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Behold! The white horse is Pegasus!

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 06:19 AM
Pegasus The Winged White Horse,

"The ancient sign of the new millennium and new consciousness.

It has made it's appearance just as predicted thousands of years ago. Read the remarkable report on why the recent Pegasus discoveries are so important to you and to this world.


Ancient Document: Bible.
Second coming of universal Christ consciousness is described thusly,

Revelation 19:11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he does judge and make war.


The only white horse in the sky is the constellation Pegasus.

Therefore we should look for new activity in Pegasus as a sign.


October 20 1995, two Swiss astronomers, Didier Queloz and Michael Mayor discovered a sun star that was a twin of the sun in our solar system.

Around this sun star they found an orbiting planet. This was confirmed by Geoffrey Marcy, and Paul Butler of San Francisco State University.





Just Like The Scripture Said.

Heaven Opened, and

Behold, The White Horse.

The Christian Bible refers to the White Horse which appears in the sky.

Being a Greek document, one can easily understand that the Bible is referring to Pegasus. The one and only white horse whose location is the sky.

But Pegasus is not limited to the sky.

In the human body the place of memory is called "hippocampus"

The word hippocampus means sea horse. The father of Pegasus was Poseidon the God of the Sea.

In addition, Stedmans medical dictionary defines the hippocampus of the brain as a white eminence.

Thus Pegasus is the white sea horse of Revelation and the white sea horse in the sky, and in addition, the white sea horse of memory within you.

What makes this even more interesting is the fact that Pegasus was sacred to the Muses.

The mother of the Muses is Mnemosyne who is the Goddess of memory .

Pegasus which is the hippocampus of the brain responsible for memory.

Pegasus connected to Mnemosyne who is the Goddess of memory.



So, Pegasus is the hippocampus of your brain.

The place of memory.

But who are the Muses ?.

The Muses are nine entities of mythology who lived on Mt Helicon the sacred Mountain of Apollo. Remember, these things did not physically exist .

They are symbolic references to your head, your brain.!

Pegasus was connected to the Muses because he opened their fountain, (Hippocrene) on Mt. Helicon.

The Muses were Calliope, Epic stories, Erato Love, Enterpe, lyric (word), Melpomeny, tragedy, Thalia, Comedy, Clio history, Urania, Astronomy, Polyhymnia, sacred song (see the word Hymn), and Terpsichore, dance.

So the thought patterns that are part of the human psyche or consciousness that eventually manifest into the physical realms are represented by the Muses.

But there is something else to consider as we connect Pegasus and the Muses.

The word Muse means the art of meditation.


The very interesting part of all of this is that the word Muse means the mind and meditation.

Pegasus is the white horse that caused the fountain of the Muses to activate. This was on Mount Helicon.

Consider meditation and the spiral energy called Kundalini or the coiled serpent which rises up from the base of the spine to the Pineal Gland of the brain.

Now consider the fact that the word Helicon which is the sacred mountain of the Muses, means spiral.

So Helicon the sacred mountain of the Muses is the spiral energy which rises in meditation to bring us to the place of enlightenment.

Also keep in mind that this mountain is sacred to Apollo.

Do you "remember how we showed you the Harmony of Apollo which is a geometric pattern created by the Greeks that fits perfectly over the picture of Supernova 1987A?

Everything is connected in perfect harmony, within and without.


Mt. Helicon is the spiral or energy which rises through the spine in Meditation.

The fact that Pegasus stimulates this activity is extremely important because this is the time of Pegasus as fulfilled by the discovery in Switzerland where two scientists for the first time discovered a planet orbiting a sun that was a twin of ours.

This fulfilled the prophecy of Revelation.

So Pegasus is a symbol of the time of new consciousness which will bring forth a whole new civilization.

A new world, a new age.

We have shown the connection between Pegasus and the human brain and also between Pegasus and the practice of meditation.

The Muses were born of a union between Zeus, and Mnemosyne.

Mnemosyne is the Goddess of Memory.

Zeus would ride on the back of Pegasus and hurl lightening bolts across the skies. This of course simply means that enlightenment comes from God or Zeus.

The white horse of the heavens is Pegasus and the Book of Revelation tells us that Jesus will return on a white horse.

Thus both Zeus and Jesus ride on Pegasus.

And Pegasus the white horse is the hippocampus of the brain or the place of memory which allows us to understand the 2nd coming of Jesus as a renewal of the mind , a new consciousness.

