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Irresponsible Cowardice

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posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 10:46 AM

Originally posted by lordtyp0

It is not just on this site, it is everywhere in western culture. It is so prevalent and so pernicious anymore as to be on every television show, every news cast. Every coffee shop conversation.
This society demonizes virtue. It used to be that an "Intellectual" was someone who understood the problems and had ideas how to effectively handle them. Now an "Intellectual" is a vaudvillian monster, twirling his mustache while tieing virgins to railroad tracks.
It used to be the Elite was what everyone respected and aspired for. It meant the pinnacle of skill in whatever trade. Now it just means someone with a lot of money and only ever wants more. More money, more power. The Elite are now just evil overlords. All the while the Elites are demonized. They are near worshipped because they also call themselves "Capitalists".

Remember, even Atlas Shrugged.

Second line.

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 12:25 PM
reply to post by lordtyp0

Originally posted by lordtyp0

Evil ghosts in your house are watching you pee!

why did you have to tell me that? Isn't there enough for me to fear without having to worry about perverted ghosts??????


Well said. In principal I think you're pretty much right, but it's not always practical for people to do the things you ask of them (i.e course fees etc.).

And these chairs are just soooooo comfy....

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 03:10 PM

Originally posted by lordtyp0
Obviously this is pointed at anyone in particular. These are things everyone is guilty of.

Rant on:

Huxley was right.

We live in times of terror and sensationalism.
Everything is blown out of proportions much like every dilemna of a teenagers life.
Scandals and drama are engineered to sway the anger of the masses.

Over the last year alone:
Swine Flu will kill you!
Swine Flu Vaccines will kill you!
Evil Liberals want to enslave you!
Evil Conservatives want to enslave you!
Evil Religions want to enslave you!
Evil Atheists want to enslave you!
Evil Corporations want to enslave you!
The Government is Fascist!
The Government is Communist/Socialist!
The Government is too impotent to do any good!
The Government is Incompetent!
The Government is too powerful and controls everything!
The Government is too sinister and skilled to god-like proportions!
The End of the World is happening!
The Eng of the world was delayed till tomorrow!
Your Neighbors are spying on you!
Your Government is spying on you!
Evil terrorists are spying on you!
Your Computer is spying on you!
Evil ghosts in your house are watching you pee!
This Evil Agenda!
That Evil Agenda!
Companies want you infertile!
Evil Illegal Aliens want your job!
Evil Illegal Aliens get better health care than you!
Evil Aliens want to poke your happy zones!
Time Travellers want to destroy the world!
Time Travellers want to help because all the above is true!
I don't vote because it's already determined!

And on and on....


Make that contract with yourself and create a meaningful existence.

Otherwise, you are already that which is the most beneficial to those who actually want to profit by oppression. There will be no way out. It will define your existence until the day you die.

Rant off.

you forgot the most important one:

"you people need to listen to my rant because im excluded from all the negative things i just mentioned. "

tell me, which ones in that list are you guilty of?

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 03:39 PM
reply to post by lordtyp0

It's always encouraging to hear another that his been paying attention.
Thanks for the laugh; gave me stomach cramps. Very rare.

Yes, humanity as a whole must evolve at 'their' own pace as a collective entity.
The world is now being forced to come to a new Reality. Different sets of people are being forced to come to a new Realilty that 'works' for All.

This is a critical moment in history.
A tipping point to a 'new' Creation not just socially, but quite 'cosmically'.

That 'reality' from here forward is what You make it.
Start with yourself. The smallest unit of the 'population'.

Whethere One's on Earth or Pluto. The same rules apply.
The answer is Symbiosity. To Be Symbiotic to your Brethren as well as with the Nature of Your world about you. If you are Not Symbiotic, you will FEEL it. It's ALL about Energy. Take it from Another, you take it from yourself. To seek a Golden Mean in Existence and to Be Yourself cause that is what You are here for, and society is to Benefit as a whole if you are to Be as You were born to Be. Open the gifts Divinity gave yourself. Divinity never gives something everything. Divine Creativity expects the Parts of the Whole to evolved to their Potentialed End, a New Creation.

