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How Russia Is About to Dramatically Change the World

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:14 PM
Lots of misconceptions on here about Russia.

Entrepreneurship is busting out all over, capitalism is rampant, and the economy is recovering by leaps and bounds from a disaster caused by the greed mongers on wall street and the idiots on capital hill. Virtually any restaurant in Moscow is always busy while restaurants in Florida that have been in business for 40 years and more have closed the door. I have been both places recently and the differences are mind boggling.

America has HUGE reserves of oil and natural gas that lie untouched while we are "dependent" on foreign energy. It is a dependence created by design and the people who are doing it should be in prison. It is being done on purpose to bring our great nation to its knees so the black knights covered in shining white armor can come to our rescue and enslave us in the process.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:16 PM
I always thought that Canada had the worlds largest FreshWater reserves. I could be wrong though, eh.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:17 PM

Originally posted by Aggie Man
Talk about a day late and a dollar short....oil will be obsolete in the near future, as alt. fuels are developed.

I give this story a BIG GIANT

It's not a fail, it's a success, They're trying to destroy the Rockefeller stranglehold. The news will make this look like a bad thing, it's not, The Russians might actually be the ones that will destroy the current paradigm.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:24 PM

Originally posted by Aggie Man
Talk about a day late and a dollar short....oil will be obsolete in the near future, as alt. fuels are developed.

I give this story a BIG GIANT

Uh, it's not a failure at all. First, the imaginary replacement fuel you talk about hasn't been introduced yet, at least not on a large scale. Second, even if it were introduced today, almost all of our current energy-consuming technology is formatted, engineered and built to use oil and oil-based derivatives, not another form of energy.

The costs involved in changing over to meet the demand of another energy format would be astronomical. The time needed to accomplish such a feat in this country alone would be at least 2 decades, and that's if you had all the financial backing you need.

And in case you had not noticed, our country isn't exactly rolling in money. And we've got the largest debt we've ever had which is going to take decades to ever pay off, if we ever can.

[edit on 5-1-2010 by sos37]

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:29 PM

Originally posted by expat2368
Lots of misconceptions on here ...

...America has HUGE reserves of oil

And that's the biggest misconception of all!!!

Yes, there might very well be billions of barrels of shale oil reserves, but that's a huge difference to sweet crude reserves - which we don't have a lot of.

I don't mean to sound rude, but please do some research on the various methods of extraction required for different oil grades.

Oils aint oils pal.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 06:10 PM
has this hit msm yet?
I dont see how it's implication ISNT important

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 06:11 PM
This is groundbreaking news and it could lead to Russia ascending to Super Power status. It happens to be one of the largest land masses in the world as some on the thread have mentioned, and that alone would keep them on the world stage. This could even bring China down a notch or two as the Chinese desperately seek energy around the globe to fuel their growing economy.

What struck me about article is when it mentioned that Russia has outproduced Saudi oil production and that would signify the rumors that Saudi Arabia is beyond peak production. This tidbit could have serious affects on the already reeling US economy as Saudi Arabia increases prices for their exports to offset Russian production. The American public will have to foot the bill on that as well, given that they are the largest user of Saudi oil.

For the past sixty years or so, the Saudis have been the big oil producer with seemingly little to no competition. That, alone, is why it should make the West pause for a moment. Who knows how much oil is below the permafrost in Siberia?

A 2008 United States Geological Survey estimates that areas north of the Arctic Circle have 90 billion barrels (1.4×1010 m3) of undiscovered, technically recoverable oil (and 44 billion barrels (7.0×109 m3) of natural gas liquids ) in 25 geologically defined areas thought to have potential for petroleum. This represented 13% of the expected undiscovered oil in the world. Of the estimated totals, more than half of the undiscovered oil resources were estimated to occur in just three geologic provinces – Arctic Alaska, the Amerasia Basin, and the East Greenland Rift Basins. More than 70% of the mean undiscovered oil resources was estimated to occur in five provinces: Arctic Alaska, Amerasia Basin, East Greenland Rift Basins, East Barents Basins, and West Greenland–East Canada. It was further estimated that approximately 84% of the oil and gas would occur offshore.

So, Russia, may be sitting on a gold mine. Then in the coming years Vladimir Putin may reclaim the helm of Prime Minister as been rumors. Make no mistake he is running the show from behind the scenes as President of the Russian Federation, much like Cheney is believed to have doing during the Bush Administration. He is a no non-sense leader, and is looking to bring Russia back to its former credibility on the world stage.

The US and the Western Europe should really sit back and take a pause at this development because it may be the indication of a major geopolitical shift in power. He who has access to the oil has all the power. Now, what is the US going to do to offset this chain of events taking place in Russia?

