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What the future will bring and a look into the past

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posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 02:05 AM
What encapsulates your reason for being here. What does all of this mean to you.

I feel many of us are being propelled farther down a road that wont exactly change the world around us but totally change the way we live our lives.

Something true will be found very loud and clear at the center of all us and this.

You can imagine, then it will be true. I imagine a future with unlimited choices based on a freedom of imagination that explodes through a willingness to understand that when all choices open up, we are limitless and unlimited.

This will come from a fundemental understanding change of the nature of the reality that we inhabit. So the lights will turn on and we will see a magnificent display of life all around us that was invisible before. This doesn't just mean new technology and science. This means we will be seeing into an entirely different reality, and a total change of how we view our reality.

The future will be filled with so many choices and new directions for the world that it will make our current understanding of many things, including time, irrelevant.

With so many choices in our future it becomes harder to understand or predict the future. But one thing is for sure, the future will be more clearly understood in our very near and current future. That is to say, we will very clearly understand the path we are on as a whole for humanity's future and it will be in very positive and good way. We start cleaning up our mess and welcome outsiders to come into our clean and beautiful home that we respect and love as much as eachother, that is our future. We will live outside the confines of time and the laws of science.

It is only a question of do you want it.
This is our year for contact

So far we have recruited three major governments to go forward with these critical announcements.

Your world is now actually slipping out of this limited 3-D reality and becoming something much more compatible with full consciousness, and there is no way in the universe to stop these divine transformations!

It has been our policy in these messages to explain the decidedly upbeat nature of the divine plan for planet Earth, but there exists among some of you a sort of perversity that refuses to contemplate the possibility of an alternative, life-affirming future for you. Our messages and those expounded by like-minded others are intended to depict the horrors that the dark has in store for you versus the new divine reality that in actuality awaits you. The point has been reached to change the 'look' and 'feel' of your reality.

At the moment, most of you are experiencing both the anxiety and the joy that this change initially brings.

The secret combat between us, as revealed by what happened at the end of 2009 in Norway, Russia, and China, is reaching the media's front pages in many parts of your world.

A time of revelation is coming when the cat of disclosure is to be let out of the bag. We welcome this and all that it entails! Bear in mind that first contact remains the ultimate game changer.

You are to move into a realm that resembles what your ancestors called "dreamtime."

This is a world in which you exist simultaneously as both Spirit and physical body.

The time ahead is about bringing together the elements that are to become the components of your new global society.

Many societies before yours made the choice to embrace this Truth, or simply perished!
Our presence is merely the icing on the cake.

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posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 04:34 AM
And onto our past...

In previous messages we briefly delineated the make-up of our Earth allies and of the last dark cabal. The latter is a predominantly American entity with associates spread across the globe. This group is heir to the policy of skullduggery and deceit that the illuminari perpetrated under the command of your former off-world masters, the Anunnaki.

This set-up changed when the Anunnaki decided to make peace with the Galactic Federation in mid 1994, drastically altering the distribution of power on your planet and sparking a deeply entrenched internecine war that continues to this day. It is important for you now to have more background on this conflict so that you can better comprehend what is happening on your world.

Once the Anunnaki left, the illuminari factions engaged in a pitched battle to acquire the decisive dominance that was previously impossible to obtain. The American corporate-led cabal was the first to make its move by physically imposing its control through a series of political, military, and financial moves. This strategy was meant to peak shortly after 'winning' the election of 2000. A base for sweeping political and military moves was created by taking more direct control of the United States government. The first of these acts involved illegally seizing a large amount of money from the US government and using it to conduct a massive worldwide assault on the other illuminari factions. This led to the 9/11 attacks, the subsequent 'announced' wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a number of 'undeclared' wars in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The fulcrum for these actions was the great American banks centered on the privately held US Federal Reserve banking system. In the first years of this strategy a number of initial successes were realized.

Taking control of this USA Trust was one of the prime objectives of the American dark cabal.

The other illuminari factions understand full well the changes happening to you and the destined first contact with us. They cooperate with us and a structure for formal liaisons is in full swing between us. Meetings are held

How Russia Is About to Dramatically Change the World

If this transition is to be smooth, a global distribution of power needs to be reestablished, in which one rogue faction is unable to hold the rest hostage as is the case at present.

Taken from:

Thank you

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