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The Best thred about MONEY ever!!

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posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 03:59 AM
Be for you read what im about to present.. be sure to make a cup of coffee and try not to get angry..

This thread is not just about the fed.. but MONEY its self and the very nature of it.. including the FED

ready? I hope so!!

Now be for we start lets look at what money IS and how it is used! and let us look at key words.. "basic ones" and find out what it is this bunch are doing! "NWO" and co..

Money is anything that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts.[1][2] The main functions of money are distinguished as: a medium of exchange, a unit of account, a store of value, and occasionally, a standard of deferred payment.[3][4] Money originated as commodity money, but nearly all contemporary money systems are based on fiat money.[3] Fiat money is without value as a physical commodity, and derives its value by being declared by a government to be legal tender; that is, it must be accepted as a form of payment within the boundaries of the country, for "all debts, public and private". By law, the refusal of an offer to pay in legal tender extinguishes the debt in the same way acceptance does.[5] The money supply of a country consists of currency (banknotes and coins) and demand deposits or 'bank money' (the balance held in checking accounts and savings accounts). These demand deposits usually account for a much larger part of the money supply than currency.[6][7] Bank money is intangible and exists only in the form of various bank records. Despite being intangible, bank money still performs the basic functions of money, being generally accepted as a form of payment.[8]

This is taken from wiki ofcourse as we want to keep it simple none of this is edited nore will i edit any wiki information i provide.. so you can indeed check for your self!

Be for we start let me point out the main part of what i just pasted..

"Money is anything"

Understand what that did in fact mean??? ok good carry on reading..

Now we come to this!

Money originated as commodity money

what is commodity money?? "just so you are aware or not" lets check, it helps!..

angain lets use wiki

A commodity is some good for which there is demand, but which is supplied without qualitative differentiation across a market. It is a product that is the same no matter who produces it, such as petroleum, notebook paper, or milk.[1] In other words, copper is copper. The price of copper is universal, and fluctuates daily based on global supply and demand. Stereo systems, on the other hand, have many levels of quality. And, the better a stereo is [perceived to be], the more it will cost. One of the characteristics of a commodity good is that its price is determined as a function of its market as a whole. Well-established physical commodities have actively traded spot and derivative markets. Generally, these are basic resources and agricultural products such as iron ore, crude oil, coal, ethanol, salt, sugar, coffee beans, soybeans, aluminum, copper, rice, wheat, gold, silver and platinum. Soft commodities are goods that are grown, while hard commodities are the ones that are extracted through mining. Commoditization occurs as a goods or services market loses differentiation across its supply base, often by the diffusion of the intellectual capital necessary to acquire or produce it efficiently. As such, goods that formerly carried premium margins for market participants have become commodities, such as generic pharmaceuticals and silicon chips. Contents [hide]

Again lets look at the first part here!

A commodity is some good for which there is demand

= money, money is in demand? oh ok.. confusing to me that one is? .. well not really as im about to show how more confusing this merry go round gets lol..

but nearly all contemporary money systems are based on fiat money

what is fiat then? and what is the big deal?.. i can pay my debts with blowing kisses if i wanted too couldnt i? "just being ironic".. lets find out shall we..

again lets just look it up! its all here for us to look at!

The term fiat money is used to mean: * any money declared by a government to be legal tender.[1] * state-issued money which is neither legally convertible to any other thing, nor fixed in value in terms of any objective standard.[2] The term derives from the Latin fiat, meaning "let it be done". Where fiat money is used as currency, the term fiat currency is used. Today, most national currencies are fiat currencies, including the US dollar, the euro, and all other reserve currencies.

Ohhhh look!

which is neither legally convertible to any other thing, nor fixed in value in terms of any objective standard.

did i just read what i think that just said?? !!!

but yet!

It is a product that is the same no matter who produces it, such as petroleum, notebook paper,

yes in deed paper! as it costs "money" to PRINT IT according to this lot LOL....

So after reading just a small part of what im going to be presenting in this thread we have worked out that MONEY or your WANT for it is in fact a commodity

you GREED is being SOLD on the market! how funny is that! haha ok lets keep going because we need to see really who is behind this little scamm and why it is they love cities so much and use money as a way to controll us lot.

Lets go back in time to understand what we are shall we. or at least understand what we are / was "lol"..

Humans are bipedal primates belonging to the species Homo sapiens (Latin: "wise man" or "knowing man") in Hominidae, the great ape family.[2][3] They are the only surviving members of the genus Homo. Humans have a highly developed brain, capable of abstract reasoning, language, introspection, and problem solving.

Yes we are monkey people!! or at least we was.. Now do monkey trade in bannana for sex? hmm didnt think so lol.. OH how funny this is.

and if you keep reading it also says this!

humans are the only species known to build fires, cook their food, clothe themselves, and use numerous other technologies.

interesting they left out money!..

A strict definition is elusive; technology can be material objects of use to humanity, such as machines, but can also encompass broader themes, including systems, methods of organization, and techniques. The term can either be applied generally or to specific areas: examples include "construction technology", "medical technology", or "state-of-the-art technology".

gets interesting dont it?... money is a TOOL and COMMODITY !! that is traded !!

now lets look at currency shall we to see what on earth is going on! and why the value of MONEY changes even tho we know MONEY as a system is in fact NOT changing is it? as its a COMMODITY only the VALUE is changing!! remember that..

Now lets go look see at currency ..

