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The Big Conspiracy

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posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 11:55 AM
I get it now.

After years of reading books and articles, watching documentaries and sifting through conspiracy theories; I finally see the big picture. I can connect the dots from my personal struggle to our common struggles. I have identified the problem and understood the goal. The details are arguable, but they don't matter. The core problem is undeniable and when it is staring you in the face, you have only but to act.

The time for looking for conspiracies is over. The big conspiracy is not really a conspiracy. Though much of it is hidden, much of it is in plain site. Forget about conspiracy theories. We have bigger problems than 9/11 or JFK. It doesn't matter what the truth was in those cases, the big truth is all the that matters. The big lie is what is important.

What is it, your probably asking. I am not the first to figure it out, far from it. I am ashamed it took me this long, but considering the opposition, the struggle was legitimate. You already know what it is, but it is so massive, so apparent that we can't help but misunderstand it, ignore it or deny it.

It has happened may times before and we have overcome it. The system we live in, the one meant to provide for us has become aware. It has fought for it's survival and has won. It is now more essential, more important than the very lives it was meant to support. I'm talking about the economy. The system of banking and corporations, the competitive global market consisting of countries which no longer represent groups of people, but rather assets and interests. The revolving door between government and commercial industry, rampant lobbying, and the 90% return rate for politicians is an obvious sign that government can no longer help us.

All of our worlds problems from pollution, politics, war, starvation, and homelessness are easily traced back to this one source, this sad reality. Even the inherent problems in education, medicine and law are collateral effects. Business has trumped human interest. Profit and the survival of the corporate entity are more important than the lives of the people. They have stalled our logical progression as a species by insisting upon their continued existence regardless of our necessity for them. The quest for control over resources and money are what rule the world today and as a species, through corrupt leadership, these ideals guide us into tomorrow.

For those of you who have become complacent or apathetic, who accept that "this is how the world is" or "this is too big to oppose", I want to remind you;

These are crimes against humanity and nature that are being committed, regardless of what laws there are to protect them. They have crossed the line and they will continue to cross and redraw it until we are them and they are us. But, for now, there are more of us then them. The machine runs on our sweat and tears. The integral infrastructures of our society such as food and construction are not held up by the suits in boardrooms, they are held up by truck drivers, construction and factory workers, bakers and chefs, engineers and scientists. The 98% of the world that doesn't benefit from the exploits of a few.

This has happened before and the meek have always overcome. We inherit the Earth, afterall. But this time we must make sure they do not return.

The word "radical" comes from the Latin radix which means root. Like Deepthroat said in All The Presidents Men, follow the money. Money is the root. Even if we were to get rid of all the Rockefeller's and Rothchild's of this world, new men will take their place. It is a position we create through the system and someone will always rush to fill it. Remove the incentive and you remove the motive. I realize a world without money to regulate it is a scary thought, but I ask you to reevaluate the human as a collective and consider the long history of cooperation that helped us through prehistory. Compared to what we have now, which resembles the wild, would it be a step back?

For those of you aware of this and fighting the good fight, keep on truckin. For those just entering this world of intrigue, look no further this is it, this is the big conspiracy. Begin by informing yourself. Though truth is difficult to find you must sift through many distractions and garbage. One place you can start is here. Use the internet. Never before have so many people been connected, been able to share ideas and observations which is why we are this close to rebellion. But it won't be around for long.

Inform your friends and family. You must wake the people from their induced slumber. You must embody the movement. Turn off Jersey Shore and all other non-relevant TV, ignore the pop fluff they throw at you. Support the arts that speak directly of the problem. Bombard your facebook and myspace with knowledge instead of information. Use their marketing and advertising tools against them. Use youtube to collect all the videos you can about the corrupt system. Forget your fears about how you will be viewed, face your own logistic reasoning. The truth will exonerate you in the end. Discard your cynicism and embrace your idealism. We can have utopia, we can have peace in the world. We just need to return control to the people.

No amount of reform can help this fractured and compartmentalized system. It needs to be torn down and rebuilt using our present level of technology and awareness. Revolt and revolution will be bloody and may end up in shifting the power to foreign control. Using Gandhi's successful non-violent revolution as an example, non compliance is a good way to start.

