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Personal UFO experiences thread

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 03:54 PM
I grew up in a small mining town in the northern part of Chile. My father was working for the Anaconda Mining Co. at the time and was transfered to this mining town Chuquicamata. There was no T.V. at the time so going to the movies was the thing to do on weekends. One night after leaving the movie theatre , my grandfather sudenly pulled to the side of the road and jumped out of the car. There was this huge object hoovering over the town's hospital , which sat ontop of a hill overlooking the town. I was with my brother and a good friend of his. I remember all the lights in the hospital and including the street lights leading up the hill to the hospital were all out. This object was silent as it sat there for quite awhile. Then I could hear a distinct low rumble as this object rotated on its axis, so now it was in a verticle position. It then streaked across the sky and disapeared over the Andes mountain range leaving a gold/ brass glimering trail that disapated slowly. I still talk to my brother about this occasionaly as it happened going on 41 years ago.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 04:22 PM
reply to post by xynephadyn

but why not stay - they aren't here to hurt...just to disconcert and intrigue us.

My family and i had a ufo experience which lasted for 3 hours at one point it floated about 30 metres directly above us (i was stood outisde of the car at this time) we were not harmed or molested in any way we have no memory of missing time.

it performed some amazing manouvers during our encounter we also have had *many* sightings prior to this, my children were always the first to spot the orange lights first.

maybe children are more psychich than adults?.

just a thought.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 04:24 PM
One of the first life changing events that occurred to me was when I was 11 years old in 1965 near Portland OR. It was a clear cloudless day and my friends and I were out in a swimming pool playing and there were about twelve to fifteen of us kids and about five or six parents watching us. A kid called out an alerted yell ‘LOOK’! He pointed to the NE and everyone at the swimming pool looked to where he was pointing.

A ‘classic’ brushed aluminum/pewter grey flying disc that looks very similar to Bob Lazar’s described craft was moving from E to W, was about 250 feet up and about 750 feet away. We all watched it for about 15 seconds as it passed silently. One of the mothers grabbed the youngest kid and ran to her apartment. It was at that point that I knew that Flying Saucers were not science fiction and just cool movie stuff! We all saw the same thing at the same time and it was a real object! I don’t know who built it, who piloted it or where it came from, but my interests immediately went in the direction of Science and Engineering. I had to know how an object that size could ‘fly’ silently into the wind without propellers and or jet thrust…

Over the next few years everything I could about flying and UFO’s. I was mostly reading stuff over my head as far as the science and engineering stuff obviously but, the books I read on UFO’s, except for a few, were all biased toward ‘swamp gas and Venus’ as an explanation. Even this odd and weird official position of our government intrigued me in that they were making up such terrible and poor excuses for something obviously real. Why?

Because of that incident, I am now working in engineering and science with hobbies of flying and astronomy with a good bit of my time 'tinkering' with alternative energy and propulsion platforms.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 04:26 PM
I'm pretty sure my GF's Grandmother saw a UFO around or at the same time John Lennon saw one, as the they were both living in NYC during the events

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 04:35 PM
A thread from someone sharing his experiences


posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 04:46 PM
A friend and I were driving one night and saw one of the classic black triangles. Having previously heard of them before I was fairly convinced that it was man-made. We continued to drive closer to it, as we got closer we realized it was completely stopped, just silently hovering in place. The bright young adventurers we were(at the time) we decided to stop underneath it. NOTHING happened, we stayed and observed it for about a half an hour, then we actually got bored and left. As we drove away we watched for it to zoom away but it never did anything, it didn't even move. They look exactly as described elsewhere, three lights around they outside, and a strange glow in the middle.

The other one I'm sure was E.T.s and is much more interesting. We were parked out in the country. All three of us were watching the horizon. I saw two objects on opposite sides of the sky come racing towards eachother at insane speeds. It only seemed to take about 3 seconds for the objects to be right in the center of our field of view. It looked like they were going to crash head on but right at the moment of impact they both made 90 degree turns(not slowing down at all) one going straight up and the other going straight down. The one that went straight up appeared to have left tha atmosphere, The one that went straight down looked like it was going to crash into the earth. I still don't know for sure but I think we all expected to see a large explosion. Nothing happened they both just vanished. To this day the only thing I can come up with is that it was some aliens playing chicken

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:01 PM
I was in the garden, just looking at a plane about 17,000 feet on it's approach to heathrow. i looked at the plane and noticed what i can best describe as a tiny silver ball. I ran into my house and grabbed my binoculars, when i focused on the Ball the whole lense filled with these silver balls. There must have been about 40 of them, just tiny balls moving across the sky. It was a clear sky aswell.

