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Phemonenological Evidence from Lucid Precognitive Dreaming

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posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 03:21 PM
Precogs exist. Sir Whether you are one It is not my place for me to decide. But to all the skeptics You guys always want "Proof". Well sometimes its starring at you right in the face and you don't even know it.

I do have a question, are you saying that precognition is marked within the person? How do you figure??

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 04:22 PM

Originally posted by Mastermind_2011
I do have a question, are you saying that precognition is marked within the person? How do you figure??

You make a very valid point about staring you right in the face. Precognition is real, that is outside my belief system or desire to want to believe. More people then myself have had precognitive experiences.

Skeptics deserve the proof they demand, I would be skeptical too because there are a lot of people wanting to exploit people with wild and sensational claims for fame and profit. My claim has nothing to do with either, it's 11 years old, I am not rich nor famous nor exploiting people because I have had these experiences.

What is important for skeptics to realize is that they too access these cognitive realms when they sleep, and if they desire to explore these realms with any tactful level of discipline then if what I am saying is true, they also should encounter the reality of precognition within their own exploration.

In regards to how it is marked, that reddish triangle on his forehead between his eyes was not there until I put it there in a dream, which in turn came true giving the appearance in reality that I put it there by pointing at him from six feet away.

It is just the result of experimenting with lucid precognitive dreams. My goal is to encourage others to explore their own dreams in a conscious state of awareness.

We can all learn from what we uncover so why not bring this to the surface and describe potential theory and techniques that might benefit someone else ability to connect to these rare and interesting phenomena states within the dreaming spectrum.

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 06:44 PM
I've decided to start practicing what I preach so I will start to try to log my dreams here when I have time, it's a tough discipline and the dreams will be really random as in the case of this dream.

At any rate, it's fun to practice lucid dreaming and the slipstream of cognitive reality is a ride.

January 6, 2010

I didn't have a very good sleep. My wife and I have a 11 month daughter who was waking us up all night. I did have dreams but all the interruptions made it hard to remember them. That said, I came back from work and had a nap while things were quite at the house.

Dream 1: I noticed right away that I was getting signals that I would going to be lucid. There are certain audio and tactile signals that I get which nearly always result in a lucid dream. I am fully awake and I feel like there are small tactile shifts in my body where there is some phasing.

What I do not realize is, I am already fully in a lucid dream. I hear someone come home and the TV is turned on. It is loud and bothers me. I think, “Great, now I have to get up to turn it off.” but decide to wait in bed and try to fall asleep regardless of the TV.

The TV is playing some kids show, has music and is really taking my focus away from being able to fall asleep. I get up frustrated that I am not going to be able to have a lucid dream and walk to the door in the bedroom and open it up. I walk up to our other daughters room and my wife is lying in her bed with our baby girl.

“Oh there you are.”, my wife states.

“What are you doing home?” I ask. “Aren't you supposed to be at work?”

“No, I thought I would pick up baby and come home and have a nap. Now that you are home, you can take her and I am going to our friends house.”, she replies.

I feel instantly tired and disappointed, I wasn't going to have a lucid dream after all. Frustrated, I walk into the hall and knock over some bric-a-brac onto the floor. The TV is in another room, and because I am tricked into thinking I am awake and dealing with distractions from being asleep, I have not connected the dots to the fact I am actually asleep and this is a lucid dream.

I start rationalizing that my wife shouldn't be home, she wouldn't be in that bed. The TV is not the same TV we own. I go to into the other room, and it's a very nice Panasonic plasma flat screen that is in our kids bed. I wonder how they got such a nice TV. When I hit the power button, I am instantly jolted into a new dream with an observer model.

Dream 2: In this dream, there are humans who have had their consciousness transplanted into other alien bodies. The aliens are using a form of high-frequency mind control on the humans through telepathy. They stand near each human who are strapped to a table that is standing up with mouth open screaming this high-pitch noise. The noise is deafening and one of the humans who is in another alien body gets off a bed that is laying down, resisting the psychic scream.

I am now waking up in this alien body in this room with all this bizarre psionic screaming and deafening high-pitch noise. I get a weapon from one of the alien besides me and it's like a taser. I tase the alien standing by where I was laying down. I recognize my body standing on the table near two aliens that are screaming.

I run over to the first one and taze it, the other directs psionic energy at me trying to knock me down but I resist and manage to taze it as well. Next I push the standing table with my body over and move the table to this pod shaped technology that is used to transfer the consciousness. I get in the other pod and kick a switch with my foot to start the transfer and wake up in my human body.

Now I get up, as my human body run over grab the stun gun, fight more aliens and I escape outside into the open and make a run for it. I relax and think I am home free. While I am relaxing trying to make sense of it all, I hear the high pitch screaming again and wake up back in that room as a human lying down on the same table where the alien was.

Now the aliens are all humans and on the standing tables are alien bodies from the previous dream. I go through all the same escape paths as I did as the human, every action identical only the characters have reversed.

The humans are screaming and using psionic telepathy to mind control the aliens. This time however, I move the table to the transfer pod and notice that there is another species of aliens with a decapitated head on a table.

I walk over to the head and realize that this is my head, not the other alien body from some different species. I pick up the head and a movie narration is explaining that “Zeabu had realized that he was forever trapped in this new alien body, that the humans had destroyed his other body when they transferred over his consciousness.”

I feel sad about the loss of myself and walk defeated and slow with humans starting to surround me with weapons. This voice in my head laughs, which I recognize as myself in waking reality goes, “Don't be sad, you'll find another body someday.”