Perhaps the Earth is just a giant petri dish, or Biological experiment. Seeds would be and are Invaluable from their genetic combinations/permutations. Seeds are harvested all over the Cosmos. The Seeds of the Earth are 'harvested' at some time or Another. The Souls are 'harvested' as well. I'm not sure what happens next, I'm not supposed to, though I believe, based on My gift, that their is a New existence and it is entirely up to You to Earn an Advanced, Evolved, Being. Your next 'shell' is entirely up to You. To Love is to Understand and to Understand is to Love. This is Divinity. We have to Create and to Love that Creation. Personally I favor the Jungle and Ocean for obvious Reasons.

Will, they should be anyhow.

Do you make the Right decisions every day?
Do your decisions 'take from another' or are they symbiotic with your Brother?

The people are currently divided and conquered by Design for quite some time now.
As the people have evolved, they have spread out through immigration and gotten to know one another though not always with mutual regard.

To be an 'evolved' human.
What would that require?
The following; in my opinion.
But who am I?
Just I.
But Me.
That's what matters.
That's 'Golden'.

I always believed the best essay one could write while in the 'University' phase, which isn't 'really' necessary, though doesn't hurt one's development, rather improves it learned with 'care'. A proper 'screen'.

If you get a University education, it is then important to screen the Truth from 'experience' to how you were 'instructed' to view Your world.

So to get back to the essay.
The most important essay would be:

To be an 'evolved human'.
One would have to sit down and actualize See themselves as They were to Be. To examine their own place in the world and how they may See another way.

To be and evolved human.

To be as a Tiger, To Stand Alone, using your Own Intellect to find Reason with whatever decision must be made.

You make thousands of decisions a day. If you were Right with Yourself and your Brother, then you're Right with Divinity. Your Seed will be a success and 'harvested' and 'appreciated for Your Unique Combination, your Uniqueness. To Be Unique is to Be Yourself, who You were born to Be. The Cosmos Benefits from Your Creativowill be on Your side and therefor you have Reason to Fear your short experience in the human shell.

So after one makes a decision they must Act on that decision. If they act wisely, they should have nothing to fear with the consequences.

So one would have to accept the consequences for these actions whatever they may be. If you choose the Right course of action, society benefits from your example and benefits itself. It's should be common sense that one benefits your Brother benefits the whole. One is always part of the Whole. One bad fish in pond, spoils the pond. One foolish human fools the space around him. I would estimate that 90% of what comes out of one's mouth, in the current society, is laced with either has a false motive, self centered agenda, illogical, unreasonable slant. It just don't compute.....for either side, if you want to get logical about it. It can and Is measured.

Imagine of a society could be monitored by their Symbiotic chemistry. I believe an advanced human can See Another as they are, though Help that person as a that, though not 'for' that, they may have a Symbiotic relationship regardless of whether it lasts seconds, minutes, or years. The 'quality' of One's life should be more important than it's perceived longevity since the longevity itself is dependent on it's acting first principal, the quality. The Quality of One's life is dependent on One's daily decisions. The Collective decisions and resulting Actions, will affect Everything around you.

Everyone is a Ripple in their own worlds whether Earthly or Cosmic. It's All connected as a neuron is as a unit among a neural network in a brain. You have 'intellect', therefor You are 'expected' to Know what to do. Just Do the Right Thing. It is 'expected' of you and Your fate is up to You.

Since Man was gifted with 'intellect' he is to Be as a Creator in His world and collectively Acountable for His collective Creation.

Mankind has succeeded with Technology, with a little help, though has Failed to Manage himself and therefor has Failed as a Soceity of which is now coming to Head.

He has Brothers (male, female whether physically, mentally or both, mostly has to do with the Lymbic system and hormones)
I believe water is the best way to See oneself as Energy is transmitted the same way. Humans are around 98% water, except on Saturday nights, lol.