I phoned the local weather station, they said they never release more than one or 2 balloons, so ruled out weather balloons.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:03 PM
It seems I've been waiting my whole life to witness a UFO of some sort. Im really intrigued by all your stories. I only wish there was some way to attract these things, Id give anything for an experience like any of yours.

My grandpa had numerous experiences in the 60's while working near Los Alamos NM, but no such luck for me.

huh, I guess that was a lame first post. Still, I'm really glad I discovered this site.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:07 PM
In the summer of 1997 I saw the big black triangle craft UP CLOSE and I could triangulate it's size and position.

The X-files show ended and my sister said -- there's those lights I've seen before. We go out onto the deck and on the horizon there's a red, green and white light doing weird formations. My sister gets bored and goes back inside.

I rule out helicopter, car headlights, tower lights, search lights, etc. Then I see a craft coming towards our house and the lights are on the craft.

It's slow, humming, a perfect equilateral triangle -- NO FUSELAGE. It flies on right over the house.

There's more but that's my experience.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:19 PM
My Experience:

I live in Phoenix Arizona. It was fall 1985 around 9:40 in the evening.

My step sister and I were sitting on the hood of my step father’s car. He always backed in and it was a huge Plymouth. Our house was in a very dark cul-de-sac and faced north. I remember laying on the car and saying how many stars we could see and commenting on being able to see almost the entire line of the galaxy.

To my right (East) I noticed a star seemed to be moving. It was hovering in one spot, but was making a slight side to side - up and down movement. I asked my step sister to look and see if she saw it and that is when we realized there were three craft. They were very bright white and in a triangle formation. They had to have been very large because you could tell they were well above the level of the commercial airline flight ceiling.

As we sat there for a few seconds watching them, one of the craft started to make circles out of the formation and then come back in, it looked as if it would touch one of the other craft and then circle out again, almost like playing a game of tag. This went on for a few seconds and then the craft that was in the lower right corner of the formation shot off like a bullet to the South. This will sound silly, but the only way I can describe the speed at which it took off is by referencing the part at the end of the beginning intro on Star Trek where the Enterprise jumps into warp - it was that fast.

The other two craft stayed about another 10 seconds. The craft at the top of this formation never moved except for the slight bobbing motion. It was the lower left craft that was maneuvering and playing around. That lower left craft then slowly headed east and it left in a slow but up and down motion, like a rock skipping across the water in slow motion.

The last top craft stayed another 3 or 4 seconds and then climbed straight up. It was fast but not that fast. We followed it up with our eyes until it became a very tiny pinpoint of light that we eventually lost and couldn't see anymore.

At the time we were watching my step father had come out to see what we were doing and we showed him the lights/UFO. He laughed at the time, however when the event ended and we went inside he said that the news was reporting the sighting from witnesses all over the valley.

I know what I saw that night. To this day I have not seen one man made craft that can fly in the way that these things flew. I have never seen a modern manmade craft maneuver and turn as if weightless like that to this day and I certainly have never seen a vehicle take off so fast that the light coming from it stretched out behind it.

The strangest thing is that when we realized what we were witnessing, it seemed as if they knew that we had seen them and they were kind of showing off. It sounds weird but it was as if we were connected somehow. I would also like to add that since the sighting my intuition seemed to have been enhanced and that has saved my life a few times as well as given me quite a few very strange incidents.

I wait and long for the day that I can experience that again, I keep looking and waiting. I can't complain though, because for me it answered that question "are we alone" and also because people go their whole lives and never witness this. I feel lucky and anyone who had seen what I saw would feel the same way.

That's about it, Cheers

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:38 PM
During a summer night when i was about 12 years old, i remember looking out my parents bedroom window, and seeing a slow black triangle shaped ship like object moving "slowly" over our house... It was very quiet and made almost no sound, i noticed lights on it, "lots of lights" that also caught my attention.

i felt like this object was really strange, and being as young as i was i really didn't speculate and imagine Aliens like you'd do when you are older and more rational.

This was 95% a plane, as it was night-time.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:41 PM
My first significant UFO sighting was in July 2007 in Palm Springs California. I couldn't fall asleep so I decided to go outside and star gaze at like 1am. I was lying down in a hammock looking at the stars for about 30 minutes when I saw what I believe to be a UFO. The object was an orb that was glowing in an orange-honey color. It was really low in the air, lower than most planes in the area, and this is near an air port. The object also emitted no sound. However, what I consider to be the most interesting part of sighting was what the UFO was doing. The UFO uncloaked in the sky above me, and was traveling at a speed faster than any plane or helicopter I had seen in the area. The UFO remained uncloaked for about 5 seconds before it re cloaked. I can theorize as to why the UFO did this, like perhaps it was scanning something or doing something that required uncloaking, however, it seems lucky, or almost coincidental, that I happened to see it.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:44 PM
I once saw a relatively large black round dot on the moon.