For those deniers and dissenters, don't spread your apathy and cynicism here. No tidbit of information or argument of semantics can deny the truth of our plight. Nefarious scheme or not, the current state of affairs is the world is a direct result of the actions and choices of a few mad men in power, put their by their money and kept their by our ignorance. They, just like us, are products of an outdated system.

We need a new system and sooner or later we will have to face the fact that we are going to have to build it ourselves. No Obama or Ron Paul can help us, they are slaves just as we are. Turn off the TV, wake up, take to the streets and start talking to each other. Mom is dying, Dad has gone insane and Uncle Sam is abusing us. We need a solution and we need it now. Spread the word, the end is nigh.


posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 12:29 PM
You speak nothing but the truth friend.

Too many people think that once the real perpetrators of the conspiracies talked about for so many years are brought to justice, things will get better.

They won't.

As long as we continue to live in a system based on greed and personal achievement, we will continue to fall into the same holes we have been falling into for thousands of years.

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 03:38 PM
The origin of the madness stems from the supreme court decision which entitled corporations as "persons'. From there it has snowballed into the current state we now live in. The real question is how do undo it without causing even greater stresses than we are facing now?

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 03:56 PM

Originally posted by Asktheanimals
The origin of the madness stems from the supreme court decision which entitled corporations as "persons'. From there it has snowballed into the current state we now live in. The real question is how do undo it without causing even greater stresses than we are facing now?

YES, YES, YES, YES,YES!!!!!!!!!

This is dead on! That's why I have so many issues with teabaggers, they can't seem to separate corporatism from capitalism, and what a truly more free market looks like. Also, fascism is very different from socialism. This country would thrive on a more socialistic capitalism!


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posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 04:33 PM
Fully concur mate. Politics is an illusion, how can we call it democracy when parties are lobbied and paid for by corporations? Even the blindest must surely see this is unacceptable.

I have watched my country (UK) deteriorate over the last 15yrs to the point I had to leave, and it saddens me no end. To watch the government fritter away our wealth, and that of our children and grandchildren, is horrific to say the least.

But no-one seems to care!! I have had so many discussions with friends and family, heated and othewise. To quote a recent facebook relay - "why don'you just f*** off - no-one cares about your stupid conspiracy theories" - was truly shocking to me. I mean how can you not care? It is a loss of humanity at its most basic level!

It is not about conspiracy this or secret society that, it, well for me anyway, is about caring for our world, caring what happens not just on it but in it, making sure we leave it in a better state than when we entered it, and not allowing the reckless, deeply irresponsible fools who run things to get away with killing our planet any longer.

That is why we cannot just go on pretending all is well, when clearly it is not. A QUARTER of the world's population live in starvation ffs, mainly due to the policies of the West (read theft of their resources, plus the overall policy of ridding the undesirables through agricultural policies that forbid the use of modern practices). How can we allow this to be??? More to the point, what can we do to be the change?

I have pondered this long and hard, but as long as the masses remain apathetic we are doomed. Unfortunately most are kept in a constant state of fear so getting them to do anything remotely revolutionary is a dead loss, TPTB know this which is why they make sure the majority have "just enough" ie basic food, water and shelter, although this is debatable. But as long as one has enough for a few beers, and to watch the footy/soaps/reality tv shows, whats the matter, right?

The problem lies in that they have a great plan, and it is working. The ways they do it, slowly, over decades, coupled with keeping the population in a constant state of apathy, means that no-one sees the changes, and are convinced the government are trustworthy to take care of us. These plans were conceived DECADES ago! WAKE UP FFS!!! Even I can see the changes to our country in just ten short years, and I am disgusted with what I see. Fear, violence and mistrust, these are the values our society now lives by, community spirit non-existent. God only knows where we will be in another decade.

What no-one realises is that this CAN be changed. If only the masses could be convinced, for example, that the truth of income tax is that it was created as a way to pay the interest on our government's debt to the private central banks! If this became mainstream knowledge we may just see a shift in consciousness to a new way, one devoid of income tax for a start.

I think it comes down to a choice - knowledge only has power if it is used. Which is fast becoming a huge issue for me. What is the point in knowing all of this, to be aware of the reality of our world, and yet carry on like we are still sheeple? Still doing the 9-5! Still paying taxes, moaning about life, worrying about bills etc etc etc. So far having all this knowledge has caused me pain and lots of raised eyebrows.

