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A True Insight into Iran Election Protests

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posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 06:52 PM
Earlier a member suspected as if I am trying to spread disinformation about Iran Election here is an article that speaks volumes about the reasons and motives of Iran Election protests . I got it from ShiaChat (largest Shia Community forum) here it is.

Transcript of the Article:

Tuesday, 2009 Jun 23



It is wrong for us say that the protests in Tehran and other cirties in Iran are protests about elections only.

The fact is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has won.

It is also wrong to say that these protests are about a liberal faction going against a conservative faction. The fact is both opposing groups equally represent the conservative theocracy.

Before this, Mir Hossein Mousavi was Prime Minister from 31 October 1981 to 3 August 1989. Later the post of prime minister was abolished.

It is correct that the United States since the time of George W Bush has promoted and funded evil work against Iran. America has supported groups and political parties who oppose Tehran. This is the task of America the imperial power.

But Mousavi and Ahamadinejad are NOT pro America. This is very clear. They are not American puppets.

The United States is still considered to be the Great Satan by Iran’s governing class. There is no political leader in Iran who will dare to openly produce a pro- American foreign policy. This is because of history.

In 1953 Mohammed Mosaddeq won the elections and was appointed Prime Minister of Iran. Mosaddeq ran a nationalizing policy over all Iranian oil wells. Mosaddeg was finally kicked out.

The coup which kicked Mosaddeq out was a CIA plan. After Mosaddeq was ousted the Anglo-American oil company was brought back in. To replace him, Shah Ahmad Reza Pahlavi was enthroned by the CIA until 1979 when the Iranian Revolution abolished the monarchy.

These are verified facts. On 4 June 2009 Barack Obama himself admitted this in his speech in Cairo. Obama’s speech to ‘ the Muslim World ‘ was made in an effort for restoring relations with Iran.

Let us understand who Ahmadinejad’s supporters and who are Mousavi’s supporters.

All who support Mousavi and Ahmadinejad are Iranians – Persians. They are predominantly Shia Muslim except for Sunni madhhab minorities in some regions such as in Baluchistan. Supposedly they are ever ready to become the slaves of America. Two weeks before elections there was a bomb explosion in Zehdan – the capital of Baluchistan. This is the work of an American fixer. The fact is the Sunnis form too small a minority to affect social change.

So what actually happened in Tehran?

All analyses point to economic interest and class.

Ahmadinejad represents the underclass – peasants in villages and labourers in the cities. It is incumbent to understand that Iran is not Tehran, as Kuala Lumpur is not Malaysia. The Basij organization is a manifestation of peasants and labourers. The original Basij are rural and poor city youth recruited during the Iran-Iraq war – 1980-1988.

Basij began as a voluntary group but in the last two years it was absorbed into Ahmadinejad’s administration. This institutionalized Basij received development contracts, licenses and occupy positions in administrative centres formed by Ahmadinejad. This board is the same as the [Malaysian] SEDC (State Economic Development Cooperation) formed by PM Razak Hussein long ago.

Ahmadinejad also has the support of the Pasdaran or IRGC. This is a military unit that appeared in Ayatolah Khomeini’s time. This unit appeared after the revolution to clean up the Iranian army, many of whose members became America’s agents under the Shah. The Pasdaran played a major role in the Iran/Iraq quagmire.

Basij and Pasdaran form a strong support base for Ahmadinejad in the rural areas and the poor urban areas. The new economic power of the institutionalized Basij has begun to corrode that of two old economic class groups.

The first group is the nationalized industrial bourgeois class represented by Rafsanjani the multi billionaire. Rafsanjani – representing the nationalized industrial bourgeoisie – see Ahmadinejad’s policies as further tightening sanctions launched by America against Iran.

Rafsanjani the pistachio king see tons of his pistachios unexportable. This class would also like to expand – from nationalized bourgeois to large scale capitalist investors – multinational -to look for markets in the world. They also aspire to be an industrial class but fail to do so due to economic sanctions.

