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Talk of Armed Revolution on ATS Inappropriate

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posted on Sep, 27 2010 @ 09:35 AM
reply to post by xyankee

Fine, never mind, I know the kind of person I am talking to now, so never mind. It's not worth talking to you about any subject any more. If you want to believe that garbage, go right ahead if it fits your personal narrative. When you get a grasp of reality, let me know. But if you want to believe the birthers despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary go right ahead. But I won't bother responding to anything you ever say on this site.

It's pointless to argue with a birther, reality has completely slipped these people's minds. If that's your bag, go for it but it's not this subject, this is not a birther thread and don't try and turn it into one. Birther threads are complete garbage and I won't bother you any more if that is what you believe in.

Have a nice life in wonderland pal.


You obviously will never get that so there is no point in discussing anything with you ever again. You are on ignore, birthers aren't worth talking to.

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posted on Sep, 27 2010 @ 01:12 PM
I have participated in a number of threads that explored the idea of an armed revolution and tried to explain why I think it wouldn't be a good idea. Like, maybe your fellow revolutionaries may not have the same ends in mind as you do (you could be fighting to establish a Christian theocracy and your fellow revolutionaries might be picturing a Marxist overthrow. There are a lot of groups of people who are unhappy with the status quo). Or maybe it could turn out like the French instead of the American revolution. And then, of course, I think it is well to remember when some of us tried before to secede from the Union. It was a bloody nightmare and in the end the confederates didn't get what they were fighting for anyway.

I think I may be trying to reason with a force of nature. I have pretty much decided to walk away from these discussions.

Maybe it's healthier to discuss revolution on ATS than on many other, less moderated sites. Here, at least, there are counter-balancing arguments to temper the discussion. And I agree that revolution is going to be discussed anyway, whether ATS likes it or not.

As far as agitating for the possible assassination of our president, that is strictly against the law. Even a casual reference to it is grounds for arrest. In these cases I agree the mods should step in immediately. Otherwise, there could be repercussions that would possibly end ATS as we know it. Not to mention we wouldn't want the disgrace of harboring and encouraging a potential assassin.

posted on Sep, 27 2010 @ 01:41 PM
Declaration of Independence

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

Just to show that some rather smart fellows decided, along with many, many of their neighbors and fellow colonists, that it was time to sever our ties with an oppressive and, more importantly in our case, unresponsive govt. They also, these rather smart fellows, decided that they not only had the right to do so, but that they had a duty to do so...a duty not only to themselves, but to their children, and their childrens children, down through the years to you and I.

Those words in the Declaration of Independence are just as valid now as ever they were. It's not a matter of law, as it is a matter of what's right. The two are not always simpatico.

A revolution of any sort, muchless a violent one, is not to be entered into as a Sunday drive to the local park. It must be entered into with a sure and certain knowledge that all, every single one, alternatives have been tried, and exhausted. It's very easy to call for revolution, quite another thing to justify it to your fellow citizens.

It's not time, and it may never be, for violent revolution. But the very fact that we are having this conversation is disturbing to me, and should be to everyone regardless of where you come down on your opinion. Our govt. is, or is becoming increasingly so, unresponsive to our, it's true masters, needs and wants. This is, of course, as much our fault as it is the govts.

Having said all that...

We do have the right, and that's, as they say, inalienable.

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posted on Sep, 27 2010 @ 02:08 PM
We have the right (to revolt), yes, but we have so gone past the ability to exercise that right using violence.

When the Constitution was written, it was fairly simple for the average man to be armed nearly identically to soldiers of the Government.

However, these days, the average citizen is not going to get his hands on 3rd gen night vision, tanks, or stealth aircraft, therefore making the right really more of a historical footnote, than any real possibility......

The only way for a successful revolution in modern times, is with something we all have access to.....our VOTE.

posted on Sep, 27 2010 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by Gazrok

You have a valid thought there. Though I wonder how effective those superduper weapon systems would be against a grassroots revolution hiding in amongst the weeds.