Not sure what it was...

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:45 PM
My first sighting, one that started a life of questioning exactly what is in our skies:

In 1982 I was 12 years old. One evening that winter, near the holidays, my mother woke me up from a deep sleep at 2am. She was freaking out, and wanted me to verify that she wasn't crazy.

Our home in Vermont sits high up on the East side of the Winooski River valley. From my bedroom window, there is a beautiful 20 mile view across the valley towards Camel's Hump. About 8 miles away down in that river valley there is a hydro-power dam. At the time it was under construction and there was a large crane at the site. During the holidays they hung a array of lights on the crane tower to look like a Christmas tree. We could see that from our house.

So, what had my mother so scared? There was a light hovering over that dam, and it was changing colors. Red, blue, green, white, red again. It was moving back and forth ever so slowly, and occaisionaly it would "bounce" up and down. I was an aircraft freak even at that age, and mom wanted to know if I knew what it was. I didn't. From our vantage point, it was impossible to tell if it was something moving on the mountain side beyond the river, or if it was between us and the far side of the valley, but it sure looked like it was moving over the lights on the crane.

My mother called the BTV airport and asked them if anyone else was calling in about this mysterious light in the valley. Of course, they pretty much thought she was a crazy lady and said that nothing was amiss. They did, however, give her the number to our nearest military installation, Plattsburgh Air Base (closed in 1992). So, at my behest, she called them and told the same story. You guessed it - same result. "You're a crazy lady!".

It was a crystal clear night, so we returned to the window to watch this object some more. Within five minutes something unexpected happened.

From the opposite side of the valley several aircraft popped up over the ridge in formation and headed down the valley. We could see their collision lights with the familiar red, green and white strobes. I figured military, of course, but wondered about the response time. Plattsburgh is at least 50 miles away by air, so it is possible they could cover that distance under full military power if they had been on the ready line when we called. Or, they had already been on the way.

The jets got to within two miles or so of the mysterious object when it suddenly brightened, turned white, and went straight up. Fast. It disappeared into the night sky effortlessly. We continued to watch for several more minutes as the jets did a few orbits, then returned the way they came. With that, we called it a night.

Others in my high school saw the event or heard the jets, but we never saw anything in the news. Will probably never know, but it definitely helped form the opinions I have today about our visitors from other worlds.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:46 PM
No -- that's exactly what I saw. It's a secret military craft. It's not a "plane" as such -- the thing has been clocked as super fast instant acceleration. It's also been seen at Area 51. The first sighting of these triangles were in 1947 at a U.S. base in the U.K. as documented by Nick Redfern. I recommend his books "Saucer Spies" and "Body Snatchers in the Desert" among others.

Do these triangles abduct people -- yes it's been documented. Are they behind cattle mutilations? quite possible as there's a connection.

Have the military done mind control experiments on people who have seen these triangles -- yes.

So I think the whole "alien abduction" is really military experiments.

reply to post by Brainiac

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:47 PM
I was 15 years old, staying the night over a friends house. I called another friend of ours that lived a few blocks over and told him to sneak out of the house and meet us at a near by park on the train tracks in about an hour. I was not the most behaved kid in my teens. It was about Midnight, his parents went to sleep and we snuck out. Going threw the park there are trains tracks which had a aluminum tressel with traffic lights on it for the trains. We got up on the tressel which had a ladder, and we sat about 25-30ft above the ground with our feet hanging over the edge waiting for my other friend to meet up with us. Not sure exactly what our plan was anymore, probably up to no good. We were sitting there for about 10-15mins just bsing, and all of a sudden a huge pulse of greenish light lit up everything. Just for a split second though. Just enough to stop our conversation and say "what the hell was that". I stood up and began looking around. We were in a forest park with trains tracks going threw so it was extremely dark. I turned around facing the opposite direction from my friend thinking maybe one of the traffic lights for the trains turned green or something. As soon as I turned around I hear my friend say " Uhhhhhh look" I turned back around to see over the trees about 300-500ft away a green orb hovering just above the tree line. It had a buzzing noise, it almost sounded like a wasp right next to your ear, very intense sound. Green flames or what looked like flames on the bottom, what some may call a disharge of some sort. It almost looked blurry or distorted. The only thing that I can compare it to are those green photos from the sun. It had like plasma rotating inside it. It sat there for probably 5 seconds or so, and then shot up into the sky and disapeared. Everything went back to normal and after my frend and I stood in silence for probably 10 seconds, We looked at eachother in disbelief. We said screw the friend we were waiting on and pretty much ran back to my friends house that we were staying at. An hour or so went by so it was now about 1am, and were walking up the street and we see my friends mother sitting on the porch waiting for us. We explained what we saw and she kinda laughed and told my friend "thats a new one". I saw the friend that I was suppose to meet the next day and told him what happened, hoping he may have saw it to. Turns out, that he never made it out his front yard before his dad caught him sneaking out.

