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Sensationalism And Making Threads.

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posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 05:16 PM
I should have almost called this Why I Dn't Make Threads or Why I Don't Have Successful Threads.

I don't have time to research things for a few weeks and then make a thread which is how it should be done in my opinion.

I refuse to be cheap and besmurch the integrity of the site.This is a fairly serious place for researching and getting out the truth in an HONEST intelligent manner.
That is my view of how this place works.
The honest part is what I am getting at here.

I will not start threads with OMG MUST READ or any other thread with giant capitals in it.Actually I won't even bother reading those threads and if i miss out then so what.I don't like being told what to do and having sensationalism used on me...I am not a fish and you are not my hook.
What this says to me is you are desparate for the attention and have to make it more then what it really is.Even if it was THAT important then just do your best to get the information out without all the slimyness and cheap tactics.If its THAT good it will catch on itself...if not oh well.No big deal.

I will not do threads that are cheap and that are the latest thing.
For example...all the ats is this and ats is that garbage.
I don't do disclosure threads either.
I don't do soldier threads as those are almost always successful yet full of bickering about other's opinions without facts or sources or anything worthwhile.
I will not make religious threads or bible threads or God threads.
(unless I did alot of research and applied myself to my fullest potential to warrant it)

People jump on the bandwagon because they see it got lots of stars and flags so they do their own version of it.....THIS behavior screams either i need the attention or I need the stars and flags.
I personally think people should take the membership a little bit more seriously.
ATS is not for getting stars and flags.If you contribute nothing worthwhile but see no ads how would you feel??
I would feel like I cheated myself.

You DON'T NEED WANT them and want them without contributing anything worthwhile and yet still feeding your ego in the process.

I am sure someone will accuse me of doing what I am saying I am against but thats why this is the rant section and not posted in ats.
I don't care how many people see this.

Please be honest in your intentions when making threads and please do some research instead of a youtube video that says OMG BEST UFO EVER.
Please be mindful in why you are making it to get flags and stars or does it actually contribute in a worthy manner that sets an example for all of us.

If I had more time and wasn't such a dumbell I would be one of these contributors...since I can't then I just wanted to get this off my chest.
I came to this realization after looking at my threads and looking at why none take off and immediately realized I am not a good threadmaker and I understand why.
I will never make a cheap thread again.

Yes my grammer is bad...big deal.

As a side note I am going to add a thread I have always loved in hopes people read and understand and take itto heart.

Thank you to all the people who have set the right example.

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 05:41 PM
I kind of agree with you there, on some points.

I love reading stuff on this site, but when it comes to threads, at this moment in time I honestly don't feel I can create a worthy enough thread and contribute a great deal in it, so I don't.

One thing I would say, which I do see getting thrown about a little, is people commenting on how much another said person has contributed, I mean, some people like to observe, others like to get involved more, and there's nothing wrong with either position imo, it sounds like a very silly effort of a i'm better than you situation imo, and I think rather petty!

I'm rambling now, so......

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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 10:53 AM
I know what you mean.I don't feel like I have made ANY worthy threads other then my music lessons thread but that was an easy one for me because I didn't have to really research anything.

I do find it amazing how some people don't care if its worthy or not and just post some garbage thread to get flags and stars.
I agree that sometimes its a big pissing contest which is why I added Springer's thread about the digital ego.

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