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Weather Getting Colder.Record breaking Temps.

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 02:10 AM
Yet the globe is being warmed by Man it self, the cold is getting colder.
More cold and more snow is expected.

Here is an article from CNN with a weather report Video.

CNN : U.S. shivers as temps head lower

(CNN) -- Much of the nation got off to a frigid start to the workweek on Monday and below-freezing temperatures will threaten to break records in parts of the South on Tuesday morning.

Hard freeze warnings were scheduled to be in effect Tuesday morning for much of northern Florida and parts of other Gulf Coast states, according to the National Weather Service.

Lows could reach the teens Tuesday morning in parts of Alabama and Mississippi and the mid-20s in parts of Louisiana and northern Florida, according to the weather service. Record lows could be tied or set in those areas as well as parts of southern Georgia and Texas, CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said.

Temperatures could get even colder later in the week, Myers and CNN meteorologist Sean Morris said.

"More arctic air will move in this week," Morris said. "It will get progressively colder in the Southeast."

The northern Plains could see wind chills of 20 to 30 degrees below zero from Monday night through Wednesday, Myers said.

"Some locations could see temperatures 30 to 40 degrees below normal" on Thursday across parts of the Plains, upper Midwest and Ohio River Valley, Morris said. By Friday morning, afternoon highs will struggle to make it above zero, he said.

"The main event will come whenever the reinforcing cold air moves in," Morris said.

U.S. Faces Record Cold Weather; Florida Crops May Avoid Damage

Jan. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Cold, windy weather enveloping the U.S. from the northern Plains to the East Coast may continue to break temperature records today. In south Florida, orange growers may escape most crop damage.

The National Weather Service issued hard-freeze warnings for last night and this morning for southern Alabama and Georgia and the northern part of Florida, including the panhandle. Such warnings alert growers of temperatures that may fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (zero Celsius) for more than three consecutive hours.

Peru's mountain people face fight for survival in a bitter winter

Climate change is bringing freezing temperatures to poor villages where families have long existed on the margins of survival. Now some must choose whether to save the animals that give them a living, or their children.

For alpaca farmer Ignacio Beneto Huamani and his young family, life in the Peruvian Andes, at almost 4,700m above sea level, has always been a struggle against the elements. His village of Pichccahuasi, in Peru's Huancavelica region, is little more than a collection of small thatched shelters and herds of alpaca surrounded by beautiful, yet bleakly inhospitable, mountain terrain.

The few hundred people who live here are hardened to poverty and months of sub-zero temperatures during the long winter. But, for the fourth year running, the cold came early. First their animals and now their children are dying and in such escalating numbers that many fear that life in the village may be rapidly approaching an end.

In a world growing ever hotter, Huancavelica is an anomaly. These communities, living at the edge of what is possible, face extinction because of increasingly cold conditions in their own microclimate, which may have been altered by the rapid melting of the glaciers.

A consequence is that Quechua-speaking farmers and their families, who have managed to subsist for centuries at high altitude, believe they may not make it through the next southern winter.

Record Cold Temps Around the World Blamed on…Global Warming

My wife and I just spent about 30 minutes pulling plants from outside into the garage in anticipation of not only tonight’s expected 25-degree temps — but of the expected way-below-average temps we’re expecting on Thursday: highs near freezing and lows down into the teens.

While some of you living up in Wisconsin and Maine might not think that mid-30 degree highs and mid-20 degree lows are all that bad — it’s damned freeze-your-balls-off cold for here in Austin.

So now, as I sit here in my new man cave, wrapped in my wife’s UT snuggie that I got her for Christmas, I’m more thankful than ever for Al Gore’s “man-made global warming” crisis as I read these headlines from around the US and the world:

•Winter of 2009-2010 Could Be Worst in 25 Years
•Memphis: 3 Deaths Due To Cold Reported
•New England: All-time record snowfall in Burlington
•Des Moines: Feeling cold? We’re at 30 below normal
•Seoul buried in heaviest snowfall in 70 years
•Ice Slows Operation At N.J. Nuclear Power Plant
•Siberian winds usher in record lows in Beijing
•Miami shivers from coldest weather in decade

record freezing weather grips Europe, North America and Asia.

