Americans say!

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 08:47 PM
reply to post by Alesanjin

Hi Alesanjin, it sounds as though you are sensitive to the spirit world, I envy you although I do occasionally experience things out of the ordinary. I have experienced sleep paralysis hundreds of times, which is accompanied by lucid dreaming. The label sleep paralysis by the way, does not really do justice to the experience, as if feels too real to be a dream.

I have on a number of occasions heard a voice that startles me, and it usually occurs when I am in an alpha state of mind. It is always in a voice I recognize but I don't know from where.

The real life images sound intriguing as does the knocking. What state of mind are you in when you experience this phenomena? If I was experiencing these things I wouldn't try to block them, I think I would be too curious.

I am English by the way, but I live down under

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 08:58 PM
reply to post by kennyb72

Well, the reason I block it out, is because it's not always good things that I hear or see. The images I've seen weren't from my own mind, since, I'd know if I thought it or if I've seen it before, and I haven't. It was just gruesome, and frightening beyond description.

Only one of the voices had something negative to say, but, I took it with a pinch of salt, since I can testify to the contrary! It said "Small penis!!" fairly loudly, and it was a females voice. lol, makes me laugh thinking about it now.

But, other times, I hear someone briefly call out my name. That's happened a few times, once a female voice, once a males, and another female. And last night, I heard very distinctly what sounded like someone breathing into my ear, very loudly which startled me. Then again, it's not so much breathing, and more like they suddenly let out a huge breath.

This usually happens whilst I'm relaxed and just focusing on whatever vague shapes I see when I have my eyes closed. lol, you know what I mean right? When you see little dots and what-not, the bacteria e.t.c in your eyes....

But yeah, my last girlfriend who claimed to be psychic, said I have a very dark aura surrounding me, which isn't mine, which scared her. She refused to help me after that, and dumped me too
So, she may be right, or she could be crackers

So, what advice could you give in helping to sort it out, and being able to sleep normally without distraction???

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 09:18 PM
reply to post by Alesanjin

Well I must just say that whoever, whatever the entity is, it gets pretty personal, lol

I have had my name called out a number of times and it comes as a bit of a shock when you know you are on your own. As for the breathing in your ear, my father and a few other people have witnessed this and it has been a very disconcerting experience for them.

My guess is that an earth bound spirit is trying to communicate with you.

I am no expert on these matters but I believe the course of action is for you to pray for them and to ask for help, so that they can be released from the astral to continue their journey.

Don't be surprised though, even if this works and you are no longer visited by this particular spirit, that you would not be visited by others in the future.

You must have seen some of those TV shows where people are sensitive to the paranormal. I believe this happens to a few of us. I don't have an answer for you with regards to "tuning out" It may be something you have to learn to live with.

One suggestion is to start a thread explaining your experiences and get advice from other members here. There are many on these boards who can offer good advice.

I am sure there are many who would love to hear your story also.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by kennyb72

Aye, you may be right :-). I've seen and heard others things too, such as when I walked to our garage, which is at the back of the house, next to our garden, and also behind our conservatory, I just closed the big metal door of the garage, and was walking back to the house, when I swear I saw what looked like the top half of a guy wearing an American football jersey. The kind of jumpers/tops you see in typical American college movies, except it was green and white. And it seemed like he was walking towards me, and looking at me, but he disappeared as quick as he showed up.

Another time, I was trying to get to sleep, as I do every single night lol, and I could hear what seemed like fragments of a conversation. Broken words and tones of voices, which seemed like they were just that little bit too far out of hearing range to make out properly.

Also, music coming from nowhere, I've experienced that numerous times.

Yeah, there's lots of things, it's hard to remember it all at once

I've recently got in touch with a good medium, by chance through talking to people online. He told me things only I could of known e.t.c, he was very good. So, I've asked to arrange another session with him so I can reveal these things and possibly get some answers as to what's going on.

Haha, I fear that I seem just as clueless as in that thread I asked you to read, but, it's not as bad as that. I take it in my stride these days, rather than having it all play on my mind constantly. But, since it's all surfacing again, and I can't ignore it, it'd be nice to find answers, and, if I'm lucky, maybe a solution.

I have tried praying for whoever the entity is, which was what was suggested to me by the ex. But, I don't think it worked. At least not properly. But, last night when creepy things started happening again, I prayed for my Grandad to come and keep me company, and see me off to sleep, and help me keep any mischievous spirits away so that I can rest, and I immediately felt calm and relaxed, and could feel his presence.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 10:55 PM
reply to post by Alesanjin

I have tried praying for whoever the entity is, which was what was suggested to me by the ex. But, I don't think it worked. At least not properly. But, last night when creepy things started happening again, I prayed for my Grandad to come and keep me company, and see me off to sleep, and help me keep any mischievous spirits away so that I can rest, and I immediately felt calm and relaxed, and could feel his presence.

These spirits can never do you any harm if you ask for protection from the other side, they can if fact help the lost soul find his way. The most important aspect of this though is your sensitivity to the spirit world.