For one, under the Bush Administration, it appears that the US has an encirclement policy against Russia. With military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, alliances with Turkey, support of the leader of Georgia and rumored military support during the Russian/Georgian Conflict over South Ossetia, and then the failed missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. Apparently, the Obama Administration is carrying on the torch of Russian encirclement as well. Read the article below, because it highlights the military side of all this, regarding the US and Russian Federation.

However, Russia and China have apparently seen this coming since 2001 with their Sino-Russia Treaty of Friendship.

Both the PRC and Russia fear an encroachment by the United States (especially following its strengthened geopolitical position following the September 11, 2001 attacks) involving areas which they view as belonging to their respective spheres of national influences and interests: for the PRC, this largely involves Taiwan serving as a US client state, while for Russia it involves having various former Soviet Republics as US client states. Many of these do not border either country, though Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan border the PRC, whereas Kazakhstan borders both.

However, with the US economy in shambles and the government practically borrowing form its international bond holders to operate, how will it affect the military inroads made around the world as encirclement of Russia continues. Someone has to pay for all of it and if the cash stops there will have to be military withdrawals from garrisons around the globe.

Perhaps, with the recent interest international terrorism, and a war footing with Yemen and Iran, could the US be on the brink of reinstating a war economy much like Germany before World War II and the US during the War? Very interesting times are ahead and the outcome remains uncertain?
With the cataclysmic deficit of some 13 trillion dollars on the US government's balance sheet, and the taxable base losing their jobs, something is in the works to offset that problem.

One way or another, the US is going to have to restart the economy, and from the past, some believe it was the war that got the US out of the Depression and not the FDR's government policies. With this story it appears 2010 is starting with a bang, and no pun intended.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 06:20 PM
Yes, Russia is now the leading exporter of oil and gas worldwide, and there are projections for further growth - both in terms of oil exploration (primarily in Sakhalin) and delivery (new pipelines). However there is no reason for anyone to be worried about this, especially not Europeans. The original article in the thread reeked with useless fearmongering, based not on factual circumstances but on political agenda.

In fact the main reason why Russia is busy constructing the Nord Stream pipeline, is to diversify trasit routes to Europe, and insure that no supply disruptions take place in the future because of countries like Ukraine, which feel that they can get away without paying their bill. For the same reason Russia is also considering South Stream pipeline through the Black Sea. At the same time, by expanding exploration and delivery routes to Asia, Russia is diversifying its own customer base.

I would not venture to say however that Russia will dramatically change the world, as far as energy export goes. It will dramatically change Russia, but neither geopolitics nor the global oil/gas market will experience any significant shifts. What Russia is doing is restructuring its industry under the watchful eye of politicians. This has all already been under way for the last decade, and is not a surprise to anyone.

Where changes are anticipated, is in America's competing interests in Central Asia, specifically in the Caspian Sea region. There has been much talk over the past five years about the proposed Nabucco pipeline, which would run through Azerbaijan, Georgia, Caspian Sea, Black Sea, and possibly Turkmenistan. The future of that propose depends on whether the US and its European partners can secure reliable suppliers in the region. However Russia is also bidding for favor of the very same suppliers. This Great Game will make the Caspian Sea region the place to watch for next decade. There are bound to be key geopolitical changes there, very likely mixed with unstable governments and extremist interests.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 06:37 PM

Originally posted by Donnie Darko
maybe these Middle East wars are really proxy wars and the Cold War has never ended?

Bingo, give the man a cigar! The Western Worlds whole future is at stake here.

Add to this we here in the US are swimming in oil and natural gas they won't let us produce and you start to get the picture. Our side in this is to use up the worlds resources while sitting on our own and then when they exhaust theirs?

All of them including Obama could give a crap less about alternative energy. They just invent this stuff to keep everyone in line. I'd imagine we will start helping to use up Russia's oil while we continue to sit on the vast resources we have barely touched here.

You will never see Russia or China getting involved with this Cap and Trade nonsense. They think they are pulling a fast one on us and I think its the other way around. When their resources are gone, ours will give us control.

There are no environmental reasons not to produce our own resources. We have huge reserves of natural gas we could be burning cleanly in our cars but they won't let us. We have been able to drill for oil without harming the environment for decades. Alaska is crawling with people who know how to do that. They know these are facts so I can't come up with any other explanation than they want to deplete everyone elses resources first. To do that they invent phony environmental groups to keep us from producing based on lies knowing the whole time what the truth is.

LNG cars produce almost no pollutants. We have huge supplies in Wyoming and places like Alaska that are untouched. If they gave a damn about the environment why are we not driving LNG cars right now. The tech was developed five decades ago.

Nuclear Power Plants are without question the safest, cleanest source of power we have. Why then do these so called environmentalist stop them from ever being built. The waste is a red-herring as other countries have no problem dealing with it. Its all an act and there are plenty of nuts and illiterates out there to run around with signs helping them continue the lies.