Then the voice laughs some more and goes, “It's just a dream you dimwit, wake up and see the real alien.”

I wake up and laugh at the dream. What fun.

posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 01:12 PM
January 7th 2010

I had a lot of dreams tonight, but was woken up to an alarm which is the result of my Wife needing the alarm. This causes a collapse of memory so the dream recall was very fragmented.

Hours of dreams reduced to memory of snow boarding down a long white slope. Faint mummers of being at work, or involved with activity with the family. No real clear recall, only a knowing that I dreamt a lot before this waking induced amnesia took place.

That said, I managed to nap for about an hour more and had a clearer dream to recall. You will see the difference when waking induced amnesia is not a factor.

In this dream, I was travelling with my wife and kids. We were driving my black Saturn Ion and had pulled into a Husky station on the side of the highway. The road was travelling west to east and followed a large mountainous contour.

I filled up the car with gas then parked it in a stall to go in and pay. Which is old school since new laws in the real world insist we pay at the pump. When I took the yellow hand written receipt to go pay for the gas that my wife gave me, I noticed the inside of the station was nearly abandoned, there was all this empty space, no items on the selves and no clerk at the till.

Finally a lady came out of a door and she was arguing with another employee. They seemed to have some kind of drama that they were working out where she was complaining about her job, how the company is treating her. They finally noticed me and I told them that I wanted to pay for my gas.

The guy took the receipt, crumpled it up and threw it in the garbage and said, “I don’t know anything about this.”.

The lady looks at him, the garbage then me and says, “Yeah, me either. Have a nice day.”

It was $50.00 worth of gas and I was willing to pay it. I thought it was totally strange they just let me have it. I thank them and walk back to my car. I get in and pull around to the front of the station and notice there is another station that has more people, I can see stocked shelves and I think… they must have rebuilt a new station and I went to the wrong one. I better get this gas bill straightened out because they record everything at the pumps.

My wife decides to go in with me to buy some things for the road. There are three young men in their 20’s checking her out. When I walk up to her, I notice they are making comments about me. One of them was being sarcastic and kind of insulting.

I turn and look at them, and the one guy was giving me a smug look and a comment like, “What are you looking at.”.

I get pissed off that they are being all macho and disrespectful to me, so I grab the one guy and flip him onto the ground and tell him not to [expletive] with me. “You are the one that is on the ground, I am the one about to punch your [expletive] face in, so [expletive] off and leave me and my wife alone!”

The guy was shocked that he was now kissing floor and I had my hand around his neck slightly choking him. He was still being a dick but was realizing that he wasn’t in a good vantage point to do much. And I was choking him more and more each time he tried to be a jerk. Finally, he apologizes and I tell him good and let him up.

When I stand up and let him go. His other friend grabs me in a bear hug. It’s a very tight grip, he’s holding on with the intent to not let go. I tell him, “I am not the guy you want to [explitive] with.” and I cause razor blades to shoot out of my body in the areas that I feel him holding me.

The blades cut his arms and chest and he lets go screaming. I cause the blades to disappear and for a moment I realize I am dreaming, but don’t lock in that awareness long enough to continue being lucid. My wife grabs me and we go to the car.

At the car, the bridge to cross a river following the road is broken. I can’t believe that we might be stuck in this parking lot and unable to access the highway. For what ever reasons, I push a baby stroller across the part of the bridge that is in tact. Then I turn back to the car and notice a depression near the river that we could drive through to get to the highway.

A female employee from the store still in uniform comes over to me and directs me how to get to that depression and drive out. I wake up before I can further any more actions in the dream.

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 10:27 AM
January 8, 2009

Lots of dreams that I can't remember but I wake up before the alarm enough to remember the dreams starting at an Ocean with my family.

We are at a beautiful Ocean on the beach. I have my daughter, she is walking now and we are playing in the water. There is seaweed, small crabs and fish swimming about in the water. She decides she is done swimming and goes back to mom.

The water is so warm, I can't remember the last time I ever had such warm water to swim in so I dive back into the ocean and just enjoy the warmth as it surrounds me. I dive under the water and start to think about the possibility of seeing some larger oceanic life like a whale. I swim out further to deeper waters and try to see all the oceanic life I can.

What I really want to see is a whale, so the dream accommodates and this massive whale on a scale that greatly exceeds my expectation is swimming not to far away. It is brownish Grey with barnacles on the side. I am in total awe as this massive whale circles around. The dream is definitely thought reactive because my thoughts about seeing a whale, created one nearly instantly.

I think to myself that we humans are lucky that bugs never evolved to that size, and because this is a thought reactive dream, as I am imagining a very large bug, so appears this massive beetle on the beach. My family runs in terror and I swim/run towards the beach. The bug was at least 4 stories tall and equally wide and longer still. It had eyes like a fly, and a mouth similar to a fly or even butterfly because when I ran onto the beach, the bug turned to me and shot out it's mouth.

The mouth completely enveloped me, and I was now being pulled upwards towards the head. I started to laugh because I realized I was dreaming. I resisted the bug and pulled backwards until I was on the ground, freeing myself of it's death grip on me.

The bug was enraged, it did some kind of emotional freek-out which was very visually cool as it expanded various wings, and appendages that would flare out. Being aware I was dreaming, I was even in more awe at how amazing this really was. How I could be standing in a reality-system that appeared so real which was composed entirely of thought.

Fearful for some, the bug might dissuade the faint of heart from the frightful show it was putting on, and the sheer size would be quite intimidating. For me, it was breathtaking to say the least because the level of detail, and the ability to just safely be standing there observing it as if it was real, knowing I was dreaming was fine with me.