The second group is what is known as the Bazaari – this old class appeared in feudal times. Bazaari are traditional businessmen. In Malaysia they would be the Chinese businessman who own networks of shops. Bazaari appeared as a strong economic class due to their monopoly of and handling of trade in Iran. During the early anti-Shah movement the Bazaari supported Ayatolah Khomeini until Iran was immobilized and Ahmad Reza Pahlavi ran.

This Bazaari class also enjoys a strong relationship with the Shia clerical structure centred in Qum. They need each other. The clerics in Qum need the economic/money support of the Bazaari class. The Bazaari class needs fatwa to make ‘halal’ any of their businesses – including the abuse of mut’ah (temporary marriage) as prostitution.

This small business class sees their business at the bazaars stunted and their class unable to grow. Tourists don’t come. Their carpets unsold and cannot be exported. The Bazaari/comprador [import-export agent] class – that depend on trade with external suppliers -now find it difficult to import or export goods for sale due to the economic sanctions.

Thus it is clear that there is class antagonism here. There is antagonism out of economic interest. The old bourgeois groups – nationalized bourgeoisie and the comprador class represented by Rafsanjani/Mousavi is fighting with the new economic class – State Capitalism – represented by Ahmadinejad.

This proves that what is happening in Iran now has nothing to do with Islam, with the Shia madhhab or with religion. The crisis in Iran today is a class confrontation and an economic battle.

Let us not forget – there is another group – the Monarchists – leftovers from the supporters of Shah Ahmad Reza Pahlevi. They are a feudal class which panicked like a genie without a master [note: a difficult to translate Malay idiom]. Their master – Reza Pahlavi Shah’s scion.

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 06:53 PM

now lives in Cairo for he has become Anwar Sadat’s son-in-law.

This feudal elite upper class is nested in north Tehran – analogous to [the upper middle class of] Kenny Hill in Kuala Lumpur or in Country Height in Kajang [Malaysia]. This group is organized via satellite TV owned by Reza Pahlavi, which is broadcast from Cairo.

The feudal and elite upper class – the Gucci and Louis Vuitton group – lacks any connection with democracy. They are leeches who live an easy life weekend shopping in London and Paris during the Shah’s time. They are similar to the tribe and cronies of Mahathir Muhamad. They see their ‘lifestyle’ disrupted after the 1979 revolution.

So who are demonstrating on the streets protesting against the election result?

All the economic interest and lifestyle groups incongruous with Ahmadinejad’s policies are shedding blood on the streets. They are united under the banner and slogan – Down Down Ahmadinejad. This is the same as the [Malaysian] Reform period (1998) when the people demonstrated for the removal of Mahathir Muhamad.

Beware! Within all these economic groups is yet another group. These are the youth without economic interest or class. They are the ones felled by Basij bullets. They are the ones fighting with the army and riot police.

This youth group came from all classes. They are young students. They are also the unemployed without jobs and without a future. They see Ahmadinejad as an enemy of their youth lifestyle. They are Rockers and the Cool from north Tehran. They are also drug addicts from poor south Tehran.

They are rebelling against all the conservative values that inconvenience their daily lives. They are of the Myspace, Facebook and Friendster generation. Their parents are Sayyeda Internet and Shaykh Google. Their uncles are Blogspot Dot Com. They are film makers on YouTube. They are SMS and Twitter journalists. Their madhhab is Ali Shariati. Their religion is Mao, Lenin, Bakunin and Che.

As usual these youth are the front line in bringing change. They are also shedding blood for a new hope for Iran. They would like to rid Iran of the theocracy.

The fact is, there is no difference between Ahamadinejad’s and Mousavi’s policies. Their policies call for the maturation of their youthful instincts. At this point in history in June 2009, these youth are congregating under the symbol of Mousavi because of his shouts for their cause.

At this time Ahmadinejad is President of Iran who is proven to have won in the elections. Ahmadinejad will continue being in power. The United States under Barack Obama – for the sake of the long-term – will not threaten Iran.