Im going to continue on the next one.. you will say WHAT!!!

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 04:38 AM
OK part 2 !!

I will fix all the links and so forth when im done just so you know ALL this is public information and has not been edited and comes from wiki!!!

so were was i Oh yes currency!

In economics, the term currency can refer either to a particular currency, for example the US dollar, or to the coins and banknotes of a particular currency, which comprise the physical aspects of a nation's money supply. The other part of a nation's money supply consists of money deposited in banks (sometimes called deposit money), ownership of which can be transferred by means of cheques or other forms of money transfer such as credit and debit cards. Deposit money and currency are money in the sense that both are acceptable as a means of exchange, but money need not necessarily be currency.

Right now after you read that what part sticks out at you??

I hope its the very end..

but money need not necessarily be currency

what? did that say???????????????? so i dont need money?? then? oh yeah i for got i dont! BINGO lets keep reading and seeing what the hell is going on here..

Now as im going to interchange with money and how its used yes i have to use the best known way "the good old goverments who print it / issue it"

Now.. read this incase you do not wish to read it ill post some for you..

n most cases, each private central bank has monopoly control over the supply and production of its own currency. To facilitate trade between these currency zones, there are exchange rates, which are the prices at which currencies (and the goods and services of individual currency zones) can be exchanged against each other. Currencies can be classified as either floating currencies or fixed currencies based on their exchange rate regime.

Read it again its plain as DAY and they do indeed let you know who is in controll..

each private central bank has monopoly control over the supply and production of its own currency

key word here "private".. lol!! its like a game about who can fool who more and trade stupidity !!

remember what currency did say?

you dont need money really do you? lol... "its paper" milk whatever..

ok lets keep on going .. more so about the people who are envolved.. and what nations have CENTRAL BANKS and were did they come from???

At this point your 1 confused or ready for another cup of coffee..

A central bank, reserve bank, or monetary authority is a banking institution granted the exclusive privilege to lend a government its currency.

read that slooowwwly.. A bank

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 04:50 AM
Now lets look at what its saying shall we?

While one-to-one bartering is practised between individuals and businesses on an informal basis

yes indeed it is!!.. here is were it gets interesting..

organized barter exchanges have developed to conduct third party bartering. The barter exchange operates as a broker and bank and each participating member has an account which is debited when purchases are made, and credited when sales are made. With the removal of one-to-one bartering, concerns over unequal exchanges are reduced.[


posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 04:56 AM
I really like the way you come to conclusions.

Your open minded but at the same time, firmly grounded in logic and rationality.

That is why your post was easy for me to read, because I follow the same type of thinking patterns. Also I am read up on the subject so what you presented was already my conclusion.

Due to the points you have made, it is clear that there are no real solid or valid reasons for us to use a fiat currency system other than those stated which are

1) Control - Power
2) Wealth
3) Fear of human Progress and Development

The reason I put # 3 in there is because money is used to slow us down significantly in our personal and overall societal development-progression.

When everyone is having to bust their butts each day to pay bills, and is constantly fighting in the world, they will have little to no time to progress themselves politically, economically, or philosophically.

The reason I believe the elites want to prevent human progress (Unless it is THEM progressing!) is because they are deeply terrified of the human potential and our immense creativity.

See, if we the people are free to think and create whatever we desire, than within a hundred years people will be building their own personal spaceships and just leaving to outer space.

If people can leave to outer space at will, they cannot be controlled by any government or elitist on Earth, bottom line.

So basically they just want to prevent us from creating OUR future where they are not uber-leaders who get to own and control everything.

There are infinite resources in outer space, and the only thing causing human suffering on Earth is Lack of resources and too much greed.

Spaceships make this irrelevant, because you can simply leave and find a better way of life. And TPTB lose all their "power" over you.

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 10:06 AM
i like the thread,good job you came to the same conclusions i have.

except on paying for sex.
chimps pay for sex with meat.
no idea how you got the paying worthless bits of colored paper is not worth kinky sex with someone you find hot idea.
you may rethink that point once you get a bit older.

if sex is a pain in the butt you are doing it wrong!

and i agree with you muzzleflash about the space travel thing.

[edit on 4-1-2010 by the_grand_pooh-bah]

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 10:18 AM
reply to post by the_grand_pooh-bah


I mean you could trade nuts for sex.. or empty glass bottles.. money is only the middle man in the "trade" of goods.. hence why we have currency and the value of "money"

but ur post did make me laugh

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 08:03 PM
Wow, I can't believe that you folks didn't know about fiat currency? Rome, China, and former Kings of England tried the usage of paper monies, and all failed and collapsed. Why do you people think that for years and years, banks would not give loans without collatoral? They knew all along that the paper money they were loaning you was worthless, thus making you slaves to your own prison! (GREED)

Here's something that'll piss yuns off a bit more too! It only takes 2.2 cents to print a single note of that fiat currency, and they loan it to you at full face value though for repayment! So when you borrow that 25,000 for a new car, eventhough you sometimes get a bank draft(check) to give the auto dealer, after you pay back the loan with interest, that said interest makes you always pay more than double of the ammount you borrowed.

Every time a bank prints a check for a loan, the federal reserve prints out more paper money to put into circulation for the ammount of the individual check. So, that 25 grand actually cost about $1,000.00 or less to print!

Now ya'll see why Obama said that the banks were "TOO BIG TO FAIL"?

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