The dream started to shift and the emotional bug was shrinking down, it turned into a vicious zombie that had a machine gun and a face that was distorted and rotten. It screamed horribly as it open fire at me with a machine gun. The bullets had no effect and I was just enjoying the visual transformations occurring in the dream.

Noticing that it's bullets had no effect, the Zombie charged towards me and struck at me with the butt of the gun. I took it like a man, it had no effect. It turned the gun at my face and open fire point blank into me. I just smiled and was unaffected by anything it could do. When my curiosity was settled, I just made it disappear.

There were people watching me battle the bug and the zombie and they were totally amazed at what they saw. I started to interact with these dream characters and just allowed the dream to flow onward curious of what was next.

“Wow, you took all that gunfire and wasn't even hurt, what are you superman?”, asks this one lady.

I laugh, “No, just dreaming really. Nothing can hurt me here, it's all a Hollywood production.”

The references to hollywood must have further influenced the thought reactive nature of dreaming because Mike Tyson walks over and tells me how amazing the fight was. With him is Hulk Hogan and I continue to just revel in the very real nature an appearance of characters in a dream. You would really think this was real if it wasn't for the lucid knowing that it wasn't.

Tyson is recapping some of the fight, like when the bug had me in it's mouth and I tore free. I told him I drank my “Red Balls” and had crack power. Red Balls is a drink that Tyrone a crack addict character from the Dave Chappell show drank and gave him super-crack powers.

Tyson is confused about the joke and asks me if I smoke crack. I laugh and say, “I gottsta have my crack coc aine!” and I do a little Tyrone dance shuffle. [I don't smoke crack in real life, no idea what it even looks like].

Tyson laughs now, he realizes I am joking and says I am a funny guy. Hulk Hogan was also laughing and he starts talking to me. I walk with him as he recaps how awesome the fight was and how the Zombie was just a bad ass.

I loose the focus that kept me aware I was dreaming, and now am at the mercy of the dream more so then before. Hulk is talking about all sorts of fights he remembered having and how great they were. I laugh, it is like we were old friends living out glory days.

He invites me over to his place, and we drive in this Hummer. He tells me how he blew a tire not to long ago and almost lost his drivers license over it because the police thought he might have been drinking.

In his driveway, four more people show up and Hulk is happy to see them. They all rush him and they play fight for a bit as a hello. I watch and laugh. He introduces me to them, and tells them that I fight monsters twenty times my size. I laugh even more.

They give me the same play fight greeting, and find they cannot move a single limb, or even lift me. They still give me a knuckle rub on the head and let me go. I'm not as aware that I am dreaming and we all go inside for some beer.

I walk in, and get a nice cold beer. The house is really nice, it's big and I walk over to a couch. I think it's Hulks daughter, she walks over to me and tells me her Dad really likes me. That he's a big fan and I am totally confused to what it all means.

[ In reality, this would be the only dream I can recall where the Hulk appeared as a dream character. Not being an advid TV watcher, it always strikes me odd when I have a dream with any celebrity period because there is zero motivation to do so. Yet, like this dream, it can be very Hollywood with all the special effects and actors to fill out some of the story. ]

I sit down and relax on the couch, crack a beer. Hulk walks over seeing me talking to his daughter and seems a bit defensive. “I see you met Brooke.”, he says.

“Yes, she's a nice girl, you should be proud. I hope my daughter grows up to be as kind as her.”, I reply.

“You have a daughter?”, he asks.

“Yes. She's a little princess. I'm married to a wonderful woman.”, I tell him.

He gets a big smile on his face and I toast him with the beer and have a drink. He tells me he wants me to come to this function to meet some of his other friends and agent. He said with the kind of super-powers I had, I could be a super-star.

I laugh and tell him, “Anyone who dreams has super-powers. I doubt I could do any of this in real life.”

The reference to this being a dream confuses him. He looks at me with an odd expression and tells me not to worry about it. There will be lots of alcohol and good times there and I really should consider coming.

I start to realize I am dreaming again but only long enough to wake up.

posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 03:00 PM
Sorry, but I have to ask...have you ever used your abilities to gamble? If so, were you successful? If it's too personal of a question, I understand.

posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 03:29 PM
Well if you need a direct comparison check out Daniel Tammet

He does his genius learning by an intuitive process of seeing forms which appear as the geometrical connection between two separate other forms.

Still I have precognitive dreams -- one came true 3 years later -- and in my experience they are tied to deeper emotional resonance. So if something is fulfilling a deeper desire in me then my subconscious will predict it's resolution.

I practice full-lotus meditation as well which increases the precognitive abilities -- sometimes the vision of the future happens while I'm meditating instead of dreaming.

You should want to read this excellent book on dreaming and also telekinesis:

reply to post by YouAreDreaming

posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 07:25 PM
@bowlbyville No, although I did have one dream where a cloud formed what appeared to be lotto numbers. When I woke up, I could only remember 4 of the 6. I played 5 dollars worth of tickets with guesses at the last 2 numbers. It would be the first time I would win of 5 draws on one ticket and to this day makes me wonder what would have happened if I could remember the other two numbers. The lotto was for 10 million. I have never since dreamed numbers that I remember.

@Drew Hempel Thanks again for some very intriguing links. And I am also very happy that you have your own personal experiences with precognition as this phenomena is real and I am sure you have some theories as to why and how. As you can see with this thread, I have influenced change on them but it is merely anecdotal evidence that affirms the reality, the possibility and the need for further research and exploration to expand a science regarding this factually real dream reality dualism that exists.

