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Conspiracy of the busters

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posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 03:14 PM
Is some ones not acting to stop something when you think everyone should be acting to stop something a conspiracy? Let me define a buster as anyone who wont do something when it counts to do something. Busters are usually in packs of dont doers. Which of you fall in the category of a buster? Which of you do not fall in the category of a buster? If you do not fall in that category, then what have you done when you should have done something when it counts? In other words, what have you done that really counted?

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 03:39 PM
Here's something I did that ended up mattering, even though I didn't think they would, I hope this encourages others to take the actions they can:

After repeatedly visiting the middle school zoned for our area, meeting with teachers, assistant vice-principals, even the superintendent, I called the State Board of Education and told them about a very public meeting the school had called, and the appalling way they insulted our children, and accused them of racism and other things in order to excuse their own hostile and ignorant actions as educators.

Unbeknownst to me, the superintendent was under investigation for misconduct concerning this very school. He was investigated at the same time I issued my complaints, which were not only my own, but those of other parents mistreated by this school system when they tried to make it work correctly for their kids.

The State sent a team to observe the school, and witnessed the belligerent and ignorant way the teachers treated the kids under their care, and sure enough, because of the findings of the superintendent investigation, it turned out that he had altered the performance scores of this particular school's teachers. When questioned by the judge in the case as to why, he said it was to keep the teachers encouraged.

I actually felt bad during this process because I believe in being patient and reasonable, but the teachers seemed rude, uneducated, and completely hateful to the kids.
It was also the fact that it was so bad for so many parents besides me. I knew this school was terrible, but I didn't reasonably expect to have a major impact, but I did what I could, and prayed for help: believe it or not, the consequences were big.
They fired the superintendent and he's under indictment. They closed the miserable excuse for a school. Kids and parents have better options now.

It sure meant a lot to me that many other parents and kids won't have to be failed and insulted by people like that, in a group with such power over everyday lives, and long-term education.

I was sad to find out how deep the ugliness ran, with the administration empowering these bullies, but relieved that some state functions still do their job.
BTW, my boy got promoted two grades, based on his state standardized test scores, yet the teachers had assured him they would never pass him, only make sure he ended up in alternative school. He's no angel, but this was completely unwarranted.
He should have known better than to correct a teacher for saying Egypt was not in Africa...who knew? Being smart and confident = persecution and failure?
Lots of kids we knew were treated in a similiar fashion at school, then in trouble at home for rotten grades. The school had started some crazy new way of teaching that was unable to use textbooks, or give grades for homework. It was pretty bad for the kids.

I'm glad it worked out. Many people were too worried about the future retribution their kids would face, but they already had my kid on the list, so I had little to lose.
Change is still possible. Now those kids get to choose from other schools, and we have plenty.

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posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 04:08 PM
Way to go,Copperflower!

And applause to your son's academic prowess!
(And your work as a Mom!)


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