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Really creepy commercial

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 02:34 AM
Has anyone heard this radio commercial that has these kids saying why America is special?

they say stuff like "being a good American means you don't scream at people", and "we have a government for the people, and for the people, and for the people".

idk, it's really creepy. it totally sounds like propaganda.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 02:53 AM
reply to post by Donnie Darko

I haven't heard that one. I did however hear some right wing talk radio today. Wow, talk about propaganda. I was lectured my entire drive to work about why I should hate this country and what it has become this year. He went on and on about how much happier we all were under the previous administration.

I am not a fan of the government, regardless of which wing of the republicrats is currently in power. And I still found that to be pretty disturbing.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 04:09 AM
It always starts with the children, bredd a new generation of brainwashed , compliant citizens.
Be a good American ( Being a Brit I might add ) equals be a good citizen.
Being 'good' means informing on your fellow citizens that your government tells you are upto dodgy things.
Being a good citizen earns you rewards, cash bonuses and toasters.
Being good means keeping your head down, your nose clean and listenening to those that know whats best for you.

I was watching a youtube video, think it was posted on here first

Originally posted by madmax8
The Most Powerful Video
its one of the best ways to open someones mind who doesn't believe your conspiracy stories

Here it is, the end pretty much sms up Americans for me, I know most of them aren't bad, I even have American friends , lots of them, but again I paint them with the same brush ( I shouldn't but I see the news and the videos ), and near the end of the video is an Arab wrestler, he's trying to explain something sensible, but the crowd shout and boo him down all the while chanting 'USA , USA' , they don't want to hear him speak, all they can see is the colour of his skin and his headpiece, even after he takes it off they still don't want to listen ,its quite saddening to watch actually , as it sums up American attitudes to the rest of the world , ( i.e it doesn't exist).
Indeed the world not just America is blinded by TV and radio, it dumbs you down, you have no stomach for the truth, we all bleat on about how much we want to be told the told, and there lies the crux of our problems, WE WANT TO BE TOLD , we don't want to learn it for ourselves, we are lazy, complacent, eager for someone else to do the work for us.
Learning is such hard work isn't it? but the fruit it bears is so much sweeter, but occasionally it can be a bitter taste in our mouths, but its something we'd get accustomed to. How will we find out what it tastes like if we let someone do the tasting for us?
EEurrgh you wouldn't like it, its bitter, better not try it ok?
( when it is in fact sweet and juicy)


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