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Attention All Terrorists: New Plan to Avoid Airport Security

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posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 12:19 PM
Praise Allah! Hello fellow Death to America terrorists. This is a private message from Akhbar. Fellow terrorists, I am still hiding in a cave in Afghanistan, hiding from American military forces, so please forgive any spelling errors I make in the dark. I sure hope the American military does not learn about my cave dwelling by tracking my IP address.

Anyways fellow terrorists, there was a recent scare that the American media promoted on behalf of the American government. It was about a dark skinned man, who was carrying a syringe and white chemicals onto a plane.

This commonly known substance that we in our cave refer to as coc aine, was misidentified as potential bomb chemicals. Apparently the dark skinned man got too high and the American government is now telling their citizens that he planned to use a syringe to destroy the plane and kill all passengers in flight.

We cave dwelling terrorists believe that the syringe may have had a swine flu vaccination in it to attack American passengers, but, we live in a cave, so we could be wrong.

Due to this recent event, the American government is pretending to thwart all plans for us terrorists to kill more Americans. They are now placing new and improved human screening devices into airports to deter us terrorists from killing ourselves.

Now, in order to get onto a plane and kill 200 passengers, it will be harder for us to go commit suicide with other Americans in the air. Good news however fellow terrorists, thanks to a highly intelligent officer in our cave, we have learned that we can still perform acts of terror against an even larger amount of Americans. Praise Allah!

1) We have learned that there is an internet site called Google, where we can learn about bomb making by simply typing in the words Anarchist Cookbook.

2) We have learned that for under $100 US, we can purchase over the counter chemicals, put them into a jelly jar and whallah, we will have a powerful bomb.

3) We have also learned from the nice intelligence official in our cave that we can still kill even more Americans, and, without killing ourselves in the sky. Hooray!

4) Our intelligence officer inside our cave has also informed us that we can kill 4X the Americans by simply launching a bomb into a crowd at an airport, rather than going to die with them aboard a plane. Damn, why didn’t we ever think of this before? Guess living in a cave slows down our creative terrorist thinking.

5) Our super intelligent officer inside the cave also informs us terrorists that we even have options, just in case we have a fear of airports and airplanes. We can take our cheap bombs to a local hockey game and kill up to 10X the Americans that would be killed in a crowded airport. Wow. Why didn’t we terrorists ever think of this before? Now, American government will never stop us. Praise Allah!

6) Matter of a fact, us terrorists have an advantage, we can kill Americans and run away, because the white law agents think we all look alike, and probably wont be able to identify which one of us really did it. The American government didn’t even know that the people they claimed were suicide terrorists on 9/11 were really alive somewhere else. They can’t even tell us terrorists apart. Praise Allah!

7) However fellow terrorists, we have a powerful ally, who has a strong history and incredible resume in terror campaign, they are secretly called the American government. They might even be willing to buy us our bombs, another guy in a cave I know told me they funded bombs for him against their own Twin Towers in New York. Praise Allah!

8) In fact, fellow terrorists and Death to America members, some American soldiers even want to join our terrorist campaigns. The American government killed innocent children in a town called Waco, and a former soldier called McVeigh killed the governments agents. Even American soldiers are wanting to join our terror campaigns. Praise Allah and the American government!

9) By the way fellow terrorists, we can also take a holiday in our campaign for terror, go back to your caves and enjoy some limestone drinks, as our intelligence officer from within the cave has informed us that the American government has people that they pay who will attack Americans for us. They call them police in America. Praise Allah and the American government!

Now, fellow terrorists, we must ask ourselves why the American government has told the media that a man who boarded a plane with coc aine and a syringe was a terror bomber. Is the American government aware that we can buy household bombs in America for less than $100 and use them in crowded airports or local shopping malls and sporting events?

We must keep this secret to ourselves fellow terrorists, shhhhhh!!!! We don’t want the American government to know how easy it is for us to kill Americans, without dying with them on a plane. That is very scary, I don’t like heights and I get airsick quite easily, that is why I stick to my cave.

As long as the American people believe that we are just crazy suicide bombers, they will never expect an attack in a much bigger crowd, just the airplanes. Thank Allah we finally figured this out. What took us so long to figure this all out? Praise Allah!

As long as the American citizens keep worrying about false terror campaigns caused by us, they will never recognize their own government is using their own police to terrorize them on our behalf. Death to America members, rejoice, Allah has heard our prayers, and he has given us terrorists the greatest gift of all, the American government. Praise Allah!


posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 12:20 PM
And yes, this is a satirical parody on terror. If one really is worried about terror, don’t leave home, because there are more terror campaigns in your own backyards than there is on planes. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you can not afford one, we will beat you senseless into agreeing you are guilty because you can not afford one.

The great underwear bomber lol, what a damn joke. Terror campaigns by Muslims, what a damn joke. The real terrorists are the American government, the military and the police; they commit injustices against their own citizens every day in the guise of justice.