There is a single pool of oil in the Overthrust Belt that is partly in Wyoming, Idaho and Utah that is known to be larger than the Saudi Oil Pools. The wells were capped and abandoned and are still sitting there. I was an insider on this one. Trust me, it is there and has been known about since the first gusher was hit in 1980. The people who hit it were in my Living Room the same day partying on the wad of hundred dollar bills the government people gave them to keep their mouths shut.

One week later all evidence of the hole and the drilling was gone and the native plants restored. There is still a fence around the capped well warning that deadly force can be used for trespassing. Its on a Farmers grazing land just inside the Wyoming Border near Bear Lake which is half in Idaho and half in Utah.

I worked for the Wildcat outfit that hit the huge natural gas fields in Wyoming that have never been developed. Every single hole in the area hit. They are all capped. The moment they realized what was there they stopped drilling. You should see the number of government helicopters that show up when a hole hits.

Think you know whats going on with these topics. Think again. Think Obama or Gore give a damn about the environment, boy are you naive (not meaning you Donnie Darko).

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 06:43 PM
reply to post by expat2368

I'm glad to see others know this. The problem is they can not control the mouths of the people who worked on the rigs. They try. When that huge pool was found on the Overthrust Belt, the government people showed up before the company helicopters arrived.

The crew were all personal friends I knew from other rigs. They told me black helicopters full of people in black suits descended on them within a couple of hours. They gave them all big wads of hundred dollar bills and told them this never happened. Of course they told all of us who knew them and I personally drove to the site and saw how they tried to hide the fact the hole was ever drilled. The same happened with the natural gas fields in the high desert in southern Wyoming. They developed some but most holes were capped and forgotten.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 06:48 PM
reply to post by sos37

You will never convince the naive people who have been brainwashed. Its not their fault, they have bought into the lies.

If any of this were real we would have started building nuclear power plants decades ago and we would be driving cars run on LNG. Its all smoke and mirrors. Those in power invented the environmental movement, but they don't care about it themselves. Its just a tool to control people who don't know any better.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555

Those black suits must be reay warm I have never noticed anybody only wearing black suits in the middle of Alaska befor ussually when you see them they have big heavy coats on.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 07:02 PM
This may well explain why China just pulled out of a 45 Billion Dollar deal with Australia to buy our gas.

Energy giant PetroChina Co. Ltd. has pulled out of a $40 billion deal to buy natural gas from a project off Australia, leaving Woodside Petroleum Ltd. looking for new customers.

Reasons for letting the preliminary agreement lapse were not given, but analysts said Tuesday it was probably because PetroChina had become dissatisfied with the cost in the two years since the deal was signed.

Woodside informed Australia's stock exchange on Monday that an early stage agreement for the Browse Basin liquefied natural gas project off Western Australia state had not been settled by a Dec. 31 deadline and had now lapsed.

A spokesman for PetroChina Ltd. in Beijing, Liu Weijiang, said on Tuesday he had no information on the deal and asked a reporter to call again later.

Under the September 2007 agreement, PetroChina would potentially buy up to three million metric tons (3.3 million tons) of LNG per year from the project for up to 20 years.

At the time, it was one of Australia's largest export deals with an estimated worth of AU$45 billion ($40 billion).


posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 07:06 PM

Originally posted by ModernAcademia

Russia pumped more than 10 million barrels of oil per day during November. With Saudi Arabian production falling, Russia is now the world’s largest oil exporter. Toss in Russia’s natural gas exports, and Russia is the biggest energy superpower in the world, by far. That does not even count Russia’s massive uranium resources and nuclear expertise.

Okay this seems like it can really change a whole lot going on in the world.

On top of this don't they have, thanks to siberia, 1/3 of the worlds largest freshwater reserve?

What are your thoughts on this ATS
How much can change now?
(visit the link for the full news article)

Also something else to consider, will Russia take payment of it's oil in dollars or the other countries currency. If they take it in something other than dollar the dollar will far further and faster. Because once a few countries stop buying dollars in order to buy oil, it makes it possible for the rest to do the same. The funny thing is that the US can't bully Russia or even attack Russia in order to stop them from doing this if they want. It's called the petrodollar, thats what we are protecting. We oil to be priced in dollars pure and simple, and I will give you a few quotes from an article I will post.

"Dollar/petrodollar supremacy allows the U.S. a unique ability to sustain yearly current account deficits; pass huge tax cuts, build a massive military Empire of Bases around the globe, and still have others accept our currency as medium of exchange for their imported good and services. The origins of this history are not found in textbooks on International Economics, but rather in the minutes of meetings held by various banking and petroleum elites who have quietly sought unhindered power."