You have posted some other excellent information in other threads of mine which I want to get back too when more time is available. Just busy with family today.

I understand that at a mechanical level, dreams are organized thoughts which consciousness is the sole creator of. How this bridges into a physical reality has major implications as to what physical reality is. In my research, physical reality could be another higher-level of organized thought that a larger consciousness organized.

This dream reality dualism is self-apparent. I have experienced it with enough repetition to digest the fact that it is not a delusional fantasy. Which is also why I look at the conscious fractal and how consciousness enters into quantum states. To truly understand something very big we need to understand the very small and I believe this holds true to consciousness both as a tiny bit of consciousness to a super-advanced system of consciousness that creates realities. The best part is, if what I am seeing is true then all the information is merely just obvious realizations that we no undoubtedly will just go... I thought so.

posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 07:46 PM
Oh yeah that transcendent dreaming link did not work I think --

Her name is Dr. Christina Donnell. Here's a talk she gave on her book:

Here's her website again:

posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 08:31 PM
i had a funny kinda dream a few months ago part of which was this rok. Anyway the next day i woke up and it take me a litte while to come round. My eyes and mind dont work for proper when i wake. So i went outside for a walk and when i stopped i sat down and looked at the first i really looked at that morning. A rock, the same shap and postion as the rock in my dreams. Now there no way i knew that rock, i live on the side of a mountain there are countless rocks everywhere. It really was very strange....


posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 08:47 PM
Definitely weird. I've had precognitive dreams about the trees in my old yard where I grew up -- these old oak trees. One I dreamt of but the tree had this rainbow aura around it. The other tree I dreamt of this white bear standing up against it. So I went back to my old yard and just that one oak tree had been cut down since the last time I had seen the yard -- within a couple months or so.

reply to post by purplemer

posted on Jan, 10 2010 @ 04:40 AM

Originally posted by drew hempel
Definitely weird.

It's an invitation to a much more grander system of reality. I just need to dump my dreams in here, will try to catch up tomorrow on the other threads.

January 8, 2010
I have a dream that I am with my wife in the kitchen and she expresses herself negatively. I become upset and challenge her on always being negative when she talks to me.

She says she's not being negative, and I challenge her that she is was just negative and made a negative comment. That in her world, it's ok to be negative and then deny she is when challenged on being so.

I tell her I am not happy with someone that can only come from this perspective all the time. It makes being with her very difficult and undesirable.

I walk by the fridge and see cauliflower n' cheese on the floor by fridge door. This makes me angry because I know it's gotta be the teenager who dug into some food, had to see it fall and just left it for someone else.

I go down stairs to tell him to clean it up and notice it's his friend that is eating the food. So I tell his friend to go clean it up, and that it's disrespectful to leave such a mess on the floor for someone else to clean up.

I later remember dreaming about a guy with a guitar playing while a skater was rail sliding on the steps he was playing on. He had a slight odd way where he made strange mouth contortions when he sang.

January 9, 2010

I haven't slept much, but fortunately managed to have a lucid dream while falling into sleep. I woke myself up to record it before going back to bed.

In this dream, I find myself standing in some kind of waiting room. People are in groups sitting near coffee tables or standing chatting. I walk around in a daze listening to the conversations. I notice one person is an actor named Gabriel Gray who plays Sylar. This will be the second dream where I will recognize this actor that I remember.

Seeing him chatting with another person who looks very similar to him triggers my dream recognition. I realize that I shouldn't be in a room with this guy unless I was in fact dreaming. Knowing his character is all full of fun super-powers I couldn't resist asking some stupid question to his dream character representation in my dream.

I walk over and listen to the talking. It's a rather informal conversation about acting and he is giving some advice to what must be another actor I don't recognize. They watch me approach and I notice he gets into some of a... “Here comes a fan, get ready for fan madness.”

“Sorry to interrupt you to, but I had a question for Gabriel regarding Sylar's character and was hoping it was ok to ask.”, I say to them.

Gabriel looks at his friend to confirm it was OK to let me in for a bit, and he looks at me and says, “Sure, what do you want to know?”

“Has Sylar ever entered someone elses dream?”, I ask him.

He nods his head and says, “Yes he has.”
I smile and ask, “Has Sylar ever realized he was dreaming?”

He looks at me with a raised eyebrow and goes, “What do you mean by that? I don't think so.”

Then I let them in on my little joke, “Well, we are dreaming right now. This is a dream. I thought it would be amusing if Sylar also had realizations of such matters.”

Both of them look totally shocked at my claim that the dream was in fact a dream. Gabriel asks, “Wait, you are saying that reality is a dream?”

I laugh, “If by reality you mean this right now? Then yes, this right now is a dream.”

His friend and him both laugh at me. “Ok, you gotta go, it was nice talking to you.”, he tells me.

“Go where? There is no place to go but awake.”, I tell him.

The dream character doesn't know what to make of any of what I am saying and his friend is already telling me I am nuts, and that this is reality not a dream.

“I cannot help you realize that this is a dream. I can only tell you that it is a dream and the realization of that truth is yours alone.”, I tell them.

I turn to other dream characters looking at me with interest, and I yell loudly at the room. “How many of you here, realize you are dreaming right now! Raise your hand.”, and I raise mine.

The room is full of confused stares and no hands raise. “It seems that I am the only one here that realizes this is a dream.” I tell them.

I start to focus on some objects on a table to make them move to prove it, but they resist terribly. Gabriel and his friend start to walk away and I'm told to get some professional help. I laugh.