Beware! Iran has a tradition of struggle and an ancient civilization. Iran has the tradition of the Tudeh [Communist Party] among the labourers in the oil industry. Iran has the tradition of Fedayeen Al-Khalq. Iran has the tradition of Mujahideen Al-Khalq. Iran has the tradition of Shiah combat enthroned as Leftist Islam by Ali Shariati. These three groups were the organizer and early generator of the Iranian revolution in 1979 before it was ‘ hijacked ‘ by Ayatollah Khomeini seen by Anglo-American power then as a safer bet.

Finally the youth will back off and appraise their line of struggle. Be sure that soon will appear a more organized battle. Youth wherever they are in the world will congregate when they hear the shout of struggle. This is the nature of youth. Iranian youth have time to wait.

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 07:06 PM
There will still be a small percentage who have much to lose by the fall of the regime - they may be wealthy and not wish to lose it all. And there are some who did vote for Ahmadinejad, but not the majority. Can you tell me why the only supporters for the regime number in the tens of thousands, when the opposition is in the millions and expanding, if what you say is even half true?

Even revolutionary guard commanders who have had to flee are giving us the same picture - that the regime is falling and the Iranian people are mostly opposing the regime. What exactly do you expect to happen after a govt. oppresses anyone who moves an inch out of line by even daring to criticise the govt. Of course it will all lead to another revolution, and remember the 1999 student protests that were peaceful.... because the Iranian people certainly haven't forgot about the regime thugs who threw students off the top of balconies.

Ex-spy chief says Iran government about to collapse

A former high-ranking intelligence official in Iran has called for his country to form better relations with the United States and Israel and says the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is on the verge of collapse.

In an exclusive interview with the Bangkok Post Sunday, Mohammad Reza Madhi, a former officer in Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards' intelligence service, described Mr Ahmadinejad as ''crazy'' and unfit to lead his country.

''He has already destroyed international relationships with many countries and made them enemies of Iran,'' said Mr Madhi, who was forced to flee Iran in 2008 after being jailed for 73 years on what he described as ''trivial'' charges. ''This has cost the Iranian people so much. His ideas are dangerous.''

Iran's opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi said on Friday he was ready to sacrifice his life in defence of the people's right to protest peacefully against the government after the worst unrest since the disputed June presidential election.

* Full story : Iranian insider predicts regime change

Mr Madhi, who says he was once the right-hand man of Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and passed on information to respected cleric Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, who died last month, has been in regular contact with the opposition Green Path of Hope group since he left Iran.

He said while his country should remain the Islamic Republic of Iran, religion and politics must be separated. ''The good clerics should help the people and the government, while the bad ones should be ousted from government,'' he said.

Mr Madhi said a motivation for Iran improving international relations was the poor economic situation in the country and the need for it to be part of a globalised world economy.

''We cannot close our eyes to the United States and Europe. They are strong political and economic powerhouses. If Iran is to prosper, we need to have good relationships _ both political and economic _ with everyone, includ ing Russia.'' On Israel, he said: ''It is the Iranian government which doesn't recognise its right to exist, but the Iranian people might think differently.

''Israel's internal problems are its own affairs, not ours. We shouldn't get involved. It shouldn't concern us. My view is that Israel has the right to exist. We should recognise it.''

Mr Madhi was highly critical of Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi, a spiritual adviser to a group of hard-line fundamentalists closely connected to senior leaders in the current Iranian government.

''He is a very crazy man who hates Israel and the United States especially. Unfortunately, President Ahmadinejad is one of his big fans as well.''

The former intelligence officer said that instead of imposing sanctions, western nations should look to supporting opposition groups and not recognise the Ahmadinejad government.

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posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 07:21 PM
reply to post by LOYAL

The fact is, there is no difference between Ahamadinejad’s and Mousavi’s policies. Their policies call for the maturation of their youthful instincts. At this point in history in June 2009, these youth are congregating under the symbol of Mousavi because of his shouts for their cause.

