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a thaught that might be a bit out there

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posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 08:29 AM
when i was about 11 in my bed one night some thing hapend which i have never told any one about well what happend was i was in my bed white lights started flashing round my room and the curtains were blowing violently but the windows were shut my two brothers were in the same room but were sound asleep by this time i was pretty
petrified so i started pulling the blanckets over my head only to feel them getting pulled back down again then i was out for the count woke up a few hours later and every thing was quiet i never saw anyting or any one when this was going on and nothing has hapend since apart from a few bouts of sleep paralises now heres the out there part
just after that i would get severe pain in my joints so i was taken to see a specalist in hospital when i was 12 they realy could not find any thing and just put it down to cronic juvinial arthrightis so life went on and as i got older the head got cloudier the pain in my legs would come and go maby having couple years of piece and then come back with avengance so i was tested for all types of arthrightis nothing was found started getting depressed about the whole thing so betwean the ages of 27 to 39 started hitting the bottle big style the aches and pains were still there and trouble sleeping and the cloudeness in my head but any time i went to the doc it was all put down to my alcaholism i managed to get of the drink when i was 29 with help from god and my local church (if you arent into god that doesnot matter thats just what worked for me)
so about a year later i was watching tv and there was a woman with m.e on it while
watching i was going wate a minute shes got all my symtoms so went to the doc again and lo and behold i have m.e or c.f.s now this is what i have been thinking
it al seemed to start after the bedoom thing so heres the questian was i abducted did
the put this desease in me i just dont know i would love to hear from any one else
that might have had a simaler story or is there any one out there that think that other illnesess or deseases might not be of this world

hope this is not to long but it is what happend in the last 31 years of my life

peace and love


posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 09:19 AM
Dr. Trudie Chandler, who runs a clinic for the condition at Kings College Hospital in London describes it as a syndrome characterised by "extreme exhaustion, muscle pain and a severe flu-like malaise" and other symptoms include difficulties with concentration and memory, loss of balance, digestive problems, visual disturbances, sleep disorders and mood swings. info form M.E / CFS

You have made me start thinking about my own health. I get Vertigo, sleep paralises and I thought my aches and pains were related to having had ross river fever, the only thing i dont have from the above list is visual and flu conditions, and yes i have experianced time loss as well. maybee i do suffer from memory loss, as i cant remember being abducted anyway i have good eyes
I hope you feel well soon

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