The room is intriguing to me, it seems like a way station or a waiting station. I notice certain common traits that ethnic groups are together, potentially families.

There is a door with a waiting hall and I notice they are staring at me, and have been so since the start of my lucid realizations. I walk over to the characters and greet them. “I can't help to notice that you are a family and that you are collectively gathered here to be with one another.”

“Yes, I could hear you saying this is a dream. How do you know if it's a dream, it seems pretty real to me.”, this lady asks. She is in her fifties, a bit heavy and the family is also in the upper 50s plus.

“You need to take a very close look at it, to realize that truth.”, I told her.

They discuss this odd claim and she asks me, “Everything is so real, but somehow I believe you that this is a dream.”. I notice she is touching the door, and looking at the wood grain and feeling the texture.

“It is real, in the context of cognitive reality. We really here, how ever that defines us having this experience that appears real. However, the fundamental state that this reality exists as is a dream.” I explain.

“I have studied this for over 20 years, so I have trained myself to recognize the dream state. It is not an easy feat even for me now with ample practice and experience. Everything looks real, it feels real and will even taste real. Yet, until we wake up, it is implied to actually be real.”, I continue.

She seems happy with the answer and asks me if the other people, her family are real or just a dream.

“That is a very good question, you seem to believe you are real. You are real to me right now. Your family is real to me right now. In my travels, I have shared dreams with people, and I know we gather in groups like this right now. It is quite possible, we are all sharing a dream and will have little or no means by which to verify that when we wake up. The only certainty is what you believe you are in terms of being real or not. This area seems to resist my dream control which implies a more shared environment. I have no measurement to confirm that.”

“But I am real, I know I'm real right now.”, she tells me.

“I won't debate that with you as you are real to me right now as well. I think it's great you are collected with your family, we do converge in dreams just like this. We catch up on old times, we comfort and care for one another. You could be bitter enemies when awake, but best friends free from that emotion when here. Take the time now with them and be caring, compassionate and loving as you are.”, I advise and then I part ways.

There is a group of Mexicans that I wanted to also talk with, I walk over to their sitting area and sit down.

“I hope you don't mind me joining you, but I felt very inclined to come here and speak with you all.”, I tell the group. They are very friendly, happy to have me there and smile and nod with acceptance.

“I wanted to discuss this dream we are having right now, and what you thought about it?”, I ask.

They talk amongst themselves and then one speaks on the behalf of the group, “It seems very real, it cannot be a dream.”, he states.

posted on Jan, 10 2010 @ 04:41 AM
“Let's talk about reality then, as it seems everyone wants to say this is real, and not a dream. There are three main aspects of reality that exist in perfect harmony and coherency with each other. One of them is Physical Reality where we live in our bodies and has that rich weighty feel to it. Then there is Cognitive Reality, one that exists as the product of the conscious mind. A dream resides within Cognitive Reality, therefor we are in a cognitive reality system, not a physical reality system right now. The final reality is the reality of the self, the observer. That is the part of reality where you say, “I am””

The look at me and seem to accept the explanation. “How do you know which reality you are in, if there is all this other reality?”, he asks.

“That is only a matter of self-realization, and remember physical reality and cognitive reality are just aspects of the true reality, which is the self. With out the self, there can be no reality. So tell me which reality is more real?”, I ask.

“Well, this one has to be.”, he says.

“So Cognitive reality, or the dream is more real.”, I debate.

“No, probably the self, you are right. Without me, there is no reality.”, he explains and they all nod in agreement.

“We are all parts of the self. The self has become all of us, but no matter how we perceive it as being individual to us in appearance, we are all the self and came from the same self.”, I continue philosophizing.

He didn't seem to fully understand that statement and looked confused.

“You are the self, and I am the self. We are all the descendants of the same self but have become individualized. The individualization of self has allowed us to exist in many realities as many people but the we are still parts of the same whole. There is only the self.”

That seemed to trigger something in him because he went into some nearly deep catatonic state of inner thinking. He snaps out of it, “I understand!”.

This lady walks over to me, “Ian, I would like to seek an audience with you.”

She is in her late 20's early 30's and is fairly attractive in appearance. “Come with me, I have some people who want to meet you.”

She walks me out of the building and we go to this outdoor area that had a sitting arrangement with a large wooden table that she asked me to sit at. “Please, sit down and we have prepared a pray card for you with an affirmation.”.

I sit at the table and there is a card made of wood with blue text on it. The text reads, “No fear.” and I smile knowing I am still dreaming and enjoying the flow of the experience.

“What you have is a genuine gift. Do not think for a moment that any of this is trivial or meaningless. You bring great meaning to this moment by being here.”, she explains.

“I have seen you, with your shirt that says “You are Dreaming.”, and I have seen your hat that says “You are Dreaming.” and it warms my heart in ways you may also appreciate to see that public display of affirmation.”, she explains.

In physical reality, I do have a hat with that engraved on it and a shirt. I wear it for fun and she has me pegged right on for the purpose of it.

I notice there are now quite a few people at the table observing. She continues her talk with me.
“If only to help nurture you with encouragement, never disbelieve in yourself and continue this path no matter how strange, odd or irrational it may seem to others. When you know something, not believe it, that is a gift.”

She tells the table about me, who I am, where I am from. She tells them of certain exploits that I have done and they are very excited about it. “He has put a triangle on his hand by changing a dream before it came true”, I catch in the biography.

They want to see it, and I show them my left hand with the mark. The triangle is there as it is in reality, as it was in the original dream when I made it. They are excited to see it.