Your article is from June, so represents the situation from June 2009, and since then has changed dramatically. Even according to Mousavi's own words, the opposition movement has taken on a new path without his and Karroubi's leadership. The recent protests happened without mousavi calling for them. The longer this goes on, the wealthy who have much to lose will lose it all anyway, then they'll blame the regime. So, as the numbers of poorer people increase because of the economy, they'll join the revolution.

This proves that what is happening in Iran now has nothing to do with Islam, with the Shia madhhab or with religion. The crisis in Iran today is a class confrontation and an economic battle.

Well the raping of students along with beating of young women doesn't represent islam, so that's in principal true . I think the Iranian people have realised that the regime doesn't represent islam very well at all, and they don't want to risk another theocracy. If mousavi gets killed, it won't stop the opposition, it will only embolden it further.

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posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 07:52 PM
reply to post by john124

You could be right. and Only time would decide the fate of Iranians if things get worse or better. I just gave my opinion about Mossuvi as an outsider. And I might be wrong but it's very unlikely.

But just out of curiosity are you a Shia Muslim or Iranian ?

PS: it was not written by me. This article was posted on Shia Community Forum

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posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 08:01 PM
reply to post by LOYAL

I'm not a muslim or iranian, but I have a few Iranian friends.

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 08:10 PM
reply to post by john124

"He said while his country should remain the Islamic Republic of Iran, religion and politics must be separated. "

The above would be a good start, wouldn't it ?

After all, separation of Church and State is the rule within the nations being infiltrated by fundamentalist muslim 'migrants'

It's the same muslim migrants who are agitating for an end to their generous hosts' Christian Christmas celebrations, on the ground these 'offend' Muslims

so Muslims are ALL in favour of separation of Church and State within the nations they're so desperate to invade

At the same time, Muslims appear to be quite happy with religion-dominated government within their nations of origin

Personally, I see no difference between the insane arrogance displayed by Israel .. and Muslims. Two claws of the same crab. With the destruction of Christianity and other religions as their avowed goal

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 06:14 AM

Originally posted by john124
Ex-spy chief says Iran government about to collapse

Something for you to ponder on

Beware Propaganda

With all the stories of continued Iranian unrest, human rights abuses and the complications for Western nuclear diplomacy, beware what seems a notable uptick, too, in very fishy stories of the Chalabi/U.S.-soldiers-will-be-greeted-with-flowers type emerging as well.

For instance, take this piece today in the Bangkok Post by one Maximilian Wechsler, claiming to be an exclusive interview with a former Iran intelligence chief, Mohammad Reza Madhi, who the article says was supposedly Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's right-hand man.

Problem is, there is nothing except this article, being circulated by Iranian monarchist exiles (Reza Pahlavi, the son of the shah, has recently been traveling in Bangkok, the article notes and sources tell POLITICO) to show that Madhi is what he says he is. The article describes Madhi as "Iran's intelligence chief," while there are no other references that could be found to Madhi having any such position besides those generated by the article itself.

And a bit of digging shows that the writer of Sunday's Bangkok Post "exclusive," Wechsler, is himself a former documented Czech-Australian double agent and informant who, after he broke ranks with the Australian intelligence services, landed in Thailand and reportedly worked as an agent provocateur, among other gigs:

According to an intelligence officer, who knew Wechsler at that time and saw him at the Australian Embassy, he was also an agent provocateur. He established a connection with the Ananda Marga sect and was responsible for the arrest in Bangkok in 1978 of Ananda Marga members who were sold explosives by Wechsler. The three Ananda Marga — two Australians and one American — were charged with conspiring to blow up the Indian Embassy.

Wechsler, described as a freelancer by the Bangkok Post, has done several articles but has a history of working for various undercover, nonjournalistic efforts. See this fascinating history of Wechsler by Victoria University professor Phillip Deery, based on records released by Australia's security services and other interviews.


posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 06:16 AM
reply to post by LOYAL

I have covered a thread regarding protests in Iran touching few topics in it....would like to hear your view on it -Iran: A Manufactured Crisis by USA & Israel?


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