My friend and I are still in touch today and sometimes bring it up and talk about it nearly 12 years later. Since then I began reading, studying, watching anything I could to explain what I saw. To this day I still have not found anything that explains what my friend and I saw.

Below is a picture that would best describe what I saw.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:55 PM
About 2 weeks ago my girlfriend and I were driving home after getting some maccas. I live in Western Australia, Perth and it was around 11pm. I was looking out the window at the stars when I saw this huge square object. I told my girlfriend to stop the car in a hurry and jumped out. It was a huge Square UFO and on the bottom was 4 big circle lights. The colours were Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. I was right underneath it, so I couldn’t see the side. The UFO its self seemed black in the night sky, but had huge 4 circles on the bottom. The circles were filled with there colour and very bright. Not sure if they were lights or maybe some type of engine. The circles were in the 4 corners of the craft. As soon as I saw it I knew it wasn’t human or was something crazy! It looked so different to anything ive seen before and moved across the sky without a sound. If that was a plane in the sky I would of heard it very loud and for at least 30 seconds. This UFO moved across the sky without any sound. I’ve drawn a basic picture of that it and will upload it soon.
On a side note my Dad has also seen a UFO. Around 20 years ago when he was working on a farm at night he said a round Silver UFO with flashing lights all around it hovered over a lake for around 5 minutes and then flew off.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 05:57 PM
I've seen quite a number of things before around here. I can only recall really well two of them.

The last one that happened was sometime over the summer. Probably August or so. It was a clear midnight sky, it was pretty warm outside, and I was home alone. I decided to sit in the backyard and stargaze for a bit. Something caught my eye on the horizon beyond my house. It was an small orangeish orb. It moved REALLY fast to what I think was the east, then immediately slowed down to a crawl and sort of dropped elevation. It then proceeded to drift slowly and it faded out. It was quite amazing!

Another time was a couple years ago. I was walking home from my friends house. It was sometime in the spring, and it was a totally clear sundown sky. I noticed this fairly big orange ball just floating in the sky (no, it wasn't the sun lol). It was completely still. I stared at it for about 30 seconds. I was so excited I ran back to my house to get my Grandpa to check it out, but lo and behold, it wasn't there anymore.

edit: I live in Norfolk, VA.

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 06:00 PM
reply to post by nitestrider

WA has some great sightings
Look forward to the sketch.

Thanks everyone for posting so far, I cant keep up to reply! But Im loving them, and really aprreciative that all your replies are serious sightings and descriptions!

I may even tr collate these to see if there is a pattern or sub categories of descriptions, but that may be too much work for a lazy lass like me

Cheers Zazz

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 06:02 PM
This occurred about 8 years ago when I was a sophomore in high school. I was driving my car home from school around 4 o'clock in the afternoon (I had stayed late for an extracurricular activity). The drive home takes me down a long steady hill from the center of my town. In some areas, it gives a decent unobstructed view for several miles.

As I was coming down this hill driving northeast, I looked up at the horizon and noticed something. Right above the trees that lined the far horizon was a glowing orange sphere. Now when I say glowing, I don't mean like a light bulb. It wasn't a bright light, but rather a dull orange glow radiating from within the sphere. Along the equator of this sphere was a slight protrusion, much like a ring around a planet, only not as far out. Like if you were to wrap a Twizzler around a tennis ball (best way I can describe it).

It sat there motionless in the air, and as I continued to drive down the hill, I kept catching glimpses of it over the trees. Given my movement relative to the object, I assumed that it had to be several miles away. I wish I could be more accurate with the distances, but I've always had trouble visually estimating distances and altitudes. It was far enough away that I got the impression that it was rather large.

My first thought was to speed home and get my digital video camera which had a 20x optical zoom so I could get a closer look at this thing while documenting it at the same time. I got to my house, grabbed my camera, got back in my car, and sped up the hill. The object was still there. I parked at a spot where I had a good view of the object and grabbed my camera.

This is the part where all my friends at the time told me I was crazy. I attest with every ounce of my being that this part is true. Literally, as soon as I flicked the on switch on the camera, the object began moving across the sky to my right (south). It wasn't all that fast; more of a medium velocity. But given my slightly limited field of view, it disappeared behind the trees before my camera was ready to start recording.

I honestly have no idea what this object was. What struck me the most about this encounter was the amount of time for which it remained completely stationary, only to begin moving the second I flip a switch on my video camera. It's the only UFO I've ever seen, and at the time, I admit I had very little interest in the subject. After seeing it, I started researching UFOs more, but couldn't ever find an explanation.

Anybody ever see a similar object?

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