Not only does the Bible say that Jesus returns on the white horse (which is Pegasus, the horse of Zeus) but it also quotes Jesus as saying that the return of the Son of Man would be as "lightening from east to west Enlightenment from the right hemisphere to the left.

Jesus and Zeus are one and the same, both creations of the Greek mind of mythology to bring us to an, understanding of ourselves and the cosmos in which we live.


As we have discovered the hippocampus of the brain is Pegasus within us.

The white sea horse. Also the hippocampus of the brain, is responsible for memory.

The Bible states Jesus rides on the white horse in the great second coming.

This is extremely clever Greek mythology at its best.

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 06:22 AM
" In the center of the hippocampus of the brain is an organ called Ammons Horn.

Another name for Ammon is Amen.

In Revelation 3:14 Jesus is called the Amen.

So indeed the Amen or Jesus rides the white horse by being attached to the hippocampus of the brain.

The 2nd coming is a restoration of memory concerning who we are , where we come from and where we are going.

Keep in mind that this myth is not talking about a man riding a white horse but a new consciousness born of the electro magnetic fields of Pegasus in the sky, and the hippocampus of the brain which is Pegasus in the human body.!

Are they real or are they a hoax.

This is what was going on all over the internet.

Mr. Dore of England who is an astronomer picked up what he felt were intelligent signals from EQ Pegasi. Another astronomer a Mr. Denton in England was able to get a fix on the signals as well.

SETI which is the group who is monitoring the universe from all over the earth was unable to pick up the signals and declared the whole thing to be a hoax.

Well there is one thing for sure.

Revelation has declared that at the time of the second coming, (which we believe to be a movement to a new consciousness), the first sign would come from the white horse which is Pegasus.

This is found in Revelation 19:11.

So hoax or no hoax this prophecy is surely being fulfilled as all eyes and ears are turning toward the white horse in the sky, Pegasus.


Richard Hoagland and Michael Bara of The Enterprise Mission have countered with a very logical explanation as to why others may not have found the origin of this signal.

Quite possibly the origin of the signal is not fixed on a star but moving through the universe.

An entity that is in the process of deceleration as it moves toward the planet earth.

It was there yesterday it is elsewhere today.

Could there be entities moving toward the earth and sending out intelligent signals?

Something happened about 2 years ago that may give some credibility to that assumption in light of this discussion.

Just after the two Swiss astronomers had discovered the Planet orbiting star 51 Pegasi there was an amazing article in the newspapers from the Associated Press in Washington.

Before we consider that article let us consider the words from the book of Revelation.

Revelation19:11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True.

Ok . Now consider that this is the first sign. This is the first signal.

Hoagland and Bara state that quite possibly the signal is coming from a moving entity.

Let us then consider this scripture.

Revelation19:14 And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean

Shortly after the discovery of the Planet orbiting 51 Pegasi there was an article in the newspaper which is datelined Associated Press, Washington DC.

The headline was :


Let me show you what I consider to be support for the theory of Hoagland and Bara about the moving object sending the signals which was picked up by Mr Dore.

The Associated Press article reads as follows.

"Peering deeply into a spot seen from Earth as a single blur of light, the Hubble Space Telescope has discovered either a black hole in our galaxy or an equal rarity thousands of stars rushing toward the core of a globular cluster.

Like bees swarming to their hive is how the Space Telescope Science Institute yesterday described the stars convergence.

The area is an ancient globular cluster known to astronomers as M15 . about 37,000 light years away in the constellation Pegasus.

Spectra cannot tell us how far the stars are moving whether they are moving toward us or away from us."


What really is exciting to me is not only do we have the scripture telling us to look to Pegasus but the same scripture tells us about armies following on white horses and science then discovers thousands of stars possibly rushing toward the earth.

But what if these are not stars.

What if these are the entities who will be bringing forth this new age of consciousness upon the earth.

From Pegasus they come.

And as Hoagland and Bara said, moving and decelerating on their descent.

It certainly requires all of us not only to consider this in light of the scriptures but indeed to find our connection through the Pegasus in the brain which is the hippocampus.

That we may be in harmony as an angle of light which will cause an arc in brain receptors to prepare us for this new time.

The Arc Angle is yours. "

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 10:13 AM
While your Biblical comparison to the activities taking place in the
Globular cluster Messier 15 (M15, NGC 7078), is colorful and very creative, I think the idea of galactic travelers or stars "rushing" toward our planet may be way off.

Sorry to put a damper on this idea, buuuttt....
Ive done a little research of the M15 cluster and "nowhere" is there mention of stars, or anything else, rushing toward Planet Earth.