I am coming to the conclusion that it is time to put up or shut up. Either to act on this or leave it alone and return to a "normal life" - well the second option is out of the question so that leaves the first - act on it. It is not enough for me to just hole up and hide under the mattress with a helmet and a pop-gun and a few bags of rice. All this time we are watching the world being raped by criminals but do no more than complain.

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 04:39 PM
Even just the other week Tony Blair admitted he would have taken Saddam out even with no evidence of WMDs. We need to try these criminals for their acts of treason and genocide.

I also think that the more people that are aware, awake, the chances of moving to a better way will be that much easier if the majority can see. Only when majority opinion is with us will we see change for the better.

So, back to the basics, how to get the message out there? Ideas on a postcard please!

As an endnote, I do have hope that people can be awakened, after all it happened to us. It's just that it's too much for most, however everyone has a nagging suspicion that all is not right, that politicians are liars, that infrastructure is crumbling, immigration out of control, war, spending, they know all is not well. If a mass awakening was to occur, we could then affect things. Once people realise this current setup is all a sham, great things may start to happen.

The TRUTH shall set you free...


posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 04:56 PM

Originally posted by stumch
We need to try these criminals for their acts of treason and genocide.


Somehow, someway these guys have installed procedures that make them untouchable for the juridical system. When I see these guys smile and walk away I feel powerless....who can challenge them, who has the authority to judge them?.....for as far I understand it nobody.

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 08:19 PM
I spoke with my grandfather recently. He was telling me of his days in my hometown in Guyana in the 60's. He was a member of the YPP (Young People's Party). Guyana was in the midst of gaining independence from British rule. It was the Dutch that first brought Indian and Black slaves to Guyana to mine for gold, diamonds and harvest sugar. Two main parties with contrasting ideologies were campaigning for control of the country. The popular Cheddi Jagan was in control and being challenged a man named Burnham. Jagan's wife was a known communist and Jagan's ideology was admittedly socialist in practice. Burnham supported stronger ties with US and open trade. After a worker revolt and ensuing scandals Burnham was "put" into office and so began the destruction of the Guyanese economy. Currently, a pack of cigarettes costs several thousand dollars. I brought up the subject of recently declassified CIA documents that show the CIA was interfering with the Guyanese election by suggesting tactics that include promoting racial pitting, and electoral fraud. My Grandfather said something i did not expect. He said. "I know that, I knew it at the time." It was common knowledge the CIA was sabotaging the elections. The US eventually officially apologized to Guyana for their actions. Currently the president of Guyana is pushing a carbon trade deal with support from the IMF.

I have seen it happen over and over in that region. Argentina and Jamaica, nations indebted and plundered for their resources. Local economies destroyed and the workers impoverished by the IMF and World Bank, JP Morgan, Citigroup and Bank of America, because of bad investments by corrupted officials. No country is safe from this scheme. There are people starving to death here in America, because of toxic assets and an invisible stock market. Because of unchained greed and thoughtless spending in fear of an invisible wave in an invisible ocean. The focus is on profit, not progression.

I'm heartbroken that most people don't care about this. When you try to tell them, if they can manage to not blame the left or right, even if you do convince them party affiliation doesn't matter, they throw their hands in the air and say it is to big to oppose. They are so used to the system taking care of them it's worth it to turn a blind eye to the suffering rather than face a world without Big Brother.

There is a movie called "They Live", a tongue in cheek metaphor for the topic in question. In it, the protagonist has a pair of magic glasses that can see the hidden messages in advertisements. He can also see the beings that hold the real population captive. In one scene our hero tries to convince his only friend to put on the glasses, but the friend stubbornly refuses opting to remain ignorant. What follows is a a ludicrously long fight scene that highlights each mans stubbornness to give up. In the end the bloodied hero puts the glasses on his bloodied friend and he is saved. Until that bitch comes in the end and.....but I digress.

There is an ideal The Powers that Be exploit often. The brave soldier. They use this archetype to enlist men and women to die for their profiteering. We must reclaim the moniker Solider to mean what it was meant to, a warrior for peace, a protector, a defender. The army is that of the people it's goal is liberation and it's sword is knowledge. If you wish to enlist, devote all your free time to learning and sharing the truth. Learn it so well that it becomes second knowledge so that no dissenter can deny. Spread the truth like a virus until the 100th monkey flips the switch in all of our minds, until the day the population takes to the street en masse. Destroy the system by first destroying the paradigm.

