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The Intelligence Failures of Teenage Drama Queens

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posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 10:27 AM
A couple definitions/clarifications are in order. First, I predict the term "intelligence," used in the context of secretive (by definition) government activity (in the world as we know it), will eventually go the way of the dinosaur, and hopefully sooner than expected. Future critics will and absolutely should be particularly merciless on that usage of the I word. When there's nothing truly substantial to show for government as we (now) know it, the secrecy that runs it isn't TRULY intelligent after all. These or you people should be/have been substituting "intelligence" with more accurate and honest terminology like, simply, information, information-gathering, or if one must, classified information. So, intelligence failures, in this context, is its most basic, literal, honest meaning: plain old ignorance.

Teenage drama queens is my new all-encompassing term for the entire dominant portion, or the apparent vast majority, of the entirely adult, or at least physically fully-grown, segment of the human race. It has nothing to do with actual age, other than adulthood in general, or gender. (Children are innocent enough, and no misogyny or sexism applies). It doesn't mean any one specific or obvious personality stereotype either. There are plenty of brilliant, charming, articulate, and even calm-and-cool people who are, most essentially, teenage drama queens. Dick Cheney is a prime example of an UBER-TDQ. The way one qualifies as such a queen is to be too wrapped up, in whatever way(s) of MANY ways, in the ridiculous, meaningless political game(s) of the prescribed-enforced paradigm - those with no desire to learn about and be interested in anything else bigger and better, or effectively, than what they're fed by their government and lamestream media. Drama, drama, drama. Baaaaaa, baaaaaa, bleat the sheep - dramatically enough, of course.

TDQs is the best overall label I can ever think of in defining how glaringly immature, when not downright infantile, the dominant portion of the human race STILL is.

In this case, drama is just another word for pathology. Rule by fear, which includes religions as well as governments, rules the day. Rule by secrecy equals rule by cowardice, ignorance, fear/paranoia and greed. Period.

Will there ever be enough people who can exceed their robotic programming in this presumably effective computer simulation we call the world as we know it? Will enough folks ever have the DESIRE to simply CHANGE the freaking SUBJECT(S), thereby rewriting the "software" in this "Matrix?" Will there ever be enough who are critical and rejecting enough of the most real, tangible, concrete stuff of which government is made, i.e. the National "Security" STATE and Black Budget? One damn sure doesn't see NEARLY enough such criticism and rejection on these "alternative" discussion sites. Virtually everyone is too busy complaining about anything BUT the real source of the problems - the actual, most basic STRUCTURE of government (as we know it) itself. There are many types of TDQs, including and especially many, many of those who emphatically don't consider themselves TDQs.

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 10:44 AM
I laugh at and support the dumbing down. I really do. I know there are people like me on ATS. hell give me a star if you agree. show the sheep that they are leading themselves to the slaughter. words cant describe the bane I feel for humanity as a whole.

long live the individual

posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 04:24 PM
People are more intelligent than your statements claim. It frustrates me to see how a few people here constantly make broad statements.

Humanity is doomed.
We all suck.
Forget the "sheeple", let them suffer from their own ignorance.

We need to be understanding instead of judgmental. Just because someone has a different interpretation of government actions does not mean they are stupid sheep!

How easily we criticize and judge one another.

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