Call it karma, yin-yang, golden mean, golden ration, what have you. These are 'words' that attempt to grasp at concepts of which can never be explained or known with 'words' alone.

If a 'negative' occurs in a society, the whole society willl feel that Ripple, could turn into an avalanche with tsunamic proportions. Kind of like, at thsi moment in time. Wonder if this has anything to do with all of the UFO sightings. Somethings Up. I believe so. Seems obvious to ATS folk for 'obvious' Reasons. It's logical because It Is.

One's first Action is as a ripple on the thread/web of society. Be the Catalyst for your Brethren (fellow human); Your Neighbor. See your neighbor in yourself, and you will See yourself as well. See each other in the 'mirror' would be a good experience. Imagine yourself in their shoes for a few minutes. This should be done in private of course. Then Act as you should the next meeting.

Just "Do unto others as you would haved done unto you. Go into a 'relationship' with Another without a pre-conceived agenda, let it form Naturally as it should, be spiritual among one another, drop the masks/veils and Be who you are. If you need 'help' with your development in society, society could/should/would assist you for your and their 'collective' development. To be Symiotic. Currently human beings are Chaotic.

The parts make up the whole as people make up a population.

To be able to realize one's potential in their own time with the assistance of those around them to encourage their true potential and benefit society at large around him.

I write because I must.
I must, cause 'I' must.

You Bear the consequence either way.
You should know this by now.


All Men Seek guidance, because they inherently know they Need it.
The a Correct.
They Do.
Just Do

[edit on 4-1-2010 by Perseus Apex]

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 04:09 PM
For some 'reason' the post above cannot be edited for typos.
I see some new typos that shouldn't be there.

What would be the motive?
That should be obvious.
This one can be edited.

The 'other' One can't.
Just an Observation.
Wonder if it works.
We'll See won't we.

[edit on 4-1-2010 by Perseus Apex]

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 04:26 PM
Here is a good example of the 'Above'.

Neural Network

What's going on in Yours?

If seen in 3D, the Brain and Mind (Soul), Pineal gland (Gateway, Mental 'capacitor') can be Measured by it's unique Energy it generates.

The Neural Network of the Brain is the Best way to Understand the Cosmos. It is as a model of Reality and this is why the Brain will never be completely understood. There are elements that cannot be measured, even with the most advanced supercomputers.

Creativity can never be seen. It is the First principle. One can never measure the First principle, only it's Effects on it's environment (the whole).

Neurology is much more advanced than most realize.
Unfortunately, this information is not in the hands of the 'people'.
It Will Be soon enough.
That's a Promise I don't have to keep.

It will Be.
So stick around folks and enjoy the show.
Please Be your own Editor with respects to the work of others and your own Producer with your own Destiny.

Hope this all makes sense.
Words, words words.
Kinda One dimensional.
Lil Truth there.

Sapience Unto All?
Where is A. Kisby?
He could be a good freind.
I'm partial to this fellow for some Reason.

Not sure why.
That's a mystery to me.
Someday there might be an answer.
Till then.

We carry On.....

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posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 04:41 PM
well it might be we are programed to not rebel any more
(i am going home,BUT i c what you are saying but i am tired ,CAN WE talk again with you SAY tomoz,)
But then again we got floride in water and all number of thing in food add to that the hormones to cattle and pesticides to food GROWTH feed to crops ,000 REGISTERS FOR 30 YEARS---time lapse .........---++=hum-em ill just go home annd i do feel safe in my home. OK,.___c you again,.
yes i hearrRRR w--what you are sayin but what can i do ,,em iam very tired !^ HOUR DAY ----,but maybe next week ,,tell you what . no ia goin to the doctors ive been depressed... ann also my tummy hurts ,, also i got refux .


we need new good leaders with a fear of god or higher power, but when they are elected or after then we need just the same type body guards or men to stand around them give up 4 years because they believe he the elect is right then for 100years set up as a guard to keep the policys intact .also to inspect buildings before they go the elect in the venue for bombs and possible life assasination atempts ,.
It can be done now also with the advent of holograms they can b used at rallys . within a 2 month if the candidate aint done wat he said hes out simple as that. that will sort things out . view there deeds

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posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 05:10 PM
reply to post by dashar

Since True Law, the Natural kind, or Natural Law (blowing dust off it's Cover) is never merely 'written' but rather 'known', it should be shared.