When Britain woke up on the first day of the year it was met with freezing temperatures, snow and the promise of travel chaos.

And now, three days into 2010, forecasters have warned the country to expect continued snowfall for the next ten days - bringing with it added stress for commuters heading back to work after the festive break and children returning to school.

Yet Britain is not along in struggling to cope with the difficult weather conditions.

And there is said that even here in Norway which is an WinterNation, might expect Death due to the Cold weather that is supposed to peak in the weeks to come..(Brrr !)

But, if it is Abnormal and ManMade warming, I do not know,I do know it was verry cold and alot of snow when I was a kid in the 80's...

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 02:30 AM
Of course it's man made.
If it's hot it's man made
If it's cold it's man made.
If it rains it's man made.
If it hails it's man made.
Too much snow? It's man made!

People need to realize that before man the earth never changed. I invite all unprepared countries to blame the west, who has power over the earth's weather.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 02:34 AM
They are wrong, and Gore is right.
No, I dont want to debate it, whats to debate?
You are all a bunch of fools for not taking Good ol Gores word for it.
How very un-American and non-helpful this is.
You racists.

-end of sarcasm.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 02:38 AM
reply to post by ChemBreather

Yet the globe is being warmed by Man it self, the cold is getting colder. More cold and more snow is expected.

That is why it is called Global Climate Change. It isn't just getting warmer, it is also getting colder and having more severe storms at the same time.

Who cares if it is man made or not? It is tough to deny that something is happening. If we waste too much time trying to point fingers, we will just end up screwing ourselves. We need to focus on a solution more than we need to focus on accountability at this point.

Pollution is a terrible thing and also needs to be addressed but these are two separate issues and as long as the two are bundled together, I don't think anything will get accomplished.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 02:50 AM
reply to post by Karlhungis

Well what can we do besides adapt? We cannot forecast the weather more than 3-4 days away accurately. How can we possibly plan ahead in such a way that it prepares us for what is to come, when we really don't know what to prepare for?
I agree cutting down on all types of pollution is a great idea. Save the rainforests, all that. But if the world climate is going to change anyways, it will change regardless of our impact.
It's even possible that climate change ends up being beneficial to the earth. Who's to say?

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 02:52 AM
It is in the teens here tonight, historically we had one night recorded on this same day that was much colder, but, this is not typical for this area at this time of the year. Sweet ants are gathering under everyone's houses, mounds and mounds of them, they come up into your home in the day, but they aren't acting right, no trails, no organization, they randomly roam and then die. For the last 3 nights I have cleaned a hundred or so dead ants from the bathtub before showering. Very strange. We see sweet ants here in the heat of summer, then they dissappear.

Things are changing, and what I see happening is exactly what I was told would happen when I was in grade school, only it is happening now instead of 100 yrs from then like we were taught. It is time to stop debating what is causing it, and get in agreement of how to survive the changes. Organizing for those changes now will save lives later.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 03:00 AM
reply to post by heyo

You are quite right, some of the changes could be beneficial, such where foods are grown, the deserts of the world could become the breadbaskets of the world instead. But then the original breadbaskets would most likely do a 360 and be unsuitable for growing foods, they would need to find whatever their new resources and abilities are. If climate change indeed does as predicted, we are going to loose many shores on many continents, and most every area that is not frozen now, will be, and vice versa. Food suppliers are going to need to switch areas of production.
Just one example of the things we will have to address in the near future, but we are capable of addressing it, 'fixing it' if you will, but first we need to acknowledge that it is happening.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 03:01 AM
Maybe the copenhagen conference worked ?

It has been way colder than usual here in copenhagen ever since, and now it seems to be spreading all around the northern hemisphere

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 03:09 AM
I was thinking more of swine flu when i saw this thread because i heard if the swine flu mixed with common seasonal flu it became deadly, so if the global elite has some secret way of controlling weather then they would ofc make it cold for people so they can catch seasonal flu. It's just their effots in keeping down the global pop.

