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so far for most of the russian ufo reports...

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posted on May, 25 2004 @ 05:58 AM
russian government secret files becoming public now,including ufo reports.

more and more it seems the russians went along with reports in russia of ufo's because they found it a nice cover up and much better than the real story could be told !

involved are:
-lauching dummy nuke warkeads to test ballistic missilles into the higher above of rockets made kinda lightshow in the sky.

-exploding atomic bombs just above the earth's atmosphere.

-launching testrockets from their new(in that timeperiode) secret rocketbase

-secret testing of their VTOL jetfighter proto types;

also some strange stories about their astronauts are now corrected !
-vanished ones show now that they have been disciplined for bad behaviour,drunken fights and even suicide of one.
-gagarin story corrected too because he collided with an other russian fighter while doing some acrobatics and could not control his swirling jet
till it impacted in a wooden terrain.
-strange lights in space were just reflexions on spacetrash/scrap floating around the spaceship and ofcourse space icecrystals floating near the windows of the spaceship.

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