There is speculation of a "core collapse" of the cluster, or a Black Hole in the M15 cluster.
M15s stars have been rushing toward its own core center for several million years and may account for the core's extreme density,
but Nothing from M15 is "rushing" in the direction of Earth.

The Hubble Space Telescope did Not discover this Globular cluster.

It was discovered by Jean-Dominique Maraldi in 1746.

The HST has only recently (1994) gotten a really good look into this extremely dense cluster.
M15 is perhaps the densest of all (globular) star clusters in our Milky Way galaxy. The Hubble Space Telescope has photographically resolved its super dense core, as shown in this HST image. M15's core has undergone a process of contraction called "core collapse", which is common in the dynamical evolution of globulars; of the 150 known globular cluster within our Milky Way Galaxy according to W.E. Harris' database, 21 have been found to contain a collapsed core (among them, besides M15, the Messier globulars M30 and M70), and there are 8 more candidates, among them M62. This central core is extremely small compared to the cluster, only about 0.14 arc minutes (8,4 arc seconds) in angular diameter, corresponding to a linear extent of roughly 1.4 light years. The half-mass radius is 1.06 arc min, or linearly about 10 light years - half the mass of this cluster is concentrated in the innermost sphere of that radius. It is still unclear if the central core of M15 is packed so dense simply because of the mutual gravitational interaction of the stars it is made of, or if it houses a dense, super massive object, which would be resembling the super massive objects in galactic nuclei. The one in M15 would among the nearest and better observable to us, being only little more remote than the Galactic Center and much less obscured by interstellar matter. Although the true nature of these objects remains obscure for the moment, many scientists believe they are strong candidates for "Black Holes".

M15 was discovered by Jean-Dominique Maraldi (Maraldi II, 1709-88) on September 7, 1746 while he was looking for De Chéseaux' comet; he described it as 'A nebulous star, fairly bright and composed of many stars'. Charles Messier, who cataloged it on June 3, 1764, and Johann Elert Bode couldn't make this out and described it as 'nebula without stars,' so that it remained to William Herschel in 1783 to resolve this fine star cluster.

M15 was the first globular cluster in which a planetary nebula, Pease 1 or K 648 ("K" for "Kuster"), could be identified (Pease 1928, on photographic plates taken at Mt. Wilson in 1927). Leos Ondra has provided more information on this planetary nebula. In 1976 Peterson has reported a possible second planetary nebula in this globular, situated near its center, which was however never confirmed since (thanks to Leos Ondra for pointing out this fact), so that Pease 1 remains one of only four known planetary nebulae in Milky Way globular clusters.
Careful analysis of the distribution of these stars suggest that at some point in the distant past, the stars converged on M15's core, like bees swarming to their hive. This runaway collapse, long theorized by researchers but never seen in such detail, may have lasted a few million years--a flash in the 12-billion-year life of the cluster. A precise reading of the speeds at which stars move near M15's core would reveal whether the stars are packed so tightly because of the influence of a single massive object, or simply by their own mutual attraction. Stars would orbit more quickly in the gravitational grip of a black hole, which would be several thousand times more massive than our sun. Such measurements are time consuming but possible with Hubble.

posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 08:19 PM
You are spot on with your tying in of the various mythologies.
What I find interesting is that if one can peer through the symbology, so-called pagan ideas are often more accurate than what is normally considered prophecy.
I would only add two things to consider - horses also represent nations or important ideological movements.
The second is that the basis of reality is a spiritual one. The material is merely spirit (energy) in a very fixed Form.

Very cool post, thanks for the fun read.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 12:09 AM

Originally posted by azureskys
While your Biblical comparison to the activities taking place in the Globular cluster Messier 15 (M15, NGC 7078), is colorful and very creative, I think the idea of galactic travelers or stars "rushing" toward our planet may be way off.

You may be well learned in a bookish way but due to your total faith in what you are told/read there are some rather large gaps in your knowledge.

For instance, galactic travellers are already here and have been here for eons. There is more but it's all over this site so no need for me to say anything

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 12:21 AM
reply to post by Exile71

Thank you for your positive comments although all the words of this thread are from a very amazing man whose site is linked.

I too found it fascinating

On another note, a family member and I were heading off on a journey to visit a relative who lives at Pegasus Street. We had a coffee before leaving and I said as a laugh, let's read our coffee dregs as if they are tea leaves. There on the coffee mug was an image of Pegasus! I have added the photo here for you.

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