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 08:30 PM
The Mafia look like choirboys, compared to the thugs in government, who in turn operate as lackeys to vested interest groups

What is NOT a conspiracy these days, from corrupt local government/local council members, all the way up and everyone in between

Lawyers, accountants, residents' committees ... all members of local Masonic groups who cover for each other and continue to rob and betray the average rate-paying, tax-paying member of the public

Small bakeries substituting sub-standard ingredients

Local medical practices submitting phony claims to Medicare

Bus drivers, taxi drivers, train attendants

Local union reps

The clergy

Child 'protection' workers

Rape crisis centres

Pre-school operators gouging taxpayers' money

Small-time government workers running their own little scams

Property developers hand in hand with planning officials and local government crooks, all the way up the chain, through construction companies, crooked tender deals, sub-standard work and materials, etc

No wonder the average person trusts no-one or pays a heavy price when they do

And now we're seeing the final big push to sell the 'alien agenda' to the common-herd, to culminate in the London Olympics/Mayan Calendar 'fear, panic' scam

Bring it on. Bring it all on. Out-do yourselves this time, make your orchestrated revolutions and world-wars look like baby-steps. Sooner or later, someone or something will put an end to this accursed planet. And then ... blessed peace, for once

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 10:56 AM
Interesting account on Guyana, have read John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hitman and Americans wonder why there are such things as terrorists in the world. I am reminded of Madeleine Albright's grossly criminal and utterly reprehensible comment, when asked about the million innocent Iraqi women and children that had died as a direct result of US sanctions, "well we think that is a price worth paying."

The day I saw that, said on record in front of cameras, a small part of me died. And yet we accept this as normal????? Pardon me for being ignorant but surely there would be no "terrorists" if the US (and its allies, inc. the UK) did not rape, pillage and murder foreign countries in their relentless pursuit of power and oil?????

These people feel so strongly about what is done to them that they are willing to die fighting this injustice, but are labelled terrorists!! And now we have over a million citizens on the no-fly list for such atrocities as being patriotic. Like attending a protest. What the hell happened to free speech? And this is just in the last decade!

I was heartened to see this vid which I hope goes viral, I pass it on here in that a few more might see it and carry its message on, until we all stand together and say ENOUGH!


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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 12:15 PM
That is a great speech. That video is spreading across the web. I posted it on facebook but no one responded, yet i got 10 comments on a Tiger Woods reference. I agree with everything you have posted on this thread.

Its astounding that people don't ask themselves why "terrorists" are mad at us in the first place. Answer: we've screwed over the entire world in our silent quest for world control through economics. The coverup of this only breeds cynicism by implying that there are people in this world that don't like our freedom or religion and want us all dead because of it. It's bollocks. Americans weren't attacked on 9/11, it was capitalism and corporatism that was attacked. It was international banking and trade organizations originating from and supported by the US that were attacked in retaliation of globalist schemes that have impoverished nations all over the world.

Whether it is communists, terrorists, hippies, beatniks, or tea baggers, the opposition to the current system will always be persecuted, demonized, ridiculed or vilified in the name of preserving the current system. I don't know what the best solution is but i can recognize a problem when i see one.

I go to work and chit chat with people, i walk in the streets and no one realizes what is happening in this world right now, no one cares. You bring it up and they want to change the subject because they know they are ignorant, they have chosen ignorance an apathy.

But i sympathize, i understand the weight of it all, how difficult it is to wrap your mind around, how audacious of an act it is to take it on, the risk involved, the danger. But then I realize, is there anything else worth fighting for? Once you know, is there any task, interest or hobby that could trump this? No.

I used to want to be a musician. I wanted to work for a record company and play rock music every night all over the nation. Now I realize it's just slavery with a mohawk. It's nothing but an industry full of capitalists looking to make money off you. The band is at the bottom of the pyramid, the record exec at the top and the only way to support yourself is to do what is necessary for everyone to get paid so you can benefit from the "trickle down". The whole damned system works like this. The only way to win is to jump through hoops, and conform to the marketing scheme and hopefully in the process you don't lose your soul.

I cannot possibly continue on ignoring what i know. It's like a devilish beast in the corner of the room. It is so vile, so huge and so infecting, once you see it how can you not stare or call it to everyone's attention.