I hope to God we never need find out.

As you say, voting is the most effective weapon of revolution we have, but only if we're willing to do the work necessary to make it an effective one.

posted on Sep, 27 2010 @ 04:10 PM
reply to post by Gazrok

However, these days, the average citizen is not going to get his hands on 3rd gen night vision, tanks, or stealth aircraft, therefore making the right really more of a historical footnote, than any real possibility......

If this were true then the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan would be long over and a historical footnote themselves. Instead American soldiers continue to die in foreign lands at the hands of insurgents who, in spite of "shock and awe" and other technological marvels of modern military, continue to fight boldly and valiantly with what they have.

posted on Sep, 27 2010 @ 07:19 PM
reply to post by moonzoo7

Shall I tell you what I have a problem with? Someone who stands there and slaps me and insults me and says you can not do anything about it because I have armed police behind me. Who calls me a keyboard commando with no knowledge of me. Who calls others the same and when they show up at town hall meetings you end up with Pelosi saying "You can not hold a politician personally responsible for their vote." Even if that vote is to rob me and destroy my family. Or a president who says " I won. Get over it." It is like the schoolboy who stands in front of the teacher going "Na na na, you can not touch me." Sorry but I can. I AM a adult. I guess you would call it old school adult. I do what I say I will. Kind of strange in this world of today. It frightens people like you. That does not bother me. Maybe it will help you grow up. In the real world people live and die. They do things even if they are frightened by what may happen, not only to them but to their family's. There are too many laws in this country. It seems Congress thinks it's job is just to keep making laws. Sorry, that degrades the law. Makes it worthless. For something to be of value it must be rare. Someone must face the gang on the street regardless of the law. The cops won't. They have not since they became revenue collectors. It is obvious you won't do it. I wish you luck when the courts lock you up over nothing.

posted on Sep, 27 2010 @ 10:07 PM
reply to post by Gazrok

However, these days, the average citizen is not going to get his hands on 3rd gen night vision, tanks, or stealth aircraft, therefore making the right really more of a historical footnote, than any real possibility......


Not really necessary.

posted on Sep, 27 2010 @ 11:01 PM
reply to post by Gazrok

This concept (voting) would be great to utilize if it weren't for the fact that we're voting for the same thing, regardless of which candidate it is. To prove this, look at any candidate either currently running for reelection or one running for the first time. Pay special attention to the "political contributions", a.k.a. bribes, that were given to the candidates, and by whom. You'll notice that a LARGE number of them are from corporations with big names.

Now, why in the world would they be spending that kind of cash on a candidate unless they have some reasonable expectation that they will reap some sort of reward from the candidate once they get into office?

If anyone needs any more convincing as to the loyalty of their candidates, or shall I say the lack thereof, I suggest looking for your candidate here, click your state, and look at the top organizations contributing to their campaign, and how much they received from each. Compare this to their actual salaries, and one can easily see who they will take sides with.

None of this should come as a surprise to anyone here though. We've all known this inherently for a long time; it just takes being shown the numbers once in a while to really see what's really going on.

Looking back at this information, I really fear for our future...


posted on Sep, 28 2010 @ 12:09 AM
The joke with Armed Revolution is how many times nether side ends up in control.

One case i know of was the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua.

In the end a group of bank robbers lead by José Daniel Ortega ended up in power.
One of the first things they did was to arrest and imprison the other leaders of the Revolution

A Revolution in the US could be subverted just as easy.
A group of constitutionalists could just let both sides fight it out and take power after both sides were weakened.

posted on Sep, 28 2010 @ 04:02 AM
if there may be talk of armed revolution on ats, then the people who will choose to arm themselves should arm themselves when threatened or provoked by foriegn troops, gangs, or the nwo saying "you belong to us now" this thread has corporate government espionage written all over it.

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