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NWO Agenda + Muslim Extremism = We are Screwed

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posted on Jan, 2 2010 @ 10:04 PM
Hi all,

with the Mainstream Media and ATs being swamped with stories about "Airport Body Scanners" "Terrorism Rise in Yemen" and the "Northwest Airlines Attempted Bombing", I would like to ask the question,

"Are Muslims/Islam being used/milked for all it's worth so the PTB can achieve a Complete Big Brother Type society?

Security Cameras everywhere, Monitored Phone Calls/Internet etc, and Rigorous Airport Rules are all here now and things are getting worse.

As soon as the story broke about the attempted Bombing of the Northwest Airllines flight at Xmas, (which its now proven the UK and USA knew months before hand a Nigerian National was going to try this), the MSM has been swamped with stories of Full Body Scanners at Airports from New York to Nigeria.

I don't know about all you folks, but I am pretty fed up every day of reading and hearing about Al Qeada, Terrorism, Muslim Extremists etc. This whole situation it seems is going to be milked for all it's worth to enslave the population even more.

Someone I once knew said to me, "Be Very Careful What you Give Up, Because You May Struggle to Get it Back Again".

It seems, all we normal folks are doing is giving up more and more of our Freedom and Rights, all because of a Dangerous Minority coupled with a NWO Agenda.

So what comes next?......Body Scanners at Bus Stations, Railways, Tube Stations, Workplaces, Ferries, Taxis.

Microchips in everyone, every single Man, Woman and Child??


So Whats the Answer?........ Well it is a very hard one this. Many of us actually think this is what the top dogs/NWO etc want. Like a game thats being played out so all this takes shape. So this makes it very difficult to suggest anything of help if the cause is outwith help in the first place.

1/ Pull all our troops out of Foreign Lands?

2/ Completely Big Brotherise the Planet and Everyone on it (the way it going to go)

3/ Only Chip, BodyScan etc Muslims?

Number 3 sounds terrible, but after all, isnt it all Muslims who are Bombing Innocent people, trying to hijack planes, etc etc?.......or can we say the same about allied forces occupying in Afghanistan, Iraq ?

Look at the Religous Percentages across the World..... Islam is 19%!

Should we all really be made to pay and suffer all because of either

1/ NWO agenda or
2/ Muslim Extremism?

posted on Jan, 2 2010 @ 10:25 PM
Yes, but consider this...the last attacks were: someone put a bomb up their butt and it didn't "blow"...and then they strapped one in their jockey fly...that didn't blow either...frankly, i think we should encourage them all to insert bombs in their various bright are people that put bombs in their pants and up their butts and believe 73 virgins await them on the other side...and if they blow their butt and/or member off...what good will it do?

Just musing


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