Now, people have to start fearing what is in foreign traveller’s underwear while we ignore the injustices commenced against our own citizens.

Want to prevent terror in America? Bring down the police forces who terrorize people in their own cars, homes and neighbourhoods every day, forget Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan.

The government is now placing more concern on what is in people’s underwear than what food is on people’s tables, and this is called freedom and democracy? I call it controlled anarchy!

Want to stop the war on terror yourself? Turn off the television, turn off the radio, quit buying newspapers, because without the media promoting the government propaganda, there is nothing to fear. The swine flu never hit the community; the media hit the community with the swine flu; as per the wishes of the government, need I say more?

And you want courage? I have courage, because I posted this using my own IP, and I am a white guy, so the American government might be able to correctly identify me, lol. Anybody know a good cave for rent?

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 07:19 PM

"Want to prevent terror in America? Bring down the police forces who terrorize people in their own cars, homes and neighborhoods every day, forget Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan.

The government is now placing more concern on what is in people’s underwear than what food is on people’s tables, and this is called freedom and democracy? I call it controlled anarchy!"

Well said.

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 07:30 PM
i love these two remarks. Soon the terrorists will have doctors cut them open and place the bombs inside their guts. Then the GOV will want full body x-rays and soon frequent flyers will glow----cops included

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 09:06 PM
Or better they can join the 2012 Olympic reining team and hang out with clnton Anderson and andy Schneider.

posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 06:58 AM
It's so ridiculous standing out here as a civilian watching some CIA / government "Problem, Reaction, Solution" play unfold, which is invariably and immediately followed by placing tighter restrictions on American citizens.

A note to the U.S. government, "Can you please stop harming and killing innocent people with your little demonstrations and just put your tighter measures in place?"

Really, why don't we just close all federal transportation centers and strap an f'ng CIA agent to our backs and save them all of this trouble?

An aside, I know the CIA catches all the flack, but they are one of the agencies who has been evidentially linked to a lot of criminal activity. It's not that we just dislike the people that work there - we're letting the evidence speak for itself.

What's funny about all of this is that we all have the play book now.

These machinations are following a linear timeline; whether or not that timeline is accelerated depends on circumstances, obviously.

We know that what we're seeing now, with these "apparently" random, violent mass murders / shootings (Virginia Tech., Columbine, etc.), and periodic ridiculously airport-centric (aerophile?) terrorist attacks, are the "Problem, Reaction, Solution" scenarios played out in a way that a five-year-old can follow them.

These events stick out like a sore thumb. Whenever you see a mass shooting (MK Ultra), or an airport bombing (the bombing location of choice for choosy terrorists) you know it's CIA, NSA, or whichever agency drew the short straw.

What is laughable, and somewhat lamentable, is that all of this is following a logical, linear schedule. It's all mathematics and left-brain sourced.

Regardless as to how self-defeating and against nature and the spontaneity and intelligence of life, of spirit, these plans are pushed through like the Wizard of Oz continuing his monologue despite the fact that Dorothy and her associates are standing there watching him the whole time.

It ends up being this tragicomic play.

The full knowledge of the expected victims in this case of these machinations - as they unfold - doesn't seem to have deterred these maniacs from continuing this slapstick.

It's clear that these MK Ultra shootings were designed to grease the skids for anti-gun legislation, but hasn't worked.

It is also clear that the government-backed truther groups in the 9-11 truth movement were agent provocateurs placed to incite rebellion / insurrection that would grease the skids for Martial Law, but that didn't work.

In addition, the scare over the Swine Flu / H1N1 was overplayed to drive citizens to take a dubious vaccine shot, which also became greatly scrutinized and fell far short of what they likely intended.

So, how do you, as a maniacal, control-hungry superpower respond to all of the major stepping stones in your plan for domination falling apart?

We understand that these maneuvers were planned out long ago, and their plans extend into the far future. But there are only so many cards you can play, and only so many backup plans you can have.

How effective are the backup plans? Have these been attempted (I'm almost sure they have. You can see the desperation in the continued, overt criminal acts now.) and if so, what form will the last desperate grab for power take?

These little airport terrorist attacks, and any further attempt to MK Ultra your way into anti-gun legislation need to be removed from the play book. They haven't worked the last ten times. The Law of Diminishing Returns must apply here for anyone with half a brain.

I will also consider that this part of the grand play, in itself, could be a source of distraction, so I had already decided to give it little further attention.

The lesson to be learned in all of this is was best put by John Lennon, and that is that, "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans."

That's a good take-home message.

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 10:56 AM

Originally posted by itsawild1
i love these two remarks. Soon the terrorists will have doctors cut them open and place the bombs inside their guts. Then the GOV will want full body x-rays and soon frequent flyers will glow----cops included

Cops? I think enemas would better suit the purpose for cops cause their full of sh*t

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 06:45 PM


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