We are living in a lie. Everyday, they get on TV and lie to us. They talk down to us, use double speak and legalese to make us think we are dumb. the public backlash from 9/11 has shown that they have underestimated the people. The jig is up. Stand your ground and speak out when the time is right.

Prepare yourselves. Collapse is coming. Revolution is brewing and it will not be televised. This is not scare mongering, this is really happening. One man can be silenced, and many have been. But they cannot silence millions but it must happen soon, before they change the game, before they find a new way to control us or worse.


posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 02:35 PM
And this is why I have stopped trying to convince people this is real, you can't do it, people don't want to know.
I had my ex girlfriend basically tell me straight up: "I don't want to know, I'm content with this illusion", those were not her exact words but that was the gist of it.

It makes me sad, but what can you do.. they'll have to see through the illusion by themselves, you can only open the door and then it's up to them if they wanna rationalise it away or give the truth a chance.

It is making me bitter and cynical, we're trying to open their eyes out of love for this world and for humanity and all we get is ridicule.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 03:13 PM
Yes I have also posted many relevant articles and videos on facebook, only to be ignored or mocked, however if I post such things as the sheep-in-the-scream-mask video I get rapturous applause and high-fives all round. I have lost a lot of friends over this. Thing is, I am not sad about that, only disappointed for them. You can lead a horse to water I guess.. Yet these are the people who will be screaming "WHY DID NOONE WARN/TELL US??" and "HELP MEEEEE" when SHTF. Unfortunately nothing can be done to help those that do not have eyes to see. I feel that I have done everything and more to awaken people and it does not work, most just do not care, and you are right, it is heartbreaking.

I have had the pleasure of living all over the world, and I see so much beauty, but that beauty, the magic of life, being eroded in every sense. Every day, another story about troops killing kids. I took steps a couple of years ago to break free from the 9-5, because I wanted to break free from the shackles that bind us, and now that I have it has allowed me to be free from the grind that occupies the masses
So what to do? I am at a stage where I want to help, but in isolation those who raise their heads above the parapet tend to get them blown off, quite literally too. I keep coming back to the same problem, how to effect real change when we don't (yet) have critical mass?

We could change everything in one week if everyone, bar none, were to stay at home for 48-72 hours, not go to work, nada. None, except maybe hospital workers. Everyone else who impacts the economy in some way just have a nice lock-in at the local for three days, like they just had in a pub in the UK that was snowed in. That would really shake things up, and show a mass solidarity throughout the population that could not be ignored. But again, we might get a few thousand, who would then all be locked up for being a public nuisance.

Why cannot people see we are all affected by these criminals, the elite, TPTB? As in all of us? Black, white, muslim, hindu, whatever, it makes no difference. They really must be laughing their heads off watching us all fight amongst ourselves. One big factor was the PC movement, where suddenly you weren't allowed to do anything for fear of offending another creed. I remember the day my bank banned piggy-banks for fear of offending muslims. Piggy-banks ffs!

I am sorry but the majority of muslims couldn't give a toss about being offended! It is just another divide-and-conquer tactic the only purpose of which is to keep us fearful and occupied and fighting amongst ourselves. And good little obedient workers, consuming their rubbish. Just as in They Live. This is a big tactic they use against us, and when you recognise it as being that (just read any paper, watch any news program) you can see it for what it is. I know that they are cultivating extremists to justify their continuous wars on terror, but I know they represent 0.001% of that population. Most folk are good people, irrespective of race. They just don't like it when we go over and bomb their countries. Can you imagine what we would do in the same circumstances?

Another one is the Al-Qaeda farce. Most people from the East laugh when asked about AQ, they have no idea what you are talking about! And yet it is perpetually rammed down our throats as a real threat! Tell a lie long enough..

There are terrorists, no doubt, but they ain't over there.

I wonder what will happen if they are left to continue the pillage, it must have to come crashing down at some point? But then what? No more forests, black smog over the planet? The human race in chains? God forbid. But what to do, nothing will be enough unless people stand up. But seriously, what to do? I have taken steps to prepare, I grow my own food, have spring water, etc. but then what? I can't just do nothing!

Apologies for hijacking your thread OP, but this stuff needs to be talked about, I am glad that

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 03:22 PM
you posted, you have eyes for sure my friend, I only wish there were more of us. Until then it will be a battle.


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