"Petrodollar recycling works quite simply because oil is an essential commodity for every nation, and the petrodollar system demands the buildup of huge trade surpluses in order to accumulate dollar surpluses. This is the case for every country but the United States, which controls the dollar and prints it at will or fiat. Because today the majority of all international trade is done in dollars, other countries must engage in active trade relations with the U.S. to get the means of payment they cannot themselves issue. The entire global trade structure today has formed around this dynamic, from Russia to China, from Brazil to South Korea and Japan. Every nation aims to maximize dollar surpluses from their export trade as almost every nation needs to import oil.

This insures the dollar’s liquidity value, and helps explain why almost 70% of world trade is conducted in dollars, even though U.S. exports are about one third of that total. The dollar is the currency which central banks accumulate as reserves, but whether it is China, Japan, Brazil or Russia, they simply do not stack all these dollars in their vaults. Currencies have one advantage over gold. A central bank can use it to buy the state bonds of the issuer, the United States. Most countries around the world are forced to control trade deficits or face currency collapse.

Such is not the case in the United States, whose number one export product is the dollar itself. This unique arrangement is largely due to the dollar’s World Reserve currency role, which is underpinned by its petrodollar role. Every nation needs to get dollars to purchase oil, some more than others. This means their trade targets are countries that utilize the dollar, with the U.S. consumer as the main target for export products of the nation seeking to build dollar reserves."

In essence we export dollars in order for dollars to be used in 70% of international transactions on the planet. And then these dollars via central banks and/or other financial entities get recycled back into the US via bonds of sorts, which allow us to continue our "way of life" without the consequences. Pure and simple a shell game of paper to force people to accept this paper.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 07:11 PM
Slaves we are slaves in a different way in a different generaton but no matter how you look at it..... history hasn't changed we are still slaves.

It is up to the peoples of this entire Planet to stand together and tell these Elitist in the governments not anymore, it's our life, our Planet and we are taking it back and cleaning up the mess they made.

They are the Millionaires and there monies need to be striped from them and they need to do the hard labor they make the peoples do in slave shops. Let them know what hunger, lack of sleep, and let's not forget lack of health care for them feels.

We need to pull up our pants as a race of people and tare down the boundry lines, monies and work to make this the Heaven on Earth we were to rightfully have.

There's no need to be fighting, hurting another we just need to cover each others backs just like friends do.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 07:24 PM
I bet they have a couple million soilders too. God only knows how many nukes they have. Russia was the reason my family moved from europe to Canada.

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 07:57 PM

Originally posted by Aggie Man
Talk about a day late and a dollar short....oil will be obsolete in the near future, as alt. fuels are developed.

I give this story a BIG GIANT

I can not believe that anybody could be so naive. The oil and gas companies and oil producing governments for that matter will squeeze out and sell every last drop before alternative energy takes over.
No matter what cost to the environment, no matter how many lives it costs...its all about the money, make no mistake about that my friend.


posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 08:10 PM
It's pretty complex, the oil and gas availability. It is thought the US, Europe, China, Japan, et al - want to see the reserves in the Middle East drained fairly quickly, while prices are still manageable. This will take them out of the loop as far as political leverage. With poor economic planning, they'll just be impoverished Third World countries again, and less problematic.

It will be a different ball game when America starts fully utilizing it's own untapped reserves in places like Wyoming, Utah, Alaska, etc. One has to factor in that oil being in a place does not just make it gush out of the ground. There is a cost in accessing it. Right now the Saudi oilfields need tremendous water pressure to make them yield. This gets increasingly expensive and compromises profitability to the point where it is cheaper not to pump anything.

The US and Europeans are used to waiting things out as are the Chinese. The cash hungry oil states are the ones who are susceptible to price changes and political maneuvering.

All in all no easy explanations for what major powers are doing or why.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 08:23 PM
reply to post by ModernAcademia

I may have mentioned a while ago, but it's just the slow and eventually replacing of the current world powers. In due time, they'll black mail Europe into becoming the site of their energy monopoly, and in further time still they'll have deals with China to build them an army worthy of Mordor. lol. As the US sinks into a recession, the Chinese will need new business. Building tanks for Russia in exchange for their growing oil needs is far easier than a dead end deal with the Americans. Two paths can stem from that. A world Union forms out of the East, or the Americans reorganize into a North American Union, and use their resources to respond to Russia's black mail. Either way, you've got two dumbasses waving around showing whose got the biggest balls. The only peaceful solution is... well I can't think of one. Either Russia forcefully takes over Europe, or the Americans counter.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 08:24 PM
reply to post by Rigel Kent

Increasing plastic production + alternative fuel sails would produce more money then you could ever make on oil alone. Don't be so naive. two monopolies are better than one.

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