As I mentioned in another post you, would most likely make a very good medium yourself. You should chat to your friend to see how you could develop your gift.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 11:33 PM
reply to post by kennyb72

Yeah, I do see where you're coming from, but, I do think they can do harm. I think it depends on how much energy they can take from emotions, or perhaps energy from our bodies, as is taken from mediums that perform apparition sessions. I think it's a dangerous thing to be handling, which, is one of the many reasons that I show caution and slight regret at what I'm experiencing.

Still, you're right, I should explore this, and I will do. The medium that I spoke to, told me of my own feelings about my Grandads death. And, I should first elaborate on my relationship with him, before I divulge further.

My Grandad and me, as well as my Nana, were very close as I was growing up, since I started getting severe migraines, inherited from him and my Mother, which led me to spending much time at home, or at their house. We essentially spent a few years together, enjoying each others company, and one thing I remember fondly, is finding one of those metal-grapple-hand things, which old people use to reach magazines or trash, and I used it to sneak up on my Grandad, and steal his flat-cap whenever I saw the chance lol, but then he got dementia. Ah, everything went to crap after that. My Mother ended up having to put him in a home, but fortunately, it was the same home she works at, as a nurse. I then managed to get a job there in the kitchen, washing dishes e.t.c. I'd visit him, but, I'd feel silly talking to him, unlike other relatives visiting their loved ones. I knew his brain was falling apart, and I felt ridiculous, but, incredibly bad at myself for not even trying.

Later on, lucky for him I guess, his bowel got impacted, and it basically ruptured. We had the option of getting him surgery, and fixing it, but, considering his mental state, we decided not to, and I'm glad we did. But, that left us with a week of watching him slowly die.

One time, whilst in his hospital bed, he was doubled up in pain, despite being on the highest dose of morphine, and he sat right up, clear as day, and looked at us, and beamed a huge smile at us. He then lay back down, and carried on as before. lol, that was magical.

Then, he passed away. I went to my girlfriends that day, from what I'd heard, we'd hopefully have another day or so for the rest of us to say goodbye, other than my Mother who'd been there literally all the time, not coming home.

And, I felt awful, so terrible that I'd given up my last chance of seeing him alive, no matter his condition, to see some woman that I wouldn't even be with in 12 months time.

But, the medium, picked up on all of this. He told me, my Grandad is now one of my main guardian angels, and he understands what happened that day. None of it is my fault, and I shouldn't feel bad, it couldn't of been any other way, he knows how I feel about him.

He also told me of the xmas present I had for my family, which is a collage of pictures of different times in our lives, throughout the family, starting with Grandad in the Navy, ending in Myself and my brothers being babies.

lol, there's lots of thing that blew me away, and I'm sure you can see why after reading all that. He didn't know any of this stuff, and he just explained it away.

Anyhow, I doubt I'm answering any questions with any of this, apart from the fact that I know for sure that some people can speak with the dead.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 11:46 PM
reply to post by Alesanjin

So sorry to hear about your Granddad going through something like that.

Dementia is a very sad way to go, particularly for the family. The medium was right though, he is your guardian and he knew how bad you felt, that's one of the reasons he went through a difficult process to let you know.

Interestingly, they do say that the hardest people to contact are close relatives and it is usually achieved through an independent medium.

When you grow to understand spirituality, the fear of the unknown subsides and you accept that it is just a natural phenomena that just can't be explained by science.

Your Granddad, may even be responsible for some of the phenomena you have experienced and is gauging to be certain that you are not frightened by the presence.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 11:57 PM
reply to post by kennyb72

That is very possible. Most of the early things that happened, such as dead lights suddenly working, mirrors shaking on the wall, apparitions that looked like him and other things, were distinctly him, but, there is a trend of something different in the house, which, is where the problem lies I guess.

For example, we went to Spain last year, as a whole family, and pretty much of all us experienced a ghostly encounter, which was distinctly smelling of old spice, and distinctly had his easy-going "I hope I'm not disturbing you" sort of presence lol.

But, some of the stuff that's happened, is just a bit over-the-mark, you know. Which, is precisely why I'm looking for help and advice. It seems like someone else has decided to crash the party, so to speak. It's too cruel and taking the piss, for it to be him.

He knows us too well, to not scare us, as my Mother pointed out not too long ago. I told her about the tapping on the table, and on a bottle I keep in my room, full of water, incase I'm thirsty when I sleep. It just doesn't seem like him, add that, to the list of other things that are very strange, then, yeah, I guess I do need to find answers to fix it.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 12:53 AM
reply to post by Alesanjin

It does sound as though there is an interloper in there somewhere, I know your guardians will protects you so you are not in any real danger.

It just sounds as though another entity is trying to catch your attention. I really think you should ask around with a thread to see what other ATSers think. I still reckon your medium friend would be able to give good advice though.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 11:34 PM
Aye, I reckon you're right. I'll try making a thread in the next few days then. Just so I know, should I tell all in one huge post, or should I wait to dish out? Some people seem to dislike "hard" reading. Haha.