It's my idea though, say what you will.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 03:23 AM
reply to post by space cadet

Well it's definately possible that things will just "switch". However, I'm not aware of any rule that claims it must be so. Maybe it'll start raining in Africa and everywhere will just get alittle warmer.
Who knows, really. It's one of those things like 2012 or disclosure. We can't do much but play the cards we're dealt. We cannot assume that just because weather will get better somewhere it must get worse equally somewhere else.

Planning for the worse in our society involves corporate interests, unfortunately. That's why personally I'm so critical of any proposed action regarding changes in the climate.

For instance, Copenhagen discussed co2 exclusively and left out a myriad of other issues that are actually physcial and easily identified as being manmade such as waterquality issues, deforestation, food production, name it, they left it out!!!

Maybe tptb have just cried wolf too many times in my relatively young life, but it takes A LOT for me to become alarmed. We talk about action but all it's going to be is government bowing down to their masters while, yet ironically it'll be us taking it from behind. But this is not even relevent, until the day comes where climate prediction is more than a pseudo-science.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 03:42 AM
Well I heard on the radio today that 2009 was the second hottest (recorded) year ever in Australia (so it's been hotter before.......).

This summer has been the mildest I can recall. Usually summer is blisteringly hot here but this summer has been great. I really really can't see it being the second hottest year in recorded history. Even if they "lost" all the records.

Oh, we've finally had some decent rain again too.

Cooler summer, lots of needed rain? Where's my 2 stroke mower.......

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 04:12 AM
All this cold is good for one thing.

"toughens the nipples."

Take care.


posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 04:40 AM
Fact: Today in Beijing China was the coldest day in 40 years. Also, record snowfall.

Fact: The Chinese need to come to grips with what a snowman is and isn't.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 04:53 AM
Wait Global Warming ?

They should probably say Global Cooling.

doesn't the mainstream media know anything? Global Warming is know when you or some countries have warmer ground record Temperatures.

Just so you know earth change is normal, thus earth already had an Global Warming era last decade, now its time for cooling to come on.

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:22 AM
reply to post by Agent_USA_Supporter

I mean no disrespect by saying this, but you need to read up on the effects of global warming. It does cause cooling. It will cause flooding, freezing, melting, land loss, animal extinction,extreme weather events, and much much more. Don't be fooled by the name. It is climate change. Man made or natural occurance is the only argument left, not whether or not it is taking place, it is.

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 06:13 AM
Of course its natural occurance heck even mars has it

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 02:38 PM
Perhaps global warming is in its downward cycle as shown in temperature models for the last few thousand years. It does appear the temperature goes up and down at a fairly steady pace.

I remember seeing an article posted here in another thread that stated that global warming has halted. Scientists predict the average temperature will still rise, but that is still just a prediction. IMHO, I think the trend will start reversing here soon.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 02:52 PM

COLD TEMPERATURES will last through the next several weeks when we expect gradual warming to occur and finally a return to global warming in the summer months, followed again by another period of cooling. This unexpected weather cycle is clearly a result of man-made global warming and according to computer models will continue these fluctuations in 12 month cycles regularly far into our future.

We urge everyone to be vigilant and prepared for both cold and hot periods during these cycles.

Unfortunately until we can tax and control carbon emissions it will only continue and may get worse.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 02:55 PM
Please see a "parallel" topic on weather patterns and how Gulf Stream physics can be related to this and the global warming.

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 12:28 PM
One possible result of the melting of glacial ice is the shutting down of the "conveyer belt" that warms the atlantic. If this happens global warming could in fact trigger an ice age of sorts.

Everyone should hope that this is not what is happening, but it is one plausible result of warming. Before we all freak out, however, it is good to note that Australia is quite hot at the moment and is experiencing their fire season. (Which if you'll recall, was quite a whopper in CA during summer in this hemisphere)

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