The More Truth humanity 'shares' among One Another, the closer they get. They are like pieces of 'that' chessboard, though No One will ever know it All.

Even The Creator Himself, I would only 'imagine' has a clue what comes next in all the Shells of Creation.

This is how All Beings find enjoyment.
Imagine Being able to experience the life of a Bee.
This is an aspiration of mine.

Not sure if gets gonna work out.
If it works out, it was to Bee, if not, so Be it.....

I don't wish harm on any Being personally.
I wish each Being would achieve their personal Destiny.
There are So many possibliites as in combinations and permutations.

Everyone is like a rubix cube though only 'they' or "I" has th-E combination.

By the way, I don't prefer attention personally.
"I Stand Alone"
because I must.

This doesn't mean I don't have important freinds.
They are the Ones that matter.

A Mutually accepted International Bill of Natural Rights is to be your End.
It need Not be written.
Just Understood.

Use 'Symbolitry' if necessary, Jesus did.
He was a fan of the sand.
That Is, he only wrote in the sand.
He knew the Truth could and should never be written as well.
It Is, whether your blind or have Eyes of an E-agle.
Now 'that' was a fine shell.

I only hope it is 'sooner' than later.
It's getting late and I hope where not left in the 'dark'.

I gotta light if you have a match.
You got it.
Use it.

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posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 06:04 PM
I have to chuckle at the strange negative responses.
Such as defining what Elitism is. If that was the whole definition why would we consider "Sending in the elite" when there is a super sensitive military operation?
"Elite" is more than a noble blood belonging. It is being characterized because of merit of a skill set or characteristic that stands out.

For the "You do it too! Hypocrit!".. Well firstly I said everyone is guilty of things in the post, specially ill thought out knee-jerk reactions.

Otherwise, I do my damnedest to live by that code. Always succeed? No, course not. It isnt a button that can be flipped, it is something that requires vigilance and self-discipline.

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 06:07 PM
Where's Kisby?

Where's Adam.

If I put the two together, I get Potential.

I'm not Him.
.....though he Can help.
This "I" know.
Because it IS what it IS.

You will know what I mean.
In time?
Takes a licking but keeps on ticking.....someone once said.
Why must it 'take a licking'?
Then I remember who they were marketing the phrase to.

Ahh, then I Understood.
Perhaps that's just 'my' filter.
Do you See what I mean.

You have One too.
Born Again.

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 06:34 PM
What you have said is what is truly to be an American!

You dont like the way things are around you? You make them better.

dont like the food in the restraunts? cook your own. (god I know this one well! Still working on chinese. Our towns chinese food sucks!)

That is the "can do" spirit they are trying to kill out of us.

Some of us arent playing the game by their rules though!


posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 01:58 AM
Chest thumping 100% agreement post HERE coming from ME and I'm damn proud to agree with you. I live in Texas, yeah that big one with all the illegal aliens and expansive 80mph highways and loose gun laws. I love it here, but I can't find very many people who DONT smoke pot half the day that are willing to up and travel, go see the world with me, go mountain biking, etc...maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but each time I do I end up in some assholes apartment waiting for them to finish their bowl, shut the damn TV off and go ride like we planned. I also climb mountains and roadtrip for days on end and have a hard time finding anyone educated that wants to do it with me...ofcourse these are all mundane things that 'I' want, but damnit people need to be more active and be outside more. There is WAY more intersesting things to do outside than in... fact, that huge pile of treated wood next to my house Ive had for the past 4 months...I'm going to start building myself a badass mountain bike trail tomorrow from the highest point in my neighborhood to the lowest (my house). Thanks a ton for the thread!

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