Also, out of curiosity, how old are you? And what is your background regarding, well, yourself and these sort of experiences we discuss? I know you've seen past lives, but, I'd like to know a bit more

It's very rare for me to exchange "supernatural" words with someone that seems to know what they're talking about, so, I'm very curious

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posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 07:01 PM
reply to post by Alesanjin

Hi Alesanjin, I have posted some details on U2U just so you know. I think this thread is about done, although it would be nice to hear some others views.

posted on Feb, 4 2010 @ 10:50 PM

Originally posted by kennyb72
reply to post by Dock9

controlling the breeze and dissipating clouds, both of which I discovered I could do by accident

I haven't tried dissipating clouds, but controlling the breeze I do a lot. I thought people would think I was daft if I mentioned it. If I am working outside and getting hot, I often call a breeze and sure enough from a still day I get a cooling breeze.

I would be sweeping out the garage and the wind would be blowing leaves and dust back in, so I ask it to calm for long enough for me to sweep the grime out. It works like clockwork.
really glad you mentioned that.

This is awesome -- I thought I was the only one doing this kind of stuff! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this thread; I needed that so much. Ten years ago I lived a pretty carefree hippie life in Sedona, AZ, and it was simply amazing. I was so in tune with the universe and so immersed in "oneness" and "going with the flow" that small and big miracles happened to me virtually every day. It was like floating through life -- unbelievable. I would always be at the right place at the right time, and the most incredible things happened to me. A truly magical life.

I also was very psychic at the time and could manipulate reality with the power of my mind. I was able to focus so well that my mind was like a laser beam. E.g., once I took a roadtrip with my now-husband in January and we had no heat in the car; the windshield was completely frozen and we couldn't even see where we were going. I managed to melt a hole in the ice to see through -- and keep it open -- just with sheer willpower. I also could evaporate clouds and "call" the wind. Sometimes I let the wind guide me to show me interesting things, e.g., on walks in the desert.

These days, I'm back to a more "normal" life -- have settled down, have a wonderful family and a full-time job (great, but challenging). I still have the abilities, but being caught up in the daily grind, they show up less frequently than before. Back in Sedona I had endless time for meditating or just "being," journaling, my own conversations with Spirit, and so on. I sometimes feel a void in my life and yearn to get the daily miracles and the constant "flow" back. It makes me sad, but it's hard to free up enough time to just "be." And with my schedule, I'm just not able to drop everything and follow a hunch I might have, the way I did when I lived in Sedona.

Any good advice?

posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 07:50 PM
reply to post by sylvie

Hi their sylvie,

I was so in tune with the universe and so immersed in "oneness" and "going with the flow" that small and big miracles happened to me virtually every day. It was like floating through life -- unbelievable. I would always be at the right place at the right time, and the most incredible things happened to me. A truly magical life.

It really is amazing when we come to terms with our own power. I just think that this is how we are all meant to live. It seems as though modern life with all it's stresses are anti-magic, everything is geared to make you forget what you are capable of.

You hit the nail on the head when you talk about the oneness you felt. I believe that this is the key. When you can truly feel as though you are a part of everything, it doesn't seem strange that you can affect everything. Why shouldn't you be able to conjure up a breeze, it is your environment, you are everything so why shouldn't be able to affect it.

As I mentioned in my thread, it is not a hope or a wish but rather a knowing.
You can open or close a door for instance and you don't say to yourself, I hope I can open this door, you just know from experience that if you turn the handle the door will open. It is the same with everything that you are capable of doing. It is a matter of doing it, acknowledging it, and then expecting it to happen as you intended.

I sometimes feel a void in my life and yearn to get the daily miracles and the constant "flow" back. It makes me sad, but it's hard to free up enough time to just "be." And with my schedule, I'm just not able to drop everything and follow a hunch I might have, the way I did when I lived in Sedona.

Any good advice?

I think that it is very hard to maintain your magic when your head is full of the mundane tasks of everyday modern life. It feels irresponsible to leave the essentials of looking after the children, feeding and clothing them to the power of your magic.

You now have to take care of others and so your trust in something coming out of the blue, has been taken over by your responsibility to physically make something happen. In affect you have put your magic into second place when it comes to providing.

It would appear to me that responsibility is what deprives us of just being.

I think you will always have good things happen for you, and you need to always hold onto the belief that things will turn out right even during the toughest times. You will always access your magic when it is essential because you know about it and trust it.

You are at stage in your life now, where you will not be able to fully access your power until your responsibilities diminish, when you get older and your kids can take care of themselves and you feel that it is only yourself that you have to take care of, then you can concentrate on just being you, and it will return.

I am not saying that you can't make things happen when you have responsibilities, it's just that it's harder to be carefree and to achieve that state of mind.

It it that "happy-go-lucky" attitude that comes without the worry of taking care of others, that makes it all work.

That is where I am at the moment, and I am enjoying rediscovering my personal powers. I have been making clouds disappear for the past few weeks now and I am so confident that I can do it, it happens every time.

Here's to the day you can make all YOUR clouds disappear again too.

God bless you.

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posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 08:31 PM
I'm sorry, but I haven't read more then your OP of this thread.

I just wanted to say that the entire read was so similar to my life that I felt like it was my own.

And I salute you.

Flag n star and good days to you.

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