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Something completely strange happened to me

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 06:18 AM
Mods, I would appreciate if this thread was moved to a more suitable forum, for I don't know if the right people will see it here. Thank You.

Hi, I have been a long-time ATS viewer, reading many threads and what not. I have never had the urge to sign up and actually post something up until now though. I will start with a brief outline of what I have experienced and belief. But something profoundly happened this morning that I cannot quite grasp what really happened.

Ever since I was little, I have experienced brief moments of feeling paralyzed throughout my whole body in black darkness. I never actually knew what this was, and I never really told anyone about it either. But I did learn how to get out of it quite easily. All I did was imagine my self wiggling my big toe until it actually started to move and break free from paralysis. This occasionally also worked with bad nightmares, for I actually had real freaky nightmares being a fearful and scared child of darkness when I was young. Years later in life, I found out this was sleep paralysis.

I also experienced moments of when I realized I was dreaming in a dream starting at about the age of 7. I would fly and what not, but I would lose the state quite easily back then and wake up. This would be lucid dreaming. I also recall one experience of astral projection, for I walked to another part of my house to go to sleep, but I was were I was originally when I actually woke up. For I thought I went to another part of my house to sleep and I actually thought I fell asleep there because it was so real.

When I got older in high school, I got into dream interpretations. Although I do not necessarily believe in this stuff now, it was the basis and start for my spiritual beliefs/work. Soon later, I found out something called astral projection or out of body experiences and lucid dreaming. I got into meditation and experienced many cool and unique things from it, and I eventually had a lucid dream. I read that if you were ever in a lucid dream, you could just say astral projection and you would have an out of body experience. I have found that this, and random sleep paralysis is the best way to project.

I have also experienced many weird synchronicities for over the past four years, some things that I don't even want to get into explaining, although I do forget most for they are quite insignificant and I experience them many times in a day or at least just one a day.

At the age of 20 now, I have had many weird dream experiences and out of body ones too. It has shaped the way I think what's really going on, and why we are here. I believe that this physical realm is for experience and learning. That's it.

I also believe in reincarnation for I can't remember what I was doing before this life. Just because I can't remember something, doesn't mean I wasn't there. It's fact that you don't remember every moment in your life, some people forget things quite easily. Do you remember anything from when you were a baby? Most likely not, you were there, alive and kicking, but you don't remember anything. Dreams are also easily forgotten and are the closest thing to a divine/spiritual realm you can get to, besides astral projecting. I should say that I believe that dreams are 100 percent created by one's higher self of spirit. This part of the consciousness is the real you, the one that remembers all, knows all, and is part of all.

But anyways, since I want to just finish this now, and I could go on much more in depth, I will explain what happened to me this morning, and would like anyones' insight into what happened.

Last night at 10:00, I fell asleep with my television on since I was so tired. Four hours later I was in a dream, I never woke up between this. I was in a regular old dream you could suppose and a spider appeared near me hanging close to my chest. I was freaked out and I woke up and literally checked the same area to see if it was there.

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 06:27 AM
So, I woke up and checked the same area of my body. At first it didn't seem like anything was there, then a split second later, the spider appeared. A weird looking spider too that looked kind of fuzzy. I tried to pick it up quick and throw it away on the ground but couldn't and watched it crawl down to my lower body. I then tried to grab it again and it disappeared. I was really freaked out, and I really think that my mind somehow manifested this spider, which couldn't be touched physically, into existence in the physical because I truly thought I was awake and not sleeping, for remember I fell asleep on accident, and slept a whole four hours not being physically conscious between the two, which I usually wake up every two hours, after most dreams.

I even checked my whole bed and everything for this spider for a whole twenty minutes and couldn't find it. What do you guys think? Anyone else have this experience before. I have never had any experience with super powers or nothing, and I believe it's most likely not possible in the physical to do these things, for this is a learning environment. If we could just make food and goods out of thing air, we would not learn anything. You see, we are creators in the astral, and also our dreams. We can do anything there. But I literally think I just created a manifestation in the physical, which I think is really cool, but kind of freaky at the same time!

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 10:56 AM
The human brain is amazingly powerful. All that you experience or think to be real is a constructed holographic reality within your own mind- your brain making sense of the sensate data it receives.

It's possible to program your brain & thus alter the reality you perceive, especially in extremely suggestible trance states of sleep, meditation, drugs, etc. And I'm sure you've noticed that your lucid dreams are a lot more powerful during mid-afternoon naps; it's a very potent mental state.

It sounds to me like you "conjured" the spider for real. This doesn't mean it was physical, but also doesn't mean it's less real, which is a very important point. Many magicians toil their whole career without being able to evoke to visible appearance.

It sounds like you're on the path. You're probably more powerful than you realize. Beware chapel perilous.


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