“This is another gift, and you have been very keen to use it wisely. We are so happy to have shared this time with you. Please speak and share your dream with us.”, she asks.

“First of all, I would like to thank all of you for such a warm welcome. It is nice to be in a dream, and then have others such as yourself come with such profound appreciation for the dream. This affirmation card is beautiful, and I like how it says “No Fear”, it would be only a bit nicer if it said, “Never Fear Dreaming.”.

They laugh. I decide to affirm that I am dreaming by moving items off the table. It takes a lot of concentration but once I get it, I am able to change the dream and make objects fly into my hands. They are happy watching this interaction.

After we laugh and talk casually a bit more, it's time for them to depart. I decide that walking has served it's purpose now time for a bit of fun and use flight instead. I start to will myself upward and float along side of her as she walks.

We feel like good friends and I just allow myself to experience the dream with no fear, no expectations and no judgment. The sky looks beautiful and the clouds are white and perfect. I wave to her as I fly upwards and look over the town.

After flying for a bit, I decide to land and just not wake up to see how long I can make the dream last.
At this point, all I do is simply walk and feel the richness of a dream reality. There is a car that is over turned and I stop to observe it. As I watch it, it corrects itself, the setting alters and people appear in the backyard where the car was parked.

I smile as I watch the dream shift and flow as dreams often do. I walk slowly on a road near a chain link fence. I touch the fence and it's cold and I can feel the steel. Dreams never do surprise me, what an amazing playground that we forget often that we have.

Some time passes as I just enjoy the being in a dream, awake and aware that I exist. That alone fills my cup and I know the tragedy of waking up awaits me. I do everything I can to just let the dream drag on for what feels like hours of walking, feeling and being.

I wake up, and have only slept for an hour. What a good time to write this down because I still have time to dream some more.

posted on Jan, 10 2010 @ 12:14 PM
[ Second Sleep Dream ]
This is another very long dream. It starts with a company I am working at on a software project. It is a mix up of my old job, with a different project. I am working on a website and a forum. Next to me is a pile of sketches that I have drawn to storyboard a script for a movie. When I have some spare time, I continue storyboarding the movie.

The motive for this is that I am meeting a Hollywood producer and we are going to start production on a movie. A person comes up to talk to me about help on some software project and notices I am flipping though my sketches. He tells me if I am too busy it's ok. I let him know I have requested time off to go meet this producer.

I leave my work and drive to this hotel. I go into the lobby and head to an elevator and go to a floor, not sure which number I pressed. I exit the elevator and walk to a door and knock.

A person comes to the door, welcomes me and we go inside. There are several people here, and I think the producer is a female Asian woman. She is a real go getter, once she has an idea, she does everything to perfect that idea.

She is very happy to meet me and we sit down and start talking. “Ok, so we are doing a movie about dreams ok. You are here because we have read some of your dream material and think you have this amazing story telling gift and really know how dreams work and shift.”, she explains.

I continue listening and start smiling. Another dream to be experienced is now at my realization level.
“Describe the dream to me, what is it like when you dream?”, she asks.

“Well, that is a very good question, it is a lot like this moment right now in fact. Let's learn about dreaming from being here in this moment right now. Imagine that everything that we are experiencing right now from our perspective is a dream. Except we don't realize it's a dream. The level of detail is so convincing that it is reality and not a dream. We do not question the possibility of dreaming at all.”, I explain.

She listens intently, there is an older man with what seems like Andy Warhaul glasses and he nods his head, another person is taking meeting notes.

I touch my right hand with my left hand clasping the fingers, “What you touch feels real.” I knock on the table that I am sitting at. It makes the expected knocking sound of a hand striking on wood. “Everything sounds real.”

I pick up a coffee that they had sitting for me. I smell it and say, “It even smells real like this coffee”. I take a sip and say, “It tastes real and there is even heat and cold.” and continue.

“A dream is very real, and you might think you were awake in a very real place in physical reality. But the fact is, you are not. You are in a cognitive reality where thoughts have organized themselves to form the experience of a dream. It is exactly how we are experiencing this moment right now.”, I finish.

“Wow, that is very fascinating. I wish I could dream like this.”, she tells me. “We are going to make a movie about dreaming, and your dreams have inspired the script. You said you could draw and were working on some of the imagery for the dream, can we see the story board?”, she asks.

I pass her my stack of sketches and she is really happy with the artwork. “These are some very nice drawings, very Gothic, very epic. Are you sure you really dreamed like this?” she asks as she mulls over the art fascinated by the story.

“Are you really sure that you are not dreaming right now?”, I ask her.

She looks at me for a second, shakes her head and I can almost read her mind. If I could translate it she was thinking, “Uh... no, I know reality and I'm not crazy. This is real, not a dream.”
She then smiles and laughs, “You are really funny.”

The guy with the glasses tells me that we are going to drive to one of the first locations for the dream. It is a peer that over looks a restaurant. We arrive at the peer and the lady director says the peer is perfect. That it really matches what I described in a dream.

“Wow, this is very similar to what you told me it would look like in your story board.”, she explains.

We are on this aged wooden wharf, and the ocean has corroded parts that have been abandoned. There is an old abandoned boat near the shore, it is yellow and the windows are all smashed out. The water is beautiful with jelly fish, star fish, clams, barnacles and all manners of fish and seaweed. We are clearly at an ocean harbor.

She's walking around framing shots with her hands admiring the seductive beauty of the warf and how it sets a emotional tone for the movie. “I can hardly imagine a dream being this real”, she says. She still thinks this is reality and in no way a dream. “Everything would have to be perfect if this was a dream. You have a good eye for detail”, she tells me.

Other people are looking at the setting, and I tell her that we end up at that restaurant later in the dream.
At this point it seems like I pull a fast forward because the detail really speed up. Then they rewind.

I am snapped back when she says, “We are ready to start filming.” and the camera crew and actors have all arrived and everything is set up.

I am watching as an observer, and there is an African person who is playing me as this character in a dream. [I am Caucasian]. He is heavy set, with a round face and is decked out in a white suit with a white fedora or gangster hat. He has a burgundy tie, big cufflinks and walks with a strong self-sense of being a bad ass. With him are two other African guys also dressed similar but in darker suits. I watch as they walk into the restaurant and walk outside to the patio. I emerge from a third-person vantage point into the character representing me, as an actor in a Movie about “Dreams” where I have now become the actor who is not me, that is of a different race than me, and is not the real character represented by a real dream where I was not me being another African person which inspired this scene. Talk about a feedback loop.

We sit at this table that has more seats for about six people. The waitress gets our drink order. We are talking about the music industry and our new album. As our drinks arrive, some women and another man from another table get up and join us.

I do recall we saw them at the table and one of my friends stood up and flagged them to come over. The women are very excited and happy to be with us. They look a bit under dressed and have no lack of sex appeal going on.

They bring drinks with them, I take my drink which is a rye and ginger ale on the rocks. [ I prefer rye and coke but this is not really me ]. He is telling us we need to join him for a party on his yacht. The one woman tells me she loves our music. And they both giggle and sip at their drinks.

The scene changes, I slip out into third-person to observe this teenage girl who is looking for her term papers that she wrote. She is frantically asking people if they have seen them. I shift vantage points and become her. I am overwhelmed with fear that I have lost my papers.
The place I am in, is a strange library and store, it is very abstract and distorted. There are hundreds of papers strewn about and I am frantically searching them trying to find my term papers. I can't read the text to confirm if they are mine or not, I adjust my glasses.

Frantically I search many papers and collapse on my knees defeated that I could not find them. The dream then shifts and I am now Gandalf the Grey from Lord of the rings sitting at a table with a very recognizable paper in front of him.

I have a pipe, and I am slowly drawing in smoke and puffing away thinking “Why?”. The paper is something I do possess in reality which someone wrote about how I put a triangle on their head. As Gandalf, I am looking at the paper wondering why I did it.

posted on Jan, 10 2010 @ 12:15 PM
As him, I am remembering some cataclysmic event where hundreds of thousands of people have died. I feel powerless to stop it. There is also a great war that has me afraid, I look at my hands and the pores are sweating. I touch the sweat and it turns into spider webs. The when I move a ball of sweat with my finger, it fans out into hundreds of strands. I start to pull them and wrap my hand. I am soon enveloped in a cocoon and switch out of that scene.

There is some grey area here due to waking induced amnesia so a bit closed on the details, but when I due resume remembering the dream, I am now watching the movie with my friends. The movie is full of rich dream imagery and details. The guy with the glasses is there with us.

We are in a theater and many of the scenes are in the movie. Even the scene where I met the director to discuss the dream itself. Everything just seemed so neatly organized and the best part of all of it was. The entire thing was just a dream.

I wake up.

posted on Jan, 10 2010 @ 12:55 PM
Check out Pam Reynold's NDE experience --

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posted on Jan, 10 2010 @ 02:23 PM
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An excellent documentary. Her account of sound is very simular to how I experienced death in my last life. It was the sound of blood near my ear that acted as a metronome into death. Where this was true death, not an NDE, much of that memory carried over into this life.

I have posted accounts of it on other forums and threads in ATS. This is quite the phenomenological reality system we exist in... such mysteries hidden from our perceptions.

posted on Jan, 11 2010 @ 09:44 AM
January 11, 2009

I managed to enter into a lucid dream from my first sleep again for the second time. This is really exciting because for me, this is the hardest time to induce a lucid dream. I am going to make note of every technique as I can for any other reader in case that information helps you if you are trying to have lucid dreams.

Normally, I don't even try to lucid dream when I first go to sleep. There was a period of time where I just made so many excuses why I shouldn't even bother.

1.)It's too hard.
2.)I don't fall asleep, and can stay up for hours trying.
3.)I'll just get woken up.
4.)I get frustrated.

That is really just attitude and not accepting the fact that no-one said this would be easy. It is a discipline that requires dedication and intent. The first challenge was my negative attitude. The reward of a lucid dream is much greater then not having one or making personal excuses to not have one.

Before I even fall asleep, I do a pre-dream preparation. I lie in bed on my back, I relax and I affirm very matter of fact:

“I am now lying in my bed. I am going to allow myself to be as conscious as I am now, or greater when my body falls asleep. I know I will be dreaming, and I am allowing my body and brain to fall asleep, but I am allowing my conscious awareness to remain intact and fully awake.”

The role of this affirmation is simply to accept the reality of sleep. The body will be asleep, and I know I can be conscious in it.

Then I affirm the reality of dreaming, “I realize that I will be dreaming, if I do not manage to remain conscious, I will be very aware that any out-of-the ordinary experiences will be the result of dreaming. I am allowing the dream to trigger my conscious realizations so that I will realize that I am in a dream.”

It's a lot of affirming what I already know but it always helps if I take this time to pre-program my intent before falling asleep.

I then allow my body to just follow natural sleeping patterns. I do not try to influence sleep, I simply allow sleep to happen naturally.

The only difference is attention focusing. Now I am focusing my attention on the intent of remaining conscious and the body will naturally relax. When sleep starts, the physical senses appear to invert from perceiving the physical world and become a cognitive mirror and start to perceive the information coming forward as dreams.

I started to see wisps of colors that were faint thin strands. As the body started to relax, more complex geometric patterns started to emerge. This is a very good sign of the progress to sleep and dreaming. What I started doing to avoid this hypnogogic imagery from sucking me into a dream unconsciously was to create a construct of organized focused thought to hide in so to speak while the rest of the sleep process just happened.
To do this, I simply focus on an activity that keeps my attention on that activity and not on falling asleep. I just let falling asleep happen naturally. I start by imagining either walking, driving or using a rope with knots to climb or a ladder to climb.

This time, I used a rope with knots. I started to visualize myself grabbing on to each knot and slowly pulling myself up. Almost immediately the faint image of a knotted rope was in this construct. Followed by a tactile sensation of my hands touching and pulling on the rope. It was all very faint and my body was still very awake, along with the now fractal patterns of swirling geometry that naturally comes with hypnogogia.

If I wake up, for example lose focus and turn over, which I did about 4 times before success, I just continue reaffirming and starting over from scratch. Just let my body find that comfortable sleeping position where it then drops off.

The rope construct gets more energy and focus so becomes more real. Soon, I was swinging from rope to rope and in no time, I had no body awareness but total focus on the rope construct. A flood of peach color suddenly came into view and I was instantly in a dream.

This is also a critical time because losing focus and conscious awareness is very easy. If I do this right, I can be conscious for the entire time my body sleeps. However, my sleep is currently interrupted about 4 times a night because of our baby, and that is fine. I just accept that reality and it adds to the complex challenge of lucid dreaming. I say that because she will start crying very soon and wake me up.

In the dream, I then try to recover my intent if I had one, which I didn't. My intent was just to be conscious. The peach color was then transformed to a nice setting with a house. I relaxed and affirmed to myself that I was fully awake and conscious. I just stood there, not engaging anything and allowed myself to be as conscious as I could be.

I could feel myself breathing, and I was extremely happy that I managed to survive the collapse of consciousness during sleep. However, the sounds of baby crying snapped me back before I could really engage this potential with any further conscious exploration.

I wake up and get her from her crib and bring her to bed.

The second sleep wasn't so successful, I tried the same technique but fell asleep faster then before and just had two distinct dreams that I could remember.

Dream One:

I had a dream I was staying at a house. The house was fairly large and seemingly vacant. It was on an Indian reserve and outside of the house there was a sweat lodge, a medicine circle and lots of pine trees.
I spent a lot of time in the house just walking around, sitting and watching TV. Going to the kitchen. Everything you would expect if you just lazed around your house for a while.

One of the interesting doors however of the house lead to an alien world. I didn't want to go through it because I was scared of the aliens that lived there. The door had a paper with a warning regarding that world.

I did however leave the house and was sitting and mediating in a wooden shelter area. This native lady was there and she was sitting beside me for a bit and then walked off. I can't remember the conversation we had.

Dream Two:

I was walking down a street and there was this concrete foundation and two east Indian men talking over the project and the one was saying he was going to pull the plug because the costs of building a restaurant there was way to over priced then the original budget. He was talking about how much of a wasted budget it would be because the construction costs made leasing the building far too expensive.

I walked around the poured foundation and asked them what type of restaurant was going to be built here. They said a sushi restaurant. The moment they said that, the restaurant formed around me and I was sitting with a friend of mine named Matt.

When we had the menu, it seemed to be missing some dishes and was very limited. I order tuna and salmon sashimi and some rolls. It was funny that the lady told me how expensive the sashimi would be and I didn't care. My friend however wanted all of his sushi deep-fried which made me look at him like he was a bit eccentric.

We get the sushi and eat. It tastes very good. The ginger and wasabi all have clearly communicated flavor. My friend's sushi is quite disgusting however, it's all in a blob that is stuck together and looks very unappetizing.

There is a lady there, and she is talking about working at this restaurant. She talks it over with the manager near us. I had no realization I was dreaming until I woke up.

posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 07:57 PM
I definitely give you the benefit of the doubt. There's no way for anyone who reads this to know if it's genuine or b.s., but what i do know is there's a lot we don't know, and anything is possible. I used to believe lucid dreaming was too good to be true, till i learned how to do it, and it was amazing! i mean, being able to control and manipulate your dreams and do ANYTHING in the blink of an eye....and when i finally mastered it it was unbelievable. I have had precognitive dreams as well, i dreamt that a huge spider was hanging from a thread beside my bed, the next morning when i got out of the shower there was the same giant spider on the bathroom floor. Another time, i dreamt i was being chased by a scorpion and the next day there was a scorpion in the bathroom at my sisters house.... and i very rarely see scorpions where i live, in fact i've only seen maybe 4 or 5 in my it was too crazy to be a coincidence. So, yeah, i think it is definitely possible.

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posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 10:23 PM
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Well, you are close to connecting these dots, you have lucid dreams, you have precognitive dreams, all you need to do now is control a precognitive dream...

Just a note because I think it might be relative to Haiti, if you look at my post:

Originally posted by YouAreDreaming
posted on 10-1-2010 @ 12:15 PM

As him, I am remembering some cataclysmic event where hundreds of thousands of people have died. I feel powerless to stop it.

This might have been a Haiti hit in symbolic precognition, hence the may have not confirmed. I have lots of symbolic precognition lately. I should really stay on top of posting dreams in this thread in the event more actualize.

Symbolic precognition is always the most difficult to discern, I do prefer literal precognition.

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