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Konstantinopol, not Istambul

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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 06:24 PM

Originally posted by herbivore
Well, there is a conspiracy of silence and wrong facts in all "historical" books regarding Romeic Empire. You may have been taught that this Empire was Greek, and it was not. They were Roman empire, the strongest in the history of the world (lasted a 1000 years). Please watch the video (I watched it several times, enjoying every time). Listen carefully, as every word has importance.

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Ah Byzantium my old buddy, yes it is underrated.
You do need to read up more on it though, than just watch a you tube video...

it was not the greatest, depends how one decides what is the greatest.

The Religion of Chritianity adopted by Contanitine changed the Roman Empire religion.

Rome fell to plague and invaders and moved the capitol to the Bospherous. The fact that filth and invaders made their way to Rome suggests that it was not so great anymore...

The Church was Greek Orthodox in Constantinople.
There was a schism in the church and Rome maintained Latin tradition (Roman Catholic) and Constantinople became the Greek Orthodox Church. They spoke Greek in the government and church of Byzantium

In that time their art, aquaducts and sanitation did not match the skill of old Rome or Greece, with the exception of Brick making which is argued to have advanced in the Byzantine period.

The Ottomon empire was more reaching than Byzantium......

Religion ruled Art and we saw beautiful 2 dimensional mosaics, but no classical sculpture etc until the Renaissance (meaning rebirth of learning) where they learnt from ancient Rome and Greece.

Ravenna in Italy rose for a while as a power base during this time.

It fell to the the Selcuks in the 13th century, and they took over Hagia Sophia ( the great Chruch) and made it a mosque as they did with most Byzantine edifaces.

Whilst it is one of my favourite historical periods, it certainly did not match earlier periods for realsitic art, sanitation and architecture (the first Hagia Sophia collapsed in a earthquake). Though it did keep the hellenistic traditions and learnings (from Arabs mathemeticians and writers ) going in Europe when the west went into the dark ages. It should be credited for keeping humanism teachings alive when the other side silenced or lost it.

Quite frankly Im finding all these threads lately of "this culture was the strongest and greatest" a little tiresome, Appreciate a period in history for its contribution to our human collective, and not use it as a nationalistic rant.

It is also now called Istanbul, just as Croatia is no longer called Illyria.
As Rome covered all north Africa, should we call it all Rome also still?...very silly thread concept you have here

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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 06:47 PM
Ah, The Byzantine Empire (The Empire of the Israelites).

Another little known hidden(covered up) fact is that the the Byzantine Empire was ruled by black people, not white. The same black people who served slavery in the trans Atlantic slave trade (who are actually not African/Hamitic as labeled by their slave masters but are originally Israelites)
Yes Rome was taken over by blacks for a period of time.
(often called North Africans to hide their true identity)

Books the subject:
Sex and Race vol.1 J.A Rogers
Nature Know no Color-line
Emperors of Rome by David Potter
Constantinople, City on the Golden Horn, by Horizon Magazine and David Jacobs
Ancient Rome, from the Republic to the Empire
plus a bunch more.

Matter of fact the whole Middle/Medieval Ages were ruled by black people.
Hollywood movies like Kingdom of Heaven, Robin Hood, 10 Commandments and all that portraying white people as ruling these times are just inaccurate propaganda from Hollywood directors, but they always leave a small clue in these movies for the truth. (Such as in Kingdom of Heaven, the first Knight they show in the movie is a black man, after that everyone is white)

posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 11:35 PM

In that time their art, aquaducts and sanitation did not match the skill of old Rome or Greece, with the exception of Brick making which is argued to have advanced in the Byzantine period.

...and it is not only "brick making" that was FAR advanced compared to Rome. Romeic Empire existed for a thousand years. Most of that time, Rome and so called "West" were nothing but barbarians compared to Konstantiopol. Every single person in the West countries knows of Coliseum, but nobody knows that there was TWICE AS BIG one in Konstantinopol. We all know of a beautiful musical instrument called organs, but we don't know that it was invented in the Romeic Empire, not in the West. We don't know of this great robbery that moved thousands of tons of gold to the West...???

Most of Crusaders saw knife and the fork for the first time when the "visited" Konstantinopol.

There is a HUGE conspiracy in the official "history" that is presenting the Romeic Empire as nothing but primitive, "not democratic" state.

Also, most of the people don't know the history of Orthodox Christianity. I mean the REAL history, not what you can learn at Western universities, which is, I must say, just a bad joke, not history.

Orthodox Christianity should be studied even by atheists, but not in a prejudice way, if possible. Brainwashed students cannot even have a correct approach to it.

Personally, I feel like the whole world has to share TRUE history, not twisted, manipulated one that they give us at today's institutions.

This is a conspiracy site, and it is also mainly Western site, and I thought I should share this here. I have no illusions of achieving any impact other than a few curious readers would attempt further research and find out the truth for themselves.

If there was such a huge Empire, controling a vast area in Europe for a thousand years, isn't it odd that we don't know much, much more about it?

The point of this topic is NOT to compare Konstantinopol and Rome, but rather to tell the fascinating story about an Empire that had amazing history and tragic end. We can all learn a lot from it. But, to do that, we must really talk about it, not repeat what we were told at school. Research.

posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 11:37 PM
I just realized, there is the whole text for the video here:

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 03:59 AM
reply to post by Dookie Master

And to be frank, I'm almost sure it was called even something different before being called Byzantium. In Greek it is pronounced "Vyzandio" (Gr. Spelling: Βυζάντιο).

When Constantine founded Constantinople on top of Byzantium (how moderate of him), the capital of the Roman empire was shifted in Constantinople. This new and refreshed continuation of the Roman empire, was now called "The Byzantine Empire". It was all a marketing scheme, they changed capital and the name, but the empire was lead by the same people. So basically it was the same empire, Rome. The reason they did this was so the people would accept them easier, considering the oposition that the Roman empire was receiving at the time, and also it would make it easier for them to reconquer some areas that the Roman empire had lost over time. They figured that if they conquered AS IF they were a different empire, they would be accepted more easily.

Because of the above reasons, the new capital of Rome -Constantinople-, was called Nova Roma (New Rome). It's like we have today with Nova York, shift of economic centres to control the people easier.

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 04:08 AM
Something that needs to be added to this thread, is the fact that Christianity wouldn't exist as widespread as it is if Constantinople didn't exist.

Also, please keep in mind that during those times, there was no such thing as the Orthodox church or the Catholic church. It was just the Christian Church which controlled the entire Roman empire. Later on, the schism occured, and the two churches were separated. So up to this point, there was only one Christianity known.

I really don't know the reason that the schism happened, I just know that it did. I can only assume that it occured because the Italians Clerks and Greek clerks were on a battle over church power. Anyone with